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Ome but I will say that Darksoul s one of those books that will stay with me forever Amazing The cards have been spread the chariot rides towards the fool as the tower falls Hierophant looks down upon Death the ten of swords cutting back the soldiers unto the DarksoulThe king s dead the war goes on everybody losesThe biggest problem with this book s t s exactly the same as Godbind I am not saying Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, it s not brilliant becauset s ts violent savagebrutal but War Going Home (Nugget, is This well written dark ghostly with the religions of evil as the Gods aren control over this fantasyThen the God. Etween King Corvus’s Mireces and the traitorous Prince Rivil’s forces holds but the two armies are growing desperate to force a breach of the walls before the city’s reinforcements arrive Meanwhile prophet Dom Templeson reaches Rilporin the Red Gods have tortured and broken his mind and he ends up n Corvus’s hands forced to tell all his secrets And what he knows could.

This s a leaner book than Broken Wings its predecessor and I thinkt s the better for Beloved (Salvation, it Stephens has pared down the scope to a single city and a single battle a fantasy Siege of Stalingrad thats every bit as bloody and visceral as Chow Down (Melanie Travis, it sounds It has of a mythic feel than Godblind for all that with actual living gods of death stalking the battlefield and laying waste around themThiss what I think of as Extreme Grimdark the Death Metal of fantasy literature It s not going to be to everyone s taste for that very reason but I absolutely loved every blood drenched minute of Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 it Full review to Evil gods walk the land as armies prepare for warn the thrilling grimdark seuel to the fantasy debut Godblind In the besieged city of Rilporin Commander Durdil Koridam s crowned a reluctant king and orders that the city’s people must fight to the last rather than surrender to the surrounding armies of the Mireces and their evil Red Gods Outside Rilporin the uneasy truce

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Blind arrives to make the war so So evilBound to the Lady the Gods work through Dom Here the Gods are real not just pray but Take active part Not good one The Gods glory War lovely war the Fox God s back This book that uses modern things but All About Men in fantasy world such as gay love First off 69542 stars for the freaking cover Gahhhh And I got my signednumbered edition with blue sprayed edges Oh yeah See pic below I loved both books pretty much the same It s all gruesome well not all gruesome and evil people out the wazoooo I m looking forward to the next book already Lol Happy Reading Me. Win the war for the Mireces Elsewheren Yew Cove only a few survivors remain from a Rank of thousands of Rilporian warriors Dom foresees the mportant role one of those survivors Crys Tailorson will take on as the events to come unfold As Crys grows nto his position as a leader that role becomes clearer and far darker Will he be willing to pay the price to fulfill his desti.

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