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T he can t eave He works with machines and gets barked orders from a disembodied voice Lovett as if the orders are coming from some kind of Secret Baby, Surprise Parents loudspeaker not a person His choices are working himself almost to death or being killed by his criminal employer to keep him from revealing her secrets Sweeney s assistants Tobias and Johanna also have to work relentlessly or get killed by their criminal boss who kills with a mechanical chair contraption but additionally they have to serve customers in the most genteel way possible with a brimming smile on their face Sweeney and Mrs Lovett are also charming and well dressed Sweeney is gentlemanly and uses proper etiuette and Lovett is maternal and welcoming Few suspect them as anything but upstanding citizens Mrs Lovett is even seen as generous because she s the greatest baker around and yet still chargesess than other bakers People Mystify (Mystyx, line up around the block waiting for her meat pies to come out of the ovenThe novel entreats you to examine what it means toive in a mechanical society in terms of machines and in terms of people behaving as machines Do you care about where your products come from or do you just want them to be cheap Do you stay at a job you want to The New Baby leave or will you stick with it for the security that it gives you You have a feelingike several of the characters that something is off and that things don t add up but do you really care or would you rather trust your friendly neighbors Maybe just maybe we should be Wild Streak looking out for each other Contrary to the cover this book is not the version of Sweeney Todd seen in the Tim Burton film or Stephen Sondheim stage musical This is actually The String of Pearls an entirely different portrait of Todd There are many differences So sorry to disappoint but if you reooking to read that version this isn t it However I strongly suggest you read this book if you are a fan of Sweeney Todd The story is well written and I P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, loved the well rounded characters especially Tobias Ragg If I hadn t already known the ending this book would have definetly kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if the gruesome hints dropped by the narrator about Mrs Lovett s pies and Todd s disappearing customers could possibly mean what I thought they meant Two and a half stars Being a fan of the Sondheim production I decided to read the original tale While it had a few moments of dark humor Sweeney being caught beating a child turning to a customer and saying he was simply trying to teach the child that he should devote his few spare hours in reading the Bible as well as the general macabre plot Sweeney the barber kills his customers which are then made into pies and sold by Miss Lovett this version of the plot was simplyacking First there was no motivation for Todd to be murdering at all Unlike the musicalfilm there is no backstory given He is already murdering at the start and the plot deals primarily with the police investigation into his affairs Rather than related character subplots a Say Youll Stay And Marry Me large portion of the text has Todd trying to sell a pearl necklace And there s no interaction between Todd and Lovett within any of the presented scenes of the text Rather disappointing rendering of the story after being exposed to the exceptional Sondheim version. Rks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is culturally important we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting preserving and promoting the world'siterature in affordable high uality modern editions that are true to the original work.

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As it can possibly be So when readers complain that the play is better and the book did nothing for them well they re actually comparing apples and oranges This book would be perfect for anyone Rafaellos Mistress looking for a good old fashioned escape read or a novel to relax with over the summer while at the beach or hanging out poolside It goes very uickly despite its heftyength and it s great macabre fun Sweeney Todd is a barber at Fleet Street in London He shaves his customers and polishes them off afterwards in his own words Many an unsuspecting customer go in to get a shave to never come out again A few streets away from the barber shop is Mrs Lovett s Pie Shop where people throng in all hours of the day to eat the most delicious meat pies in all of LondonReading this story was uite thrilling even though I already know the story The writing is fantastic This is from the 1800s so it s the usual flowy The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, long sentences riddled with commas sort of writing from that age and Iove itAnyone Rascal looking for a gothic mysterythriller with a strong dose of macabre read this it isn t a taleike any you ve heard Would you Another Day of Life like to eat Mrs Lovett s pies while you read I strongly suggest you against it Sweeney Todd polishing off customers since 1846I read The String of Pearls as part of my PhD research and it is therefore uite difficult to rate my personal enjoyment of the book Remember how books you had to read for school always feltike a chore Turns out that niggling feeling never completely goes away even if you What Would You Like? love what you doRegardless The String of Pearls was a pleasant surprise The story is a so called penny blood sensational tales that were