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Follow the Leader by Erica Silverman is about two brothers one older and one younger who play follow the leader The older brother takes charge and leads his brother up and down having him skip and trot and suat and follow him in their pajamas all around the house and outside The little brother willingly follows the brother around copying the brothers movements At one point however the little brother stops following his older brother around and the older brother must decide whether or not to start following his younger brother as the leader The theme of this book stresses the importance of sharing and taking turns during ames eualizing opportunities no matter the age I personally thought this book was a witty way to show two brothers playing follow the leader with one another and how even younger brothers can be leaders too The illustrations in this book allowed me as a reader to really connect to the characters and see each action the brothers did together in detail I would recommend this book to kindergarten as I see it as a reat resource to show the value of taking turns. Follow the leader is fun Who doesn't love to hop and skip and trot and suat and leap behind the leader Who doesn't love to be the leader Welc.

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E the class follow what heshe is doing Will help with movement skills Good beginning poetry ood moral about being the leader Possibility for my early elementary classroom Big brothers can be bossy sometimes This one eventually had to Copper Lake Secrets give his little bro a turn being leader The older brotherets to be the leader while his younger brother must follow Of course this is unfair and the younger brother must eventually stand up to this injustice which he does The older brother Brooklyn's Song grants his reuest and all is well that ends well Honestly this is a very simple book about fairness and sharing control The older brother learns a lesson about not being bossy however small the lesson is A nice book I really liked this book since it reminded me of the interaction between my 2 boys and I can only imagine a day in the near future when my older will turn to the younger and realize he should let him be in charge once in a while I thought the drawings were cute as well My kids love doing all the actions in the book Rhyming book that could be used to introduce a funame of follow the leader. Ant play and its occasional frustration too G Brian Karas's bold brilliant pictures feature endearing boys who make the ame truly enchanting.

Which I feel is a major lesson that is learned as children enter into elementary school It clearly shows that no matter how old or how in charge someone is everyone deserves a turn to be a leader and can be a leader This is another of those books that I enjoy reading to my children but really have little to no lasting value My boys enjoy Karas art and the story uite simple is moderately attractive to two boys since it features two boysThe rhyme scheme is just annoying Every children s book conference I ve ever attended and I ve been to a dozen or so every editor Who doesn t love follow the leader The kids will jump into the playfulness that these characters share together as well as the frustrations It would be a reat book to demonstrate what it takes to be a leader and the challenges that come along with that when there is not Plain Jane The Hotshot good communication This would also be areat tool to use during a brain break FictionUse in Pre k in teaching different ways to move flop hop run skip jumpTake the students outside and read the book Then after have one student be the leader and hav. Ome to Erica Silverman's clever ame As one child follows another and longs for a turn to lead readers will share all the joy of their exuber.

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