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Ented in this collection but their poems or to be cautious their selected material in this volume are mostly thin stuff to my mind It is in later work and other poets that the rewards of Imagism are to be found in poets who not only iscarded redundancy but also had plenty to say Still even here there are pearls to reward the patient reader of which this this poem this reader is oneIntimates D H Lawrence Don t you care for my love she said bitterlyI handed her the mirror and saidPlease address these uestions to the proper personPlease make all reuests to head uartersIn all matters of emotional importanceplease approach the supreme authority Broken Prophecy direct So I handed her the mirrorAnd she would have broken it over my headbut she caught sight of her own reflectionand that held her spellbound for two secondswhile I fled scary thought of the week rupi kaur and lang leav are actually carrying on a barbarous and twisted version of the imagist poets and the principles they stood for but which is 100% simplified andoesn t aim to eliver an image in concise language but a feeling in minimalist style which i kinda get but it oesn t make their poetry any Good because where s the literary value in it The Imagists were a group of modernist poets that well liked images It s sort of a given but the way they explored it was uniue and intelligent at least as far as the narrative tradition of western poetry went Great imagists like Pound and Williams Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, drew upon the traditions of eastern poetry The looked at the haiku form and adapted it into the English language Pound was very familiar with the orient having travelled to China and Japan studying art and literature for numerous years Even Edward Said would say in Orientalismthat Pound amongst other modernists was not entirely ignorant of the East Within the poetry a sense of cultural appropriation can be seen in regards to the east one free of any sense of cultural misrepresentation oregradation This form of modernism was a break from western narrative tradition an assertion of something new and this is exactly what Pound s poetry became a hybrid of eastern and western forms of representation His poetry is a product of racial encounter of west meeting east it is poetry written in English but is nevertheless adapted from traditional eastern forms as well as The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker depicting the east within its content The strongest two examples are Fan piece for her Imperial Lord and Ts ai Chi h Pound has experimented with the haiku form hereFan piece for her Imperial Lord O fan of white silk clear as frost on the grass blade You also are laid aside The first two lines follow the form of the traditional 5 7 5 syllabic pattern The final line breaks this with seven syllables nooubt the result of experimentation on Pound s behalf Although a seemingly simple style such Quadruplets On The Doorstep deviation wereistinctive and individual Ts ai Chi h is very much the same Ts ai Chi h The petals fall in the fountain the orange coloured rose leavesTheir ochre clings to the stone Both poems epict thematic references to the east as each new line creates an authentic new image as per the imagist tradition Pound s appropriation of eastern techniue becomes a new form of representation as traditional eastern techniues are written in English creating a piece of art that is in itself a product of racial and cultural encounterNot all the imagist focus on the orient but the poems I enjoyed the most in here epicted it so they are the ones I have iscuss There are all manner of images in here city life to people to other variation of the natural world but again it was Pound s work that I enjoyed the most I think I need to read a full volume of his work. Of approach which means that as Peter Jones says in his invaluable Introduction ‘imagistic ideas still lie at the centre of our poetic practice’This anthology traces the complicated evolution of imagism through its poetry from the pre imagists and the period of the anthologies 1914 17 to the imagists after imagi.

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To the passionate lover whose sighs came back to him on every breeze all the world is like a murmuring sea shell Allen Upward Los imaginistas el movimiento po tico ue no sab a ue exist a y no sab a ue me gustar a tanto Pensar ue hab a un sub grupo para todos auellos ue escriben po ticamente un instante una escena una imagen M s a n teniendo gigantes como Joyce Pound WCW me reafirman ue me gusta la poes a y me gusta m s no saber mucho A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy de ellaporuee esa forma aun me logra sorprender If you are using a symmetrical form The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning don t put in what you want to say and then fill up the remaining vacuums with slush Don t mess up the perception of one sense by trying toefine it in terms of another This is usually only the result of being too lazy to find the exact word To this clause there are possibly exceptions The first three simple prescriptions will throw out nine tenths of all the bad poetry now accepted as standard and classic and will prevent you from many a crime of production Mais abord il faut tre un po te as MM Duhamel and Vildrac have said at the end of their little book Notes sur la Techniue Po tiue Ezra Pound The main problem is that the poems the imagists published as a group cannot honestly be called to stand among the great achievements of literature The editor s words not mineThis collection gets 2 stars because it is so repetitive and confused and ull I on t think there is a poem that oes not include references to birds sunsets the moon or the over use adjectives particularly colour In the introduction too it was The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated defined that Pound s ideas of Imagist poetry cutown the verbiage until the bare image is left yet I had to read about 150 brutally mediocre rustly thin pages of stretched metaphors lowly laboured similies without the thought or ease of talent of rhythm or rhyme Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue despite it not being aevice used in this kind of poetry althought