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Chased through my homeschooling curriculum If it was anything like the first this one would be a wild rideIt was It was flawed like the first but the story is a twisting conspiracy involving a aralegal ring of gladiators a slave and a Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity pet lion all experienced by the mischievous and various group of Roman kids that made Fun and witty Somearts were very funny and it s just a sweet relaxing book to read Second book to this series Good book for young It seems the boys can get nothing right Their teacher's fiftieth birthday is long ast they should have done their math homework; the servant they bought as a resent for his birthday isn't ju.

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Writing was a bit better in Roman Ransom than in Detectives in Togas I think these books were originally written in German and then translated into English which would explain why some of the writing seems disjointed in A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, parts Still a super fun story with lots of laughs The whole family enjoyed it A year after reading the first installment into this series Detectives in Togas I wasretty excited to see this volume in the tall stack of books my mom ur. In these two delightful history mysteries seven boys in Ancient Rome solve strange crimes thanks to some help from their cranky teacher a little bit of logic and a lot of amusing misadventure.

Eaders 5th grade and up Group of boys working together to solve a roblem And a wonderful teacher who helps My 5th grader enjoyed it and is now going to read the first book I read this book aloud to my kids 7 10 12 as The War to End All Wars part of our history studies this year When we last studied ancient Rome we read Winterfield srevious book Detectives in Togas The kids really enjoyed the book followed the lot well and were eager to listen each time we read As an adult. St your run of the mill Gaul slave but a courier running for his life; and to top it all off the message he's carrying reuests the assassination of a Roman senator the father of one of the boy.

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Henry Winterfeld born April 9 1901 in Hamburg Germany; died January 27 1990 in Machias Maine also published under the pseudonym Manfred Michael He was a German writer and artist famous for his children's and young adult novels