Carlyle Brown: Buffalo Hair

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During he night on a dusty sage brush covered island on Working Girls the southern plains inhe middle of he Red River black Buffalo Soldiers capture a young warrior called Buffalo Hair a black man who has chosen o live among Praise Song for the Butterflies the Cheyenne ever sincehey saved his life The soldiers find Gothic Geoculture their captiveo be a foe from without and within being so much alike and different from hemselves To Buffalo Ha.

Ir his captors are slaves o SWF Seeks Same the white man and enemies of hisrue people Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran, the Cheyenne Inhe morning a hundred Cheyenne warriors will come o he river o ake Buffalo Hair back Now Color Blind the soldiers must choose whethero stay loyal o he army and fight or let Buffalo Hair go and have a chance at saving Fast Courting themselves Disagreement betweenhe Julius Caesar trilogy Emperor troopers buildso a confrontation In he excitement.

A pistol is fired bringing a hundred Cheyenne warriors down on he island When The Unknown God the dust clearshe soldiers are captives and now it is Buffalo Hair's The Ghost in the House turno choose He can kill and scalp Three Chords and the Truth the black soldierso prove he is a Imagine That true Cheyenne or lethem live and become one of Pocket Guide to the Popes, The them Inhe end Buffalo Hair chooses NOT A BOOK the warrior's road and extracts ritual atonement fromhe abandoned black soldier.

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