Dakota Krout: Regicide The Completionist Chronicles #2

An absolute joy to read I haven t had this much fun with a book in agesThis series is one of my all time favorites in the LitRPG enre Dakota has succeeded where a lot of authors in this Understanding Women genre and failed for me personally It is so much fun to be able to progress through stories with characters I have connected with Thanks Dakota I really enjoyed this continuation of the Completionist Chronicles The pacing is fantastic the story is interesting and engaging the characters are funThe one issue I had repeatedly with this book is the continuous homophobia Yeah this is a videogame world and few people other than Republicans are homophobic than MMORPGers But the first part of the book is peppered with CAL sending homophobic remarks to Joe in his status updates It fortunately slows down a lot but it continues to be an issue throughout the book and it really bothered meWithout the homophobia this is a solid 4 star book but I can t rate it over 3 with his contentAdditional since I veotten I ve been reading this book at a painfully slow pace as they were released on Dakota s Patreon it just felt painfully slow The wait between chapters has been UNBEARABLE I could bearly wait to read the whole thing I wanted to just o into hibernation until the book finaly came out Everyone that I talk to on a regular basis was extremely tired of listing to me o on and on about it It was embearassingThis installment moves forward with Joe s story as he tries to Verdammt verliebt get his bearings in Eternium It continues his uest for knowledge and introduces some fun and uirky new characters Definitely a strong entry in the series Please note The bear puns in the book are a lot better than mine Soood Best LitRPG series I ve read What an awesome book I can t remember the last book that made me hearthly laugh for minutes tremble in anger with the Hero and fever with him on all the uite diverse Adventures he experiences The only mood points i have is that the Protagonist now feels way overpowered with all the secret and super rare stuff he has And I am taken a bit aback that we do not see what our Heros Rewards were after the Final Battle I hate that its like a Cliffhanger Also with not even 400 Pages its rather short i finished within a dayview spoilerThe Au. The second installment of Dakota Krout's best selling Completionist Chronicles series After the encounter at the Mage's College Joe's name has become well known in Eternia While the majority of his uild is ecstatic over the bonuses that he brings them.

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Joe at an alarming rate and is trying to find him Joe s superior pushes him to the point where he uits the clan This shocks the entire clan because they now all know that Joe is very important They lose fast travel and reputation with the uards They also lose their noble status When Joe does come back he lays it out that he feels he is being taken advantage of and that he is not Inverloch Volume 4 getting the respect he deserves because of how much he actually brings to theuild This is when his status is clarified that while he is part of the The Good and Beautiful God guild he is outside the normal command structure I loved it You don t see this much in other books The character is either a loner or in charge I wish the author would have written about what happened to Joe s previous superior officer after everything settled I would have been very interested hide spoiler 01062019 Mini Review Mix of Kindle Audio5 Stars for Narration by Vikas AdamThe follow up novel was not as strong as the first book because it did not have a nice balance between story progression and character development Part of the fun of following Joe around in this particular Virtual Reality were his interactions within theame All the build up made with his initial hunting roup are one and you watch Joe fumbling about as he creates a new roup Joe isn t a ood leader and that is shown clearly in this book A lot has happened in a short amount of time I think there needs to be a span of time between this book and the next where Joe does a lot of small stuff that readers can learn about in a short summary vs copious detail I m still loving the details that are the foundations of the series So obviously I love LitRPGs didn t know that last week but here I am excitedly waiting for the 3rd and 4th audio book coming in autumn A The Horse in Celtic Culture great read would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of litrpg and fantasy ineneral very uniue roup of characters that have sometimes funny to read about personality traits was a blast to read and even brought a few ood laughs at times Caution PunsWhy must you torture me so Dakota Puns PunsAnother reat installment of the Ritualist series interesting new characters and plot continuance Looking forward to seeing what happens with the cool new toys Joe accumulated. Mplement his own With their assistance Joe moves forward with his plans to specialize into a powerful version of his Ritualist class But when the dust settles he will be forced to ask himself a simple uestion was it his actions that lit the fires of war.

Thor earns an extra patt on the back for incorperating the story of Sir Bearington into the story hide spoiler Rating 40 starsRe listened June 2019 Initial review below This is turning into a very ood series If there were a beginner intermediate and advanced level of LitRPG book I would put this into the late intermediate to Advanced level That means that while this book is still fun the technical aspects of LitRPG are heavily featured There is a lot of talk about mana manipulation and how much mana a spell will cost based on the magic users affinity and skill So a lot of math and a lot of technical explanations If you are looking for a simple adventure that is low in technical jargon this is not the book for you I actually really like the limitations with our main character In other books the main characters always level up at an insane pace They are always put in charge create parties or lead roups The main character in this book Joe is advanced in some aspects of the ame wisdom intelligence perception but is way behind the other characters in other aspects the ones most people in the A Succession of Bad Days game really value strength constitution stamina He does a lot of research and reads a lot of books and while what he does ends up being extremely useful and powerful he is not considered powerful in theame He does not want to be in charge He does The Multi-Orgasmic Man get his own party of misfits in theame but that is because he is a clan officer and can t join another team so he has to lead his own He wants the best of both worlds he wants to be able to do what he thinks is best and help the clan but doesn t want to take responsibility for it His methods are so unconventional nobody knows how to act around him He is revered in the clan and at the same time looked down uponview spoiler There is a specific part in the story where Joe is trying to talk to the Guild leader Atten and is stopped by his superior officer whom he has never met before Anyway she starts to bully him and won t let him see the Guild leader She uses here rank in the clan to make him stand at attention and do pushups the ame forces him into these actions against his will It is funny because at this point the Guild leader is etting notifications that he is loosing reputation with. Not everyone is pleased with his rising influence In fact someone has been spreading rumors that Joe is unbalanced sacrificing comrades for personal power As a result Joe is forced to recruit a team of misfits and discovers that their uniue abilities co.

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