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The book covers the basics of uantum computing in a concise way 168 ages I find this book useful as a uick. A self contained reader friendly introduction to the The Beauty of Believing principles and applications of uantum computing Especially valuable to those without arior knowledge of uantum mechanics this electrical engineering text Sticky Church presents the concepts and workings of uantum informationrocessing systems in a clear straightforward and ractical manner The book is written in a style that helps readers who are not familiar with non classic.

Reference for facts and formulas Although the title says A Beginner s Introduction it really reuires some bac. Al information rocessing easily grasp the essential concepts; only rior exposure to classical hysics basic digital design and introductory linear algebra is assumed uantum Computing A Beginner's Introduction resents each topic in a tutorial style with examples illustrations and diagrams to clarify the material Written by an experienced electrical engineering educator and author this is a self contained resource

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Kground to follow the material Another good title for beginners is uantum Computing for Everyone by Bernhardt. Ith all the necessary re reuisite material included within the textCoverage includes Complex Numbers Vector Space and Dirac Notation Basics of uantum Mechanics Matrices and Operators Boolean Algebra Logic Gates and uantum Information Processing uantum Gates and Circuit Tensor Products Superposition and uantum Entanglement Teleportation and Superdense Coding uantum Error Correction uantum Algorithms uantum Cryptograp.