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Where those she left behind are still haunted by her death Yes there s a man gutted by her loss who our unnamed artist can t stay away from You re sensing Rebecca vibes but this is all brand new It s a book about jealousy and legacy and who really owns your vision But it s also a deeply sexy thriller that will keep you guessing until the last gorgeously written ages A stunner A young un named The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, painter withotential is oised to make waves in the art community with her collection of seven billboard size aintings When her apartment goes up in flames and decimates the entire collection she lies to her gallery and says that six have been safely crated and stored only the final Reign of Ash (The Chosen painting she was still working on has been destroyed The gallery decides it s in their best interest to have her to re create t 45 A no nameainter no name as in not famous but also literally as she remains nameless throughout the book is on the verge of a career breakthrough She is nearing completion of her series Rich Ugly Old Maids a set of large scale oil Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen paintings loosely based on the seven virtues Then the loft in which she has been living and working burns down Her insurance won t beaid out because she wasn t supposed to be living there her management still expects the show t She met her when she was nineteen a fledging art New York famous for its outrageous revelries and glamorous artists And notorious as the Fline en Lingerie place where brilliant young artist Carey Logan one of her idols drowned in the lake But when she arrives the retreat is a ghost of its former self No one shares their work Noarties light up the deck No one speaks of Carey though.

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Tudent meeting Carey Logan an artist Surface part of a collective called Pine City She admired her strange work her notoriety Carey was the in artist Pine City the in group Then she hears that Carey had stopped creating turning instead toerformance art and then kills herself Why did this happen Our no name artist wants to know wants to know obsessively In time she gets her chance after experiencing a tragedy of her own and what she finds is so much than she expectedThe avant garde art scene I find it fascinating and something I will never Orange 5 (オレンジ, personally experience Those who create for their livlihood where so few actually make it This is a study of those creators but also of a young artist struggling for her own future and becoming enveloped in something she never expected This is inarts strange The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams part mystery andart revelation Our unnamed young artists backstory helps explain her insecurity and her intense uest for her own artistical recognition but alsoher own search for self It takes us deep inside the strange world of the rich and famous of friendships that form and cement the The Scot participants in a course of action that could lose them everything they worked for It was uite good but felt the ending was the weakestart of the story It did though show us where our young artists future may Spring Snow possibly lieARC from Netgalle. Her death haunts the cabins and the black lake lurking beneath the surface like a shipwreck As the youngainter works obsessively in Carey's former studio uncovers strange secrets and starts to fall hard and fast for Carey's mysterious boyfriend it's as if she's taking her lace But one thought shadows her every mo.

I can t remember reading anything that delved so deeply into the art world as this Our narrator a truly original ainter who doesn t know her Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, power loses her home and 9th floor walkup studio in a fire and talks her way into an artists compound of almost mythic reputation in the Adirondacks Barbara Bourland claims to not have an in depth knowledge of this world but this book belies that fact Her descriptions of the creativerocess ring so true as our heroine creates her billboard sized oil Fates Monolith (MacLomain, paintings because they are theinnacle of labor expensive weighing hundreds of At the Wolfs Table pounds incorporating such materials as copper shavings and jewels Is one s identity only visible through their art or what other viewers may see in that art or what is bruited abroad At times I was reminded of Rebecca therotagonist is unnamed Carey her A Family Scandal predecessor deceased the waterfront setting which was the location of Carey s death This is one hell of a read I was lucky to receive an ARC of Fake Like Me and I DEVOURED it over a weekend taking it with me everywhere I went A young unnamed artist struggles in the shadow of an impossibly cool dead one another young artist gorgeous enigmatic talented worshipped beyond measure in the downtown New YorkHudson Valley art scene There s a mysterious compound where our dead girl created her work and. What really happened to Carey LoganAfter a fire decimates her studio including the seven billboard sizeaintings for her next show a young no name ainter is left with an impossible task recreate her art in three months or ruin her fledgling career Homeless and desperate she flees to an exclusive retreat in upstate.

Barbara Bourland is the author of FAKE LIKE ME a finalist for the 2020 Edgar Best Novel Award and I'LL EAT WHEN I'M DEAD an Irish Independent Book of the Year Her third novel is forthcoming from Dutton She lives in Balti with her husband and their dog