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Ablish the relationship between Zekk and Jaina He was friends with both the twins but Jaina is really Zekk s good friend and it pains him to have to fight herThis book also explored Kashyyyk which was fun However the book was so short that the reader couldn t get a full understanding of the planetMy biggest problem is that this series feels constrained to be between 200 220 pages long The editors really wanted to hit the target and therefore didn t focus as much on story or worldbuilding as much as page countThe reason this book only gets 3 stars is that unlike it doesn t have the deep themes like Lightsabers did and doesn t have the cool action drama and potential that Lost Ones and the Shadow Academy had However I believe it was better crafted and enjoyable than the first book Heirs to the Force As a whole ok but not great 60 out of 10 I really look forward to reading the finale to this series as I ve never read it before We re already very familiar with Jacen and Jaina s family and we ve met Tenel Ka s family in Lightsabers so now it s Lowbacca s turn His sister is about to undergo a rather dangerous rite of passage and he s worried that she ll try to do it alone and get herself killed So our group of friends take their purloined Shadow Academy shuttle to Kashyyyk the Wookiee homeworld where we meet Lowie s family Well the rest of his family we already knew his uncle the famous Chewbacca Naturally this can t ust be a nice family visit Lowie s sister has her rite of passage coming up which takes place in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk and is filled with dangerous animals and plants And then there s the Shadow Academy up to. Erium's darkest knight But first he must face his old friends Jacen and Jaina once and for all.

It was good Pretty good I really like Kashyyyk as a setting Good setup for the final book Tacky villains with flimsy motivations as well as character uarks and cheesy catchphrases that have long expired their usefulness especially Tenel Ka s belly a genuinely entertaining adventure that winds throughout Kashyyyk from its upper tree branches to its lower Shadowlands Darkest Knight continues where Lightsabers left off and by that I mean that this series had finally evolved from a simple YA series to something a little bit dark and intenseObviously it s still Star Wars and it s still meant for 5th graders so the violence that this series could embrace is missing but at least Anderson and Moesta have finally gone from the twins being bumbling new Jedi to actually using their force powers appropriatelyThe story has also gotten better as the first story arc begins to wind down The Shadow Academy is finally a legit threat even if the few times they ve done things they ve been very mild successes and it s looking like the last book of the original 6 Jedi Under Siege might be a satisfying conclusion after all I guess we will have to see Bases on the description I had expected of a confrontation Not really there is one but only a brief one Still I loved this book We get to learn a lot of Lowbacca FINALLY and his homeplanet This was the first SW book I read that describes Kashyyk There is a new fiend in this one One I thought long dead Watching Tamith Kai and Zekk together is uite interestingI liked the light romantic hints and undertones in this one Not in the traditional sense but in how these characters feel for one another The Dark Jedi student Zekk has been given his rite of passage lead a raid on the Wookiee compu.

Fun adventure that does what it s supposed to Five stars for Wookies and KashyyykAlso Palpatine may or may not be real In the 5th Young Jedi Knights book Lowie is concerned for his sister who is about to undergo a dangerous Wookiee tradition He along with his friends Jacen and Jaina Solo Tenel Ka and his uncle Chewie head to Kashyyyk the Wookiee homeworld so that Lowie can reconnect with his sibling at this critical time But unbeknownst to them the Shadow Academy is planning an attack on Kashyyyk An attack that will be lead by Jacen and Jaina s once friend ZekkI am slowly but steadily making my way through this series in German because it s out of print in English but I can still get the ebooks in German German is not my first language and this particular installment was a little harder for me than previous ones but I still found the translation accessible overallThe main strength of the Young Jedi Knights books are their sense of place and that holds true here Yavin 4 is Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, just about my favorite location in large part due to this series and this specific installment visits Kashyyyk and gives it the same rich atmospheric treatmentThe pacing is good and it s nice to see Lowie interacting with his culture and family Another solid installment in this thoroughly enjoyable kid s series Another short and sweet book from the dynamic duo Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca MoestaI don t remember reading this book when I first read through the youngedi knights but it s ok that I missed it It sets up the grand finale of Jedi Under Seige but for the most part you could read that book and miss this oneWhat this book does well is further est. Ter center on Kashyyyk Finally he will fulfill his awesome potential and become the second Imp.

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