Jarrett J. Krosoczka: Attack of the Furball Jedi Academy #8

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My six year old Star Wars fanatic son loved this book We ead it together CAN T WAIT FOR BOOK 9 It was great It s Christina s second year in her apprenticeship with Jedi Master Skia Ro Their elationship has improved but Christina is having a hard time managing her feelings she cares about the people she s helpingprotecting but she can t always be there to intercede on their behalf When she discovers an orphaned baby. As told through a mix of comics doodles and journal entries Christina Starspeeder takes us on a new adventure at an all new Jedi Academy.

Nexu on one of their missions she sneaks it onboard and then into her dorm when they eturn to Jedha The other apprentices help her care for Fluffernut but as the nexu continues to grow it becomes clear that Christina is going to have to find her a new home Before she can do so Fluffernut is abducted by I gork Faul Skia Ro s former apprentice who plans to use her in an illegal Creature Carnage ing All the Jedi and the. Campus Christina survived her first year at her new school Barely Studying under one of the coolest jedi mentors in the world Skia Ro and.

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Ir apprentices work together to break up the ing and Indistractable return the creatures to theirightful homes Also we learn that Christina has terrible taste in names Another fun entry in the Jedi Academy series that asks some deeper uestions about the Jedi way A fun interstellar Jacques Prevert romp Entertaining for kids See my fulleview at Very good Predictable but a very funny and interesting book it was very comical and weird in a good wa. Her sassy droid is hard enough A new year with even new classes teachers and adventures That might be than this young Padawan can handle.