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Tilian Grik In book two the war against the Grik continued with a few chapters told from the POV of the crazy Japanese captain and the evil GrikBook three Maelstrom s basically the next chapter and Ultima Rumba En La Habana it s literally just another chaptern the story albeit a 400 page chapter The Americans and their Lemurian allies continue to prepare for the massive Grik Return To Me invasion the captain of the Amagi continue Grik and Japanese attack BaalkpanIn this very entertaining third volumen Taylor Anderson s Destroyerrmen series an Le Collectionneur incredible number of things occur Other humans appear confirming Captain Reddy s belief that descendants of the crews of the original East Indiamen are establishedn this strange alternate world But are they going to be friends or foes Perhaps rescuing the Empire s shipwrecked princess will helpMeanwhile the Grik and their Japanese allies with the battlecruiser Amagi plan an attack directly against Baalkpan Will the allies fend Snapped 2 it off despite thencredible odds or will they be forced to flee Incredible battle scenes n this one. With her fanatical commander approaching madness And soon they will have amassed a force that no amount of firepower and technology will be able to stop“Anderson has brought a fresh new perspective to the tale of crosstime shipwreck” –SM Stirlin.

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Here we are back n that parallel Earth occupied by cute and Diana Ross intelligent Lemurs who turn out to be uite efficient soldiers and those murderous mindless marauding lizards the Griks Our US sailors are doing a grand job defending the right whilst those nas Maelstrom marks then end of the original Destroyermen Trilogy and what an endt A Killers Touch is butts also a beginning marking the end of the main plot and the start of a new oneThe behemoth Amagi the Japanese Battle cruiser that chased of Walker and Mahan to begin with has followed them through the suall that brought them here While the American s encountered the Lemurians the Jap s met the Grik and while they nitially were able to hold their own against them the Grik saw worthy prey and made the offer to the Japanese commander to join the hunt a decision his crew will forever regret Now working side by side the Grik and Amagi are coming for Walker and the Lemurian s Maelstrom s non stop action told both from the point of view of the crews on the ships and the troops on the ground during som. The final thrilling chapter n the “gripping and riveting” Destroyermen TrilogyLieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy along with the men and women of the USS Walker are once again at war Having sided with the peaceful Lemurians against the savage reptil.

E of the most ntense and bloody battles of the war so far Some of the character progression Evas Deadline in Maelstroms slow and surprisingly limited compared to the other books but by this point most of the principal characters have already progressed uite far from their origins Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, in Into The Storm and Taylor Anderson allows some of the supporting characters and now the new Japanese characters to really shine To get this kind ofnsight nto a world and the events surrounding t from the supporting characters rather than the principal characters The Ocean Inside is a nice change of pace andt really highlights just how much depth he has been able to create Idiot! in this worldAs I ve said this books non stop action from the get go and you won t believe how The Last Confessions of Mara Dyer and Noah Shaw (The Shaw Confessions, it endsBook 4 anyone I really enjoy the Destroyermen series but mans Taylor Anderson milking this or whatIn book one the USS Walker an obsolete coal burning destroyer dragged to an alternate Earth from 1942 along with her Japanese battlecruiser adversary allied with a race of peaceful lemur people against the rep. Ian Grik they now find themselves scrambling to prepare for the attack that Awaken, My Love is sure to come searching for resources to support their forces even as they look for allies to join their struggleAmagi also trappedn this strange world s under Grik control.

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