published in cheap newspapers and sold to urban working people These stories are notoriously ofow uality featuring crazy plots and murder and blood The String of Pearls however in my opinion of some Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, low uality at all whatever that might mean The plot is interesting the choice of point of view is spot on and it gives birth to a whole slew of adaptations sparking the imagination of centuries The String of Pearls is uite a different story than the stage adaptations It features Johanna a young damsel trying to figure out the fate of herover Tobias Ragg a child working for the infamous Sweeney Todd holding onto his Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, life for all he can in the face of evil Colonel Jeffreyooking for his friend who might have fallen victim to Todd And of course Todd and Ms Lovett themselves the people all events revolve around Chapters alternate between these and some few minor character so the reader doesn t miss out on any of the action Compared to much high iterature of the nineteenth century The String of Pearls is easy reading It was meant to be read in instalment and every chapter is expected to move the plot forward There are some short recaps throughout and checks to make sure the reader doesn t miss important plot points It is not fast paced by contemporary standards but for the period it provides a wild ride Trigger warnings view spoilercannibalism abuse of servant incarceration 19th century display of asylum and mental illness hide spoiler Here s my interpretation of what this novel is about spoilers aheadIt s about industrialization and the plight of the poor Mrs Lovett s assistant works in a basement tha. Ression of his countenance his thoughts were not of a pleasant anticipatory character for now and then he gave a grin as may well have sat on the features of a demonThis scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as ma.

This tale of mystery and horror features the infamous demon barber Sweeney Todd Lieutenant Thornhill goes into Todd s shop never to be seen again others also seem to have disappeared in the creepy barber s shop But what did he do with them Col Jeffrey and the heroine Johanna Oakley set out to investigate The answer if one doesn t know it already is sure to horrify Todd is a perfect villain scary sadistic and repulsive Johanna is bold and adventurous though a ittle na ve The book is far interesting and well written than what I expected from a penny dreadful review date 5112010 I really wish the writing style were The Longevity Diet less verbose This would be a perfect if the pacing were better and 40% of this book were gone Having not seen any adaptation of this book I went into it hoping for a sensational story and I definitely got that but I think the musical will take advantage of the macabre premise This book was deliciously creepy Ioved reading the story that inspired the film and Grassroots Innovation learning that the tale was originally far complex and had other narrative arcs running through it Whilst I was at first hoping that we would get the brutal scenes of Todd killing his victims that the film boast there was actually something far sinister about how he deals with their decease in the novel that was atmospheric than I would have imagined if I knew it differed from the film before reading itOverall a great story Iove this story I never knew there was so much history in it This copy actually has the story of how it was narrative under the original title of The String of Pearls that appeared in The People s Periodical and Family Library in 1846 and became a phenomenon in Britain This copy is also written in the original text of the narrative So much history in books The String of Pearls is uite simply pure reading pleasure if a story about murders enslavement cannibalism and a demented barber floats your boat In this case it certainly floats mine The four stars I ve given it here indicate my RF or reading fun uotient I have a wee bit about plot and Mrs Lovett s delicious pies at my reading journal anyone who doesn t want to know ought to skip it and keep reading here Here s the thing I read this book primarily as an example of the penny dreadful as part of my ongoing history of mysterycrime fiction project I have going this year and I have to say that ooking for any sort of iterary merit here is pretty much a waste of time While it s a great example of what the working classes were reading and while you can catch a ot of negativity among the poor for the upper classes and the use of mechanization throughout the story it should probably be read just for fun and entertainment Storylines tend to be dropped as do a few characters here and there and the major focus is actually on the bad guys in this book It s melodrama pure and simple delightfully gruesome and it provided me with hours of great joy while reading It was another I ost myself in and well I Perfect Cities like when that happens Just to be clear I ve seen the play I ve seen the 1936 film based on this book and I ve seen the BBC adaptation which is also uite gruesome and should not be watched while eatingunch as I discovered and this the original is as different from all of its adaptations. Sweeney Todd had no desire to enter into anything Prometheus Wired like a controversy with people so he turned again and entered his own shop in a distant corner of which he sat down and folding his great gauntooking arms over his chest he riveted his eyes on the door and if we may judge from the exp.