Ronda Thompson: Walk into the Flame


Her or leaving and at the whites or killing his ellow Apaches including his wife White Buck abducts Rachel He plans to use her as a pawn enabling him to lee the infernal jail the soldiers call a reservation but did not count on their ormer love rekindling even brighter than befo.

Also destroyed the love of Swift Buck For Un Cadeau pour ma Femme five years an abashed Rachel watches the harassment and murder of herormer tribe even on their reservation She returns to her tribe with a deep desire to help in the ight against the hell that the whites have imposed on her people Angry at.

The New Mexico Mescalero Indians raised Rachel as one of their own after her ather abandoned her However unable to ignore her white heritage and Shadow Bound fearing her loveor Swift Buck Silent Wind left the tribe to live in the white world She not only deserted the people who nurtured her but.

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Ronda Thompson lived in the great state of Texas Ronda had been an avid fan of romance for years and was published in several different genres Paranormal romance is one of her favorite genres to write because anything can happen and usually does