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Gh it doesn t actually name it as the Pride flag just our rainbow flag It mostly talks about themes and doesn t explicitly talk about gendersexuality but multiple spreads include apparently same gender couples and the Red spread as a person with long The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, hair a full beard and a dress full in the center It s the Philadelphia version so itas brownblack but no pink or indigo but it does retain the original meanings which I appreciatedBlack Brown Diversity and InclusivityRed LifeOrange HealingYellow SunlightGreen NatureBlue HarmonyPurple SpiritEach spread is illustrated by a different person so I liked some of them better than others Each spread is suffused with the color though the opening and closing spreads are full rainbows Really awesome board book on the colours of the updated pride flag There s a different artist for each colour and they re all amazing I love that there s already books and things with the added black and brown to show inclusiveness and diversity I wish that it was the flag for Pride worldwide The story is really moving and the artwork is wonderful Great read for Pride mont. Ok teaches the youngest of readers all about the colors of this rainbow and the simple acts of kindness that can brighten up our world This book is published in partnership with GLAAD to accelerate LGBT inclusivity and acceptance.

I really like all the different artists contributing to make this book a whole and the updated pride flag Wish there was or a story written in ending it just sort of ends Regardless I like that this exists This is one of the best board books I ve read in a long time The artwork is absolutely stunning The explanation of each of the colors of the LGBTIA rainbow is clear concise and so very poeticlyrical I cannot recommend this one enough All the colors of the Pride rainbow including black and brown Each color is illustrated by a different artist and Valentino has it s own meaning I appreciate the sentiment though not all of the art was to my taste This is another great book and a uniue way to learn about the lgbt community and is a great book toave in the classroom The storyline is great for young read This is a lively bold and easy introduction to the concept of the pride flag for a little one The colors are used to vividly bring together the ideas represented making it easy to make connections for a young child A great read for anyone who wants to lay a solid foundation for teaching their child In this beautiful bold board book children will learn about the colors of the iconic pride flag Red orange yellow green blue purple black and brown These are the colors of our rainbow flag Do you know what they stand forEvery you.

O appreciate others and themselves for their uniueness and similarities I was perusing the board book section of our library and picked up books on colours Saw this thought colours and wondered why black and brown were included in the rainbow and not pink Shrugged and popped it into the stroller to check out Got ome and started reading it to The Little Burrito and didn t realize until the last page that it was made with GLAADI thought this was just beautifully written about loving and accepting the similarities and difference of people and what each colour representedBlack DiversityBrown InclusivityRed LifeOrange HealingYellow SunlightGreen NatureBlue HarmonyPurple SpiritNow we knowThe artwork was uniue and each colour was illustrated by a different illustrator Red was my favouriteWhether referencing LGTB or people in general this is a lovely book Anything promoting love and acceptance is something I want TLB to see I love this and we need a copy Beautiful board book walking through the colors of the Pride Rainbow This board book explains the different colors of the Pride flag to kids thou. Ng child is enchanted by the beautiful colors of the rainbow Now Our Rainbow can teach toddlers all about the meaning of each color of the pride flag Told in simple engaging text and paired with bright illustrations this board bo.

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