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Hic or overly detailed The sex scenes get the point across without going into too much detail Most even advocate safe sex All of the stories are sprinkled with a nice amount of humor This would be a good collection to read during the hectic holiday season since they are all feel good stories that are fun and ick readsDonna Kauffman s Making Waves is the tale of a young lady who decides to take the job as the chef on a charter yacht despite the fact that she suffers greatly from seasicknessIn Let It SnowNancy Warren presents the tale of a weather girl and her cameraman get stuck outside during a snowstormErin McCarthy tells the tale of a cartoonist to tries to tell his childhood sweetheart how he really feels in his cartoon strip in YouActuallyNext MaryJanice Davidson Undercover Claus has a policewoman going ndercover as a bell ringing Santa to try and catch a purse snatcher and the wealthy foreigner she meets This is the tamest in terms of the sex scenes but always has some of the roughest languageSliver Bella by Lucy Monroe is the story of a high fashion model who is much innocent than her bad girl reputation impliesFinally in Snow Day by Susanna Carr we have Karen who takes a wrong turn during a blackout caused by a snowsto. Out Time Too Josh Black is so in love with his friend Cassidy that he writes her into his cartoon strip making Cassidy think he's fallen for another woman Can two confirmed friends nwrap their true feelings in time to share a night of Captivated by the Millionaire unforgettable holiday passion MARYJANICE DAVIDSON Undercover Clause Dressed as a sidewalk Santandercover cop Corinne mistakes Tony Danielson for a purse snatcher What Tony sees is a beautiful lonely workaholic and he'd love to take her out of disguise and help her slip into something.

The first story was just ridiculous The 4th one said something about a character named Tony on the book cover and I never even saw that name in the whole story Some of them were okay but overall it just really wasn t worth the time to read it 032513 This review is for all 4 stories that make A Mighty Big Wish up Donna Kauffman s Men of Rogues Hollow ALL FANTASTIC I loved reading about all four brothers finding their happily ever after If I had to rate the stories from best forward I would put Austin as my favorite then Tag third comes Burke and last is Jace BUT all 4 stories were 5 stars in their own way Whooooa raunchy lol Each story was sonrealistic they made me laugh It s like Nice to meet you let s have sexYou Actually and Snow Day were my 2 fave stories because they were relaisticIt was kinda Christmasy and I liked reading it during the holidays Definitely heated things p lol I only reread 3 of the 6 stories in here but I reread them every year I won a copy on Goodreads FirstreadsThis is a collection of 6 romance stories wriiten by different authors and all set at Christmas time All are takes on love at first sight even if it takes awhile for the couple to realize it I would describe most of the stories as explicit but not crude gra. DONNA KAUFFMAN Making Waves The last thing playboy captain Burke Morgan needs is a last minute replacement cook for his yacht who also suffers from motion sickness But once he sees luscious Kamala Apolo he's got a perfect idea for getting her body in sync with the rhythm of the water NANCY WARREN Let It Snow When perky Chicago weather girl Marisa Langley gets stuck in the cold with her survivalist cameraman Rob Sheridon she can't begin to forecast just how steamy it can get between the two of them ERIN McCARTHY And Ab.

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Rm and ends p in Tyler s bed by mistake This is the only story that the characters do not The Italians Stolen Bride use condomsI do notsually read books that are in the romance genre At least that are labelled romance that is Truthfully most sci fi fantasy and mystery books that I read have romance elements woven into them It just isn t necessarily the main thrust no pun intended I do tend to like reading the Christmas collections especially around the holidays If I was into the romance genre then I would probably have given this collection a 5 star ratingI have been told by some that with romance you have to expect graphic sex scenes especially if it is a supernatural for some reason But if they start to resemble a letter to Penthouse then I don t care I have a good enough imagination that I don t need to hear what she rubbed he stroked and what they both licked in a blow by blow description that only lacks diagrammed pictures Thankfully these stories are prime examples of NOT doing that They are direct enough without crossing that line If you do want the type that leaves nothing to the imaginationyou might be The Greek Tycoons Mistress unsatisfied by these stories But if you like your romances to be actual stories and not just a acceptable form of smut then give these a try. A little comfortable LUCY MONROE Silver Bella Successful model Bella Jackson may look steamy on covers butnder them she's a total novice What she needs is someone who can make her feel the way she looks And hunky Texan Jake Barton seems exactly what she needs in her Christmas stocking SUSANNA CARR Snow Day Showing p naked in Tyler's bed has to do with Karen's rotten luck and bad sense of direction than actual intent But Tyler's sure she's right where she belongs and he's got one Christmas snowstorm to prove it to

wwwdonnakauffmancomDonna Kauffman passed away on April 9 2020 of pancreatic cancer