Tony Morgan: Killing Cockroaches And Other Scattered Musings on Leadership

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E wereAre we truly engaged in his Great Commission if every extra moment of our lives is spent at churchPeople will follow vision they won t follow information now on this one I struggle to follow vision without information but I think most eople don t need the nuts and bolts of the operation to jump on boardOne Youth, Beautiful Youth point he made about rules andolicies that I had not thought out was Can we accomplish this without a olicy This is great organizational thinking Because this not only takes into account the roblem but the longevity of the situation It s a bit dated since the cultural references are MySpace yahoo blackberry etc there are some great nuggets in it overall and a nice read I wasn t a huge fan of his sense of humor but nothing wrong just landed flat for me. Ockroaches’ 142 offbeat on target entries will delight and energize church leaders Chapter titles include “10 Easy Ways to Make Your Church Services More Boring” creative services “Action Speaks Louder than Advertising” meeting Fault Lines people’shysical needs and “The Power of Simple” eliminating noise.

I don t think this book would be nearly as much fun in e book form If you Hunt for 901 pick up a copy you ll understand why I use this book often in Staff Meetings to shareoints and insights from Tony These are indeed some great musings on leadership that you will find yourself turing to time and time again Great book with tons of relevant and applicable articles I thought the second half finished a lot stronger than the first half began This would obviously be a great leadership team book to go through in a church setting and would help any team analyze and improve their current operating Chasing After Infinity procedures I found myself feeling tired of the blog to book format in the first half but Morgan finished strong and won be back over in the second This book captures over 100 of Morgan. Pastor andopular church culture blogger Tony Morgan once worked as a city manager a CEO type job with the suit and tie corner office the works Despite his top rank status Tony’s list of responsibilities still included killing cockroaches whenever a freaked out co worker spotted one in the building That’s.

S best blog entries from the ast few years I circled about 20 that I will revisit in a week or so Encouraging themes1 Do what ever you must to get healthy and stay healthy2 Delegate as much as ossible but make sure you re not just handing off tasks hand off responsibility3 Trust your gut especially when it comes to staffing matters 4 Simplify whatever you can5 Automate whatever you can 6 Take time to really evaluate the church through the eyes of someone we re hoping to attract 7 Keep it Captain China Volume 1 positive These aren t revolutionary but just really good reminders Rating 325In this book Tony Morgan rambles through his life as a church leader He discusses mostly church leadership but lots of that can be applied to any type of leadership A few highlights from the book for Where this unconventional unforgettable book on church leadership beginsMorgan’soint is that great leaders don’t have to do everything The key is to lay from your strengths while building a team that manages around your weaknessesWritten in a relaxed style similar to marketing guru Seth Godin Killing