Karyn Monk: The Rebel and the Redcoat

Other was a southern belle rebel Although he was the enemy they fell in love and he defected to the US Thus creating my family Sounds romantic so I read this book to fantasize AaaaandI was not disappointedThis was not a mushy romance although it has some steamy love scenes in the 2nd half It was a story about 2 people caught up in a brutal war Josephine a southern farm girl who like her fellow Patriots would never stop fighting for her country s freedom and Damien a British fficer who joined the war to punish himself because The Whistle Pig of his tortured past They are attracted to eachther but they are enemies It would be treason for them to have a relationship punishable by hangingJosephine was born and raised n a farm in South Carolina The British Redcoats killed her father her brother and burned her home They ally with enemy Native American tribes steal and kick her countrymen ut f their homes so they can live in them She HATES them all and desperately wants the war to end with the US being free f England s tyranny During June 1780 Damien is alone searching for food for his troops when he saves Josephine and her family fro. Y dearly for harboring the enemy forced to prove her patriotism by becoming the rebels' most beautiful spyWhen he saw the lovely young woman struggling with her captor Damien didn't care which side Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of the bloody war she wasn He A Stepdaughter In Heat only knew that he had never seen such an incredible mixturef extraordinary beauty and raw courage in his life Yet Damien couldn't know that

Tried for 2 days to get into the story and it just didn t interest me like I wanted it to DNF Josephine Armstrong hides a British Officer in her barn nursing him back to health after he took a bullet saving her life But when the rebel army finds ut she has been harboring the enemy she has a choice f either going to prison Rufus or traveling to Charles Town to spyn the British and pass information to the rebelsThis was a fast paced story f two people n You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series opposite sidesf a war I liked the story but felt the hero and heroine fell in love way too fast after just a couple f short explosive meetings But it s so nice to find a romance set during the Revolutionary War There just isn t too many ut there My rating 4 Stars The reviews Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice on this book are allver the place but I think it is freakin 5 star awesome The reviews n are better The nly problem to me is that it is ut f print and has to be bought used and no ebook edition Oh and the book cover is too cheesy for the actual story According to my aunt s ancestry research my great great greatetc grandfather was a British soldier in the US Revolutionary War and my grandm. She thought she was about to die when her family's farm came under attack Instead a handsome stranger rode to her rescue and took a bullet to save her But when the bloodshed and terror were Sins of Treachery over Josephine Armstrong discovered that the man shewed her life to was a British soldier She could not betray Lt Col Damien Powell not after what he'd done for her But she would pa.

M a tragic Indian attack He is shot and would have surely died had Josephine not nursed him to health When rebel soldiers come to her home to notify her f her brother s death Damien is captured and Josephine and her family are threatened with treason for harboring the enemy To save her family Josephine becomes a spy pretending to be an England Loyalist in British ccupied Charleston South Carolina and later in a Redcoat army campDamien escapes and their paths cross They save each My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City other thannce Both f their definitions f enemy become blurred as Damien learns to respect the patriot s desire for freedom and Josephine becomes true friends with several redcoats They fall in love but won t admit it to each Whos Next? Guess Who! other as they suffer the horrorsf war But when they finally vercome the trauma the HEA is fabulousThe story was amazing and the characters were great The battles and military leaders were historically accurate The South Carolina setting was utstanding I have vacationed there many times and could picture it perfectly in my head And it was fun fantasizing that the story was about my great great greatetc grandparents. Ne day this innocent farm girl was destined to betray him She would become Charles Town's most irresistible spy dazzling Papi's Gift officers with her charms even as she stripped themf their strategic secrets But when a twist f fate brings Josephine back into his life again Damien will gamble everything n the chance that he can make this exuisite rebel surrenderif nly in his ar.

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