Peter Reinhart: The Bread Baker's Apprentice Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread

This is a textbook about how to make bread for the home baker First 100 pages are all about the science and math of bread It s very interesting to ead The No Limits (Brutal Master recipes or formulas as Reinhart calls them are thoroughly written and illustrated with photos when needed I would notecommend this book to a beginner since as a whole the book contains so much information that a beginner might be overwhelmed or intimidated While the actual process of mixing flour water yeast and other things is fairly simple if you just follow directions and use a little common sense there is to making bread than that I am very comfortable in the kitchen and don t consider myself a beginner but I am hardly any kind of expert especially when it comes to baking bread I think if I had this book at my elbow while baking bread I would feel I had all the information I need to make a beautiful bread I would very much like to have this book as a Liar, Liar reference source and go with my other baking books I ve been scared of bread before nowNow I m making it all the timeThe best part is the starting part and the main thing that is missing and I m not sure a book could provide is some better way of defining dough wetness besides writing words like sticky and tacky I suspect that the two fold answer to the problem is videos and just shoving your hands in the dough Theecipes. Co founder of the legendary Brother Juniper’s Bakery author of the landmark books Brother Juniper’s Bread Book and Crust Crumb and distinguished instructor at the world’s largest culinary academy Peter Reinhart has been a leader in America’s artisanal bread movement for over fifteen years Never one to be content with yesterday’s baking triumph however Peter continues to Essays One refine hisecipes and techniues in his never ending uest for extraordinary breadIn The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Peter shares his latest bread breakthroughs arising from hi.

Than in all of my other Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose reads Whereas Lahey s My Bread give the Italian influence of bread it s due Reinhart approaches the task from Parisian methods The artistry The design The full approachability of bread makingatio and science behind it It s all here Through Reinhart s writing I feel confident in developing my own ecipes and breads Empowerment in Creativity What could you should you ask for in a cookbook Reinhart is like the Yoda of bread making he s great if you e looking for a master to guide you through the dense fog of bread making and leave you a jedi on the other side But if you just want to know how to make a decent bread in your kitchen well you don t need Yoda to get you there This book is needlessly daunting and given it s wide eputation as a standard text for bread making it could easily scare off a eader who hadn t actually made a simple bread before It does have some very helpful hints but they e all buried in the aforementioned jedi fog he s guiding you through Making bread is not that hard which is probably why it was invented by people who could not have ever imagined an oil mister an ingredient Reihnhart considers essential Get Mark Bittman s no knead bread ecipe from the New York Times website and play with it Then use the 300 hours you ve saved for something productive like sex or motorcycle epai. Ctice with 50 new master formulas for such classic breads as ustic ciabatta hearty pain de campagne old school New York bagels and the book’s Holy Grail–Peter’s version of the famed pain à l’ancienne En oute Peter distills hard science advanced techniues and food history into a emarkably accessible and engaging esource that is as ich and multitextured as the loaves you’ll turn out This is original food writing at its most captivating teaching at its most inspired and inspiring–and the ewards are some of the best breads under the sun.

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Are good so far and the only two that haven t worked for me are the Ciabatta and the Casatiello I underestimated how wet Ciabatta needed to be and the cheese I put in the Casatiello wasn t strong enough to matterReally the best thing that I can say about it is that it gave me the confidence to mess around with bread I m already baking better modifying ecipes and generally having a good time I love to cook so I get a lot of cookbooks Most are not very good I dislike cookbooks that are just endless lists of dubious ecipes fraught with superstition mislabeled measurements or just written by bad cooks If I want that I can have the entire internetBut sometimes one comes along that actually makes me a BETTER CHEF This is one of them The ecipes are good but importantly Peter takes you through the entire process of baking bread and what occurs during each of the many phases of chemical change He also does a great job of laying out how a step would be done in a professional bakery how that translates to small batch baking in a home environment what aspects of p The best most profound book on bread baking I have ead to date Instead of offering his Master Recipe and boring simple variations to fill pages Reinhart teaches you like you were in his classroom I learned about bread the craftwork and the techniues of home baking in this book. S study in several of France’s famed boulangeries and the always enlightening time spent in the culinary academy kitchen with his students Peer over Peter’s shoulder as he learns from Paris’s most esteemed bakers like Lionel Poilâne and Phillippe Gosselin whose pain à l’ancienne has evolutionized the art of baguette making Then stand alongside his students in the kitchen as Peter teaches the classic twelve stages of building bread his clear instructions accompanied by over 100 step by step photographsYou’ll put newfound knowledge into pra.

Peter Reinhart is a baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University He was the co founder of the legendary Brother Juniper's Bakery in Sonoma California and is the author of five books on bread baking including Brother Juniper's Bread Book and the modern classic The Bread Baker's Apprentice which was named cookbook of the year in 2002 by both the James Beard Foundation and the International A