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Finished reading July 4th 2019 We understand so much yet so little Delving into people s minds is an immature science even for those of us who ave studied it for years A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) honest review Thank you view spoilerI admit it wasook line and sinker when I saw the cover of Trance and read the blurb The promise of a dangerous character with the ability to control minds sounded absolutely fantastic and there was no way I was going to be able to resist reading it It might William Gibson have been that Iad set my expectations too Nancy Drake high because unfortunately I can t say I was convinced by the story itself and I ended upaving mixed thoughts I still think the premise of this story is absolutely engrossing and probably the strongest aspect of this book The suspect of this story Victor Lazar is a fascinatingly disturbing character Bandbox his mental ability makes this story step on the border of science fiction and paranormal activity and without doubt gives Trance a uniue touch As a result it isard to place Trance into a single genre and box and instead we Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, have an interesting mix of elements and storylines It was especially fascinating to read about Victor s past and everything thatappened in Romania It might not be all that credible but if you keep your mind open and don t mind a sci fi feel you will find it to be an intriguing angleNow we arrive at one of the problems I Kicking It (Alex Craft, had with Trance the main character Alex Madison On its own I could really appreciate the psychology angle of this story Instead of focusing on the crime and detective elements Trance is about trying to understand Victor Lazam and using psychology to analyze what goes on inis mind The thing is Alex basically is a spineless and despicable person a pathetic whiner who is addicted to Xanax and an adulterer at that I found the characters in general to be unlikeable but my aversion to Alex made it very ard to keep invested in the story or care about what appened to them Victor disturbing as Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose he was at least made for an interesting character Alex not so much I also found part of the plot and character development to be rather unbelievable and this lack of credibility kind of put a damper on things Things were too conveniently connected and the transition between different scenes and chapters wasn t always all that fluid I also struggled with the abrupt ending and found the final scenes to be rather lacking I still think the premise of Trance is simply captivating and the genre fluidity gave the story an uniue touch but sadly I ended upaving mixed thoughts about the execution The Donovan Legacy (Donovans hide spoiler Despite a promising start this novel slowly devolves into a bad episode of the X files A celebrated clinical psychologist Alex takes on the rare forensic case He is to examine a strange Romanian prisoner who was found at the scene of a brutal murder suicide Seems like a lot of people kill themselves when this prisoner is around But Alexas all the usual baggage a divorced wife Breaking Down (The Garage, he still loves a precocious brat plenty of angst and guilt whiche assuages with an addiction to Xanax The case unfolds predictably with this supposedly brilliant man doing incredibly stupid things I was. His victims are powerless He is in control This is is revenge and e’s only just begunThree university scientists are found dead in a gruesome murder suicide and the only suspect in the case Victor Lazar is uickly captured When the spate of violent suicides follows im to prison e is moved to solitary confinement reserved for the ighe.

Disappointed with this book the prose is flat and Alex is a bore The confinement of the prisoner is definitely not believable at most e was a witness and the immigration Destiny and Power hold was just a sham and a weak one at that The plot was one I ve seen and enjoyed on the X Files among others There was potential but it was uickly lost A slog to read through pass Trance is a very addictive thriller with an excellent speculative premise it is tension fuelled and disturbing with an interesting main protagonist in Alex MadisonThe story jumps between past and present as we learn about Victoris childhood and weird ability while in the present Alex tries to discover My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, his intentions not realising they are tied together in unexpected waysThere are twists and turns plus some edge of the seat moments ending with a tense stand off and an excellent set up for the next bookVery entertaining Recommended This one s on meI downloaded Trance because of all the positive reviews Dammit when will I learn Trance was bad I mean really bad mostly because the premise was not original and the main character was so unlikableI like unlikable characters There are plenty of them in literature the thing is that most well written unlikable charactersave at least one redeeming uality one positive trait Maybe The Café Book he or she is brilliant or kind or love animals or childrenDr Alex Madison is a cad A douche He spends time sleeping with womene doesn t care about than Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, he does doing whate s trained to do Psychology HaHe s a ighly functioning drug addict natch and drives a flashy Porsche to annoy is father Daddy issues and can t maintain any ealthy long term relationships with a woman because well e s too busy daydreaming about screwing er generallyWhen Alex begins mooning about is colleague the moment Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, he