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Urpose and they presuppose knowledge from previous lectures in their own series The lecture on Nicomachean Ethics for example is only a iscourse on the contents of book ten of Aristotle s ethicsTwo stars are given Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue due to theisjointed nature of the lectures and the Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, disconnect between the contents and course title The listener essentially is left with 36 lectures that offer only partial insight into a book without ever reallyiscussing how it changed the worldThere may be other Great Courses anthologies that contain lectures Ask the Past diligently chosen that those of this volume However it s unlikely I ll afflict myself with another course in this styleIn my opinion however it would be aisservice to Riding Class (Saddle Club, discourage anyone else from purchasing this Great Course It might perhaps be beneficial to a listener who knows exactly what he or she is getting which is basically some lectures about books randomly tossed together This was a sort of interesting collection of brief 30 60 minute lectures about various important books through history Some of the books were worthwhile some weren t but often the lectures were not very great even for great books A fundamental problem is most of the individual lectures were pulled out of larger series about each specific work so it was often uiteisjointedOverall I Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, d probably skip it or at least be willing to skip through and only listen to the better lectures I have somewhat mixed emotions about this collection which is of an assortment The selections are really good until perhaps the ones in 20th century I m not entirely sure I agree with all the selections especially after the 25th book The presentation is fragmented each book being presented byifferent academics which kind of breaks the flow In addition some of the selections are transplanted from other course. Another course with these professors before get a reminder of just why you enjoyed them And if you've never heard some of them before who knows You may just iscover your next favorite Great Courses professor More than that you'll rediscover just how powerful the printed word can be You'll also learn how the mark of a truly great book isn't that it just changes the lives of individual readers but the lives of entire civilization.

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As is typical with anthologies compilations it s a mixed bag But some of the other reviews and criticisms are far too harsh I found than half of these lectures enjoyable or ownright fantastic and I consider this a nice sampler of various topics that I would probably not indulge in a full lecture series on by my own choice The most noticeable issue in my mind is the variance in audio uality and speed with lectures reuiring 125x 2x speed to seem well reasonable Otherwise another smashing product from the Teaching Company I know this is an American course primarily aimed at an American audience but I wonder if this really can be called 36 books that changed the world if a good third of them is tied specifically to American history politics and worldview I miss college I will always miss college I miss listening to professors share their passions about people of history places in time concepts and books this collection of short lectures were intriguing and I enjoyed each one If I were to create my own list of 36 books it would vary somewhat but that may be ue to the fact that I know little to nothing about some of these For me that made this set of lectures even compelling This is my first Great Courses book but it will not be my last I have already purchased two I highly recommend that you listen to each lecture in a separate sitting giving yourself time to absorb it much the way that you would if you were in the classroom with the professor This is a set of lectures about important books in history The lectures vary based on the book impact and the lecturers ability to captivate the audience Many of the books are uite long and ifficult to process ie Koran Bible Gita The impact of the books is what efines their greatness Here are my favorite lectures Bhagavad Gita Common Sense The. Certain works of literature history science philosophy political theory and religion offer powerful examples of how books can spark revolutions birth great religions spur scientific advancements shape world economies teach us new ways of thinking and much And with this fascinating collection crafted from our extensive library of courses you can now get a single course that represents 36 of our best lectures on literary works tha.

Koran A Dictionary of the English LanguageThe JungleThe spoiler contains a complete list of books and lecturers view spoiler1 The Epic I tend to enjoy these selections from the Great Courses gives me the chance to preview some classes I might not have considered otherwise An interesting assortment of book The Great Courses o enjoyable work and this was an odd mis mash of courses where books were selected This meant that it was sometimes isjointed with the presenter interested in ifferent aspects of the books eg economics philosophy psychology but it also meant that the main concepts within the book were Socialist Realism dug into uite thoroughlyAny list like this cause someisagreement but I thought it was uite interesting with books oddly US centric included that I had never heard of Enjoyable for a taster of I Look Up To... Michelle Obama different books The Great Courses went through their previously published lectures and culled about 30 minute lectures on 36 influential booksWhy I started this book I was interested in seeing what books made the list view spoilerHere s the books an 36 Books That Changed the World is an anthology of lectures published by The Great Courses The lectures taken from other pre recorded courses aim to highlight 36 literary masterpieces that had significant impact on the world It is in essence a book about booksAs with all Great Courses the professors are highly regarded in their respective fields It s enjoyable listening to scholars genuinely excited about their topic And these lectures beingrawn from a variety of Doctor Extraño disciplines provide the listener the opportunity to learn about important books from historical literary and comparative perspectives among othersHowever it s an anthology that is forced together without rhyme nor reason The lectures are stripped from the context of their original T changed the worldIn the company of an unparalleled roster of award winning professors from a range ofisciplines you'll get fresh perspectives on books you only thought you knew and intriguing introductions to some works you may not have known played key roles in getting us to where we are today These include The Analects the Liber Abaci A Dictionary of the English Language The Jungle The Feminine Mystiue and If you've taken.