Richard Fischer: A Tribute to Flowers

Fifty percent of the world's flower species are threatened with extinction Each year numerous flowers disappear from the face of the Earth without ever being documented Indeed many of these natural beauties remain as yet unknown to humankindPhotographer Richard Fischer can be regarded as an ambassador for flowers For many years he has staged raceful and endangered floral specimens in his photo studio capturing the uniueness and transience of each flower In collaboration with the world's leading botanical ar.

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D China Academy of Art in Hangzhou Richard Fischer prints are much sought after collector's items in the art photography market and calendars of his flower images appear annuallyNow for the first time Richard Fischer brings together his best pictures spanning 15 years in one flower photography book showcasing his artwork and little known floral exotica Throughout the volume the photographs are accompanied by informative and captivating texts leading the reader through an unknown and dwindling world of flowers.

Dens his strikingly original images provide the flowers with an aesthetic framework in which their power of expression and majesty remain intact Fischer's precise yet delicate floral compositions record the uniue color form and texture of each flower while signaling to the extraordinary beauty diversity and fragility of the natural world Fischer's inimitable flower photographs have bestowed him with exhibitions around the world at the United Nations in New York the Palais des Nations in Geneva and the renowne.