it still was in some cases but badlyOverall I am really not looking forward to studying this as my rant suggests because I have no idea what intelligent things there are to say about a movement of poetry that Silent Confessions didn t last 50 years and was self acclaimed to be unoriginal Even the Imagists themselves whoever they were they could neverecide had an image problem with their hide bound contemporaries in Edwardian Britain a Britain suffocating in sentimental gush poetastic flubber Imagists proclaimed a new honesty in poetry honing A Texas Holiday Miracle down the verbiage to its ascetic bare bones Ezra Pounda later force terribleescribed the current poetry as a 74 Seaside Avenue doughty mess of third hand KeatsWordsworth half meltedlumpy His antidote to this mellifluous tilth was a formula which should use no superfluous word no adjective whichoes not reveal somethingit oes not use images as ornamentsThe image itself is the speech This helpedeventually to set poetry on a course which it has followed ever sinceTSEliot was an admirer Famous names like James Joyce DHLawrenceRichard AldingtonHilda DoolittleHD Amy Lowell all wrote under the influence of this philosophy with varying egrees of unanimity without acknowledging their membership of a formal group But my favourite imagist remains the inimitable William Carlos Williamsto whom I was introduced at Dulwich College by one JPRBirddefined as nervous as a high jumper in my first attempt at poetic satire he had told us he had been a university athletemy first English master in the autumn of 1967 The Red Wheel barrow which was an admonition to me to be concise AlasI never took the hintA brief but tantalising introduction to an apparently passing poetic fad that became one of the main stanchions of modern poetry I ve been intending to The Loving Gift delve into this stuff for Imagism was a brief complex yet influential poetic movement of the early 1900s a time of reaction against late nineteenth century poetry which Ezra Pound one of the key imagist poetsescribed as ‘a oughy mess of third hand Keats Wordsworth half melted lumpy’ In contrast imagist poetry although riddled with conf.

While now and finally got to reading this I first became interested because I was impressed with how much better the Richard Aldington translation of Voltaire s Candide was than the Dover edition I read before It turned out that Aldington was a writer himself and in researching some of his history I found that as well as being a member of the Imagists he was married to an Imagist poet HD and so ecided to read some The introduction to this book is informative and gives an objective overview of the movement its history beginnings and influence I have to say that this is really what I feel I should be reading right now It s hitting a lot of the right notes for me and is giving me a better understanding of how The Imagists were the gateway to modern poetry breaking away from the florid prose and overt romanticism of the Victorian era I like that Imagisim is a reductive form that has stripped away and simplified poetry getting to the purity of the image I can understand the flaws and criticisms leveled at the movement however The moon is mentioned freuently and there are colors mentioned in almost every single poem in this collection but that Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, doesn tetract from my pleasure in reading them The simplified form keeps the poems from feeling Her Nine Month Confession dated as they almost read like song lyrics in some cases for better or worse At least it s a frame of referenceOverall The Imagists seem to have taken the necessary step of getting rid of a lot of the verbal ornamentation that makes much Romantic poetry seem overly florid and pretentious or at leastifficult to modern readers at least this one A good collection and I think introduction to Imagisme Founded by Ezra Pound in the early 20th century it is a movement where the image takes priority and the poem holds a concentration of meaning as a revolt against the A Southern Reunion doughy poetry of the late 19th century which was apparently to flowerly for PoundIt was really nice to finally read poems from HD whom I ve been meaning to read for a while Surprisingly loved Ford Maddox Ford s poems as well but this was probably just because they were First World War poems which is one of my interest areas William Carlos Williams however takes centre stage His language and influence is unparalleled A brief selection of works and a broadly sympathetic introduction to the Imagist movement including some statements of purpose by Ezra Pound F S Flint and Amy Lowell Hilda Doolittle HD and Richard Aldingdon are key members of the group and DH Lawrence contributed to some of the anthologies they producedI owe to this book myiscovery of the magnificent HD and richly enjoyed Let It Go declaiming her poetry into the night The hostility between Pound and Lowell comes across as the lattererailing the movement but I am sympathetic to her principles even if I agree with Jones that her poems are insipidMixed bag overallEveningThe light passesfrom ridge to ridgefrom flower to flower the hypaticas wide spreadunder the lightgrow faint the petals reach inwardthe blue tips bendtoward the bluer heartand the flowers are lostThe cornel buds are still whitebut shadows Charade of Hearts dartfrom the cornel roots black creeps from root to rooteach leafcuts another leaf on the grassshadow seeks shadowthen both leafand leaf shadow are lost According to the introduction which is in itself a good enough reason to pick up this slim volume few Imagist poets were in fact Imagists and they wrote few poems seriously conforming to the Imagist manifesto but what theyid share in common was being refreshingly not Victorian and the impact of their work was primarily that not many subseuent poets were Victorian either This was a good thing and some great poets are repres. Licting The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue definitions was broadly characterized by brevity precision purity of texture and concentration of meaning as Pound stated it should ‘use no superfluous word no adjective whichoes not reveal something it oes not use images as ornaments The image itself is the speech’ It was this freshness and irectness.