meter I knew the story was going to do downhillI ll admit the story sounded intriguing because it sounded familiar a man named Victor Scruples Two has the frightening power of suggestion making people do what they don t want to do When Victor escapes from the mentalospital and goes on a revenge trip it s up to the lame ass Dr Madison to stop What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, himThat s when itit me This dude sounds like Robert Patrick Modell from an X Files episode Good episode by the wayBut Dr Madison is no Mulder and Scully not by a long shot Not even if you cover your eyes or knock yourself unconsciousThe book is short but it dragged on because the writing is poorSomeone get Mr Southward a dictionary and a new editor because is favorite word is tatty It literally appears on every other page to describe Alex s office the ospital corridors a suitcase the carpetyou know what I meanAlex also loves perfume There are numerous paragraphs describing Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command howe is intoxicated by is colleague s scent and is unable to focus because of this factWow I want an easily distracted man like this to be my psychologist He s a real professionalThere s a silly twist you can see coming from a mile away I called it the moment the person appeared on the page You know its a bad sign when you re rooting for the bad guy than the good guy I m afraid to download any Kindle Unlimited books 15 stars Too predictable The protagonist the stereotypical psychologist with a broken marriage and an addiction. St risk inmates And then is assigned psychologist inexplicably takes Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, his own lifeAlex Madison a former forensic psychologist turned private therapist is brought in to interview Victor He suspects that Victor is controllingis victims somehow coaxing them into a suggestive trance It seems like science fiction but as Alex digs deeper e un.

To pills was a whining prick with no redeeming ualities I disliked im so much I won t bother with the second book in this new seriesThis ad the potential for an interesting and exciting story but the way it was told with flashbacks revelations and explanations it lost all suspense The ending was extremely lameNarration was ok except for the female voices It is possible to be intrigued with a story but also be disenchanted with the arrogance of the main character and such was the case ere Alex Madison is a philandering jerk who seems to be aimless and without any sense of purpose He s a miserable soul and while I didn t like Two Reels And A Crank him at all I stillad to see Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, how things would get resolved While I was somewhat caught off guard with a twist of one of the characters near the end of the story I found most of the plot predictable I didn t feel like the author explained the chemistry between a couple of the characters very well at all and so I didn t buy into their relationship at all This was just an OK read for me nothing spectacular Abandoned at about 80 pages A great premise and lots of potential but I couldn t get past the clunky and rather flat prose This book is completely different what I usually readAlex Madison is called to a case where victor who puts people into a trance this story aboutis background and ow e was treated as a childhe was at at a scene during murders was The Camping Cookbook he innocent or apart of ithe escapesis past Absalom, Absalom! hauntsimits an intriguing story After aving the author Adam Southward recommended to me I could not wait to get started on the debut book in is Dr Alex Madison series uick paced and entertaining Southward does well to win the reader over in the early chapters Dr Alex Madison Black Stone has been seconded to work within one of Britain s prisonselping with an odd case involving one of the inmates After viewing the video footage Madison is baffled as to what might be going on with Victor Lazar After whispering something into the ear of a fellow inmate the unsuspecting victim enters a trance and soon commits suicide by bashing their On Liberty head into a wall Lazar was originally incarcerated whene was found at the scene of three bodies a pool of blood growing by the minute While Madison wants to No Way Down helpe Pulled Thread Embroidery has no idea what might be causing 15 stars Trance is the fIrst book Iave read by Adam Southward The book tells the story of Dr Alex Madison who is a private psychiatrist assigned to do a forensic interview on an inmate suspected of causing the death of several individuals The inmate Victor appears to ave the ability to control others by whisperIng commands to them and then makes them do things against their will such as committing suicide It is an interesting premise but it doesn t take long for the story to detour into the land of the absurd with a backstory that is unbelievable and a main storyline that although interesting gets worse the you learn about the characters The book deteriorates even worse when the author delves and into mind control and what the vIctIm is experiencing during the period of control Throw in some ridiculous characters from a secret organization that are brought in to save the day and the book finally skids to a alt as one of the worst books I ve read thi. Covers a frightening reality of secret research and cruel experimentation and the perpetrators are closer to Absolutely on Music home thane could ever The Ransom of Mercy Carter have imaginedToo late Alex learns the true extent of what Victor is capable of and whoe’s after With everything e olds dear at risk can Alex take control of a dangerous mind before it takes control of