Peter Mayle: French Lessons Adventures with Knife Fork and Corkscrew

Home and go to Audible and pick something else Like this perfectly reasonable ittle book on food and travel which I m hoping is just the ticket Peter Mayle is to be envied Some people s work involves overseeing hundreds of people and managing the affairs of a business that skirts bankruptcy every other day Some put their Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue life in p Fluffy and partial to hyperbole this book is well written and a delightfully easy read I might even consider the Medoc Marathon or the cleansing spa Might A funittle book about various French food traditions Peter Mayle came across during his travels through France I ve read better food and travel memoirs but this is still good Some of the stories were interesting than others The author Maybe goes around to some regional food events around France frogs snails wine chicken etc There seems to be a celebration of every spectrum of French culinary delights While I would have appreciated it most from an American I enjoyed the French perspective from an Anglo Saxon Englishmen He also compares and contrasts the English with the French uite a bit too which I thought was interesting For example at one point he describes english cuisine as stodgy which was a big payoff for me from watch the British Baking Show Insights into the French food culture and psyche helped me to understand the world a The Man Without a Face little better as the French especially French cuisine have so much influence over western culture For exampleook a the menu from any given western restaurant in the world and you will see traces of a French heritage One critiue is he gets a Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) little excited w French phrases scattered throughout the book and most of them I couldn t understand This is exactly the kind of book one needs duringockdown I had so many smiles and Gone (Gone, laughs Did of course make me want to be back enjoyingiving in France eating delishous food meeting fascinating people and wishing I were the wife of Peter Mayle so I too could enjoy being wined and dined at the very best places in France. Ic mass in the village of Richerenches a sacred event at which thanks are given for the aromatic mysterious and breathtakingly expensive black truffle With Mayle as our charming guide we come away satisfied if a ittle hungry and with a sudden desire to book a flight to France at on.

If the goal of this book is to make the reader want to go on a food tour of France then it 100% succeeded as far as I am concerned The food descriptions in French Lessons were mouthwatering I never wanted to eat frog egs until I read Mayle s descriptions of their buttery garlicy goodness I came across this book during our book clean out Having read Mayle s previous books I picked this one up at Logos when I still worked there but had never read it I decided to finally read it so I could give it away For this book Mayle an English author iving in France decided to investigate fairs and festivals connected with food and drink the unusual the better Frogs truffles snails and always wine If he had read his maps correctly he would also have written about a blood sausage festival I m sorry to have missed that All of Mayle s books are so deliciously complete that you feel you were there You can taste 20 different wines in a night without a hangover He seems to have been invited to all the best events including a French marathon he was a spectator where the runners take wine breaks rather than water breaks By the time I was halfway into this book I had a strong desire to find a French restaurant but being unadventurous in my food choices I couldn t possibly have appreciated it the way Mayle doesHis description of how the Michelin system works at the end of the book was fascinating 25 starsThe author writes about food and wine in France I think I received this via a white elephant swap a while back I m not a foodie and I m sure someone who appreciates food particularly French food would get much out of this I found most of the food he discussed uite disgusting I also don t drink alcohol including wine though I think there was only one chapter on wine maybe two At the same time he actually is an engaging writer And there were a couple chapters near the end that didn t talk about food that I found interesting one was about food critics and travel guide ratings and one was an ent. A delightful delicious and best selling account of the gustatory pleasures to be found throughout France from the beloved author of A Year in ProvenceThe French celebrate food and drink than any other people and Peter Mayle shows us just how contagious their enthusiasm can be We vis.

Ertaining chapter as the author and his wife stayed at a spa for a few days Peter Mayle might even convince readers who have no interest in France and are perfectly happy with a burger or a pizza to yearn for the countryside of France and their ability to turn the most mundane of foods into a sublime meal My husband and I istened to the book again on our recent trip up to San Francisco and were once charmed and filled with Untitled. laughter at the antics of the narrator in attempting to discover the magic relationship these people df Provence have with the food of their region So while our first stop on the road was In n Out burgers a relic of our high school years our stop in the city was Chez Pannise in Berkeley by which time we were really channeling Peter Mayle and French cuisine Updated Peter Mayle is a very accomplished writer I think he could make the nutrition facts of shredded wheat cereal sound impossibly droll However the real magic here is the narrator Simon Jones The whole familyoved this okay not the three year old and we cannot wait to go to Provence But we Wiring ll have to because there are no plans in place Just some dreams and this audiobook which you will not be sorry youistened toJust started Against All Odds listening to this whilst he s British okay It s infectious I run I WASistening to the Winston Churchill also British 3 volume series on WWII but I needed a break because seriously am I really supposed to care how many damn Howitzers they had Give me something to hang on to Winnie tell me about some of the repart e between you and ol FDR When did you realize he couldn t walk Did your gaydar go off the exact second you met Eleanor or was it not until she gave Clementine the once over No Don t want to talk about that Okay then sure you just carry on about tanks and ammunition and for gosh sakes don t forget to continue cataloging every damn nap you took while in office and I l just take a second here to dart in front of THIS ONCOMING BUSOr I will just roll my eyes and run. It the Foire aux Escargots We attend a truly French marathon where the beverage of choice is Chteau Lafite Rothschild rather than Gatorade We search out the most pungent cheese in France and eavesdrop on a heated debate on the perfect way to prepare an omelet We even attend a Cathol.

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Peter Mayle born June 14 1939 in Brighton was a British author famous for his series of books detailing life in Provence France He spent fifteen years in advertising before leaving the business in 1975 to write educational books including a series on sex education for children and young people In 1989 A Year in Provence was published and became an international bestseller His books have