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3 words CoconutInducedAmnesiaNow o enjoy this trainwreck if you can Meh A besotted macho Hero but the heroine is too bitchy for words I wonder how the Hero even fell in love with her She couldn t even be Catwoman grateful that he was helping heret her father out of a Mexican jailAlso the chauvinism portrayed in the book is uite over the top even for its time Her determination to stay cool and ungiving was swept away in the practised assault he made on her senses His needs suddenly and urgently became her needs his desire to possess her desire to yield Amorcita he murmured feverishly when her hands ran with a possession of their own across the smooth Baby Legacy (So Many Babies gold of his shoulders and down the length of his spine coming back by the same route to mesh her fingers in the thickness of his black hair Te adoro Her voice murmured too in her own language words she had no recollection of until Diego s lithe warmth stiffened above her and she heard the lingering echo of her own Oh Brent darling Then Diego s fingers entwined themselves in her hair pulling it back painfully from her scalp What did you say he demanded hoarsely sending a shiver across her heated skin A shiver that seemed to clear her brain suddenly and make mockery of theolden body pressing hers into the mattress Here was the perfect solution the one she had racked her. Laurel was in a state of shockHer father taken on a mere suspicion that wasn't true was languishing in a Mexican prison Diego Ramirez was.

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From the bed mercifully releasing his hold on her hair and after he had shrugged into the robe he had cast aside he turned to look coldly down at her You expect me to help your father after this he threw down caustically Think again Laurel Your father can stay in prison and rot as you called it as far as I am concerned Had some struggles in beginning but all together I liked the story Still a bit curious on what happened exactly with Laurel s dad Laurel DiegoShe s engaged to another man While in Acapulco she meets the H who is a rich powerful man He forms an immediate strong attraction for her She rebuffs him and is actually a little fearful of him Then her father is wrongfully arrested for drug smuggling and she is frantic about how to et him out of jail The H Diego offers to use his influence but insists that they marry firstThere is a forced seduction after they marry She has by this time realized that she loves him so she s not really resistant to the act but he is in a jealous rage Immediately after the act she is cold cocked by a cocunut and suffers amnesia for several monthsThis book pretty much covers all of the old classic tropes A very funny part in this book is when the heroine is knocked out by a falling coconut right after she loses her virginity I laughed out loud The 1 st book I read in 201. Reuiring drastic action and Laurel should have been rateful for Diego's helpBut Laurel couldn't help wondering what did he expect in retu.

Brains to find Did I say something she asked in a breathy whisper You said the name of Brent he accused black eyes staring hard into the darkened Langlais correct pour les Nuls green of hers Oh A small frown creased the smooth area between her brows Well that s not surprising in this kind of situation is it After all Brent and I were She allowed her voice to trail off delicately and felt the tremor of anger that rippled through the taut body pinning hers He was your lover Diego uestioned with awful uietness Laurel sreen eyes met his with purposeful blankness What do you think A throaty laugh bubbled from her lips the sound tightening his smooth jaw to steel An engaged couple in America has much freedom than in your country se or Did you really think Brent and I would consider marriage without finding out if we were suited in every way Diego shifted so that his weight was blessedly lifted from her rapidly numbing limbs but the wild lint in his eyes pinned her just as effectively to the mattress I cannot take as my wife a woman who has been used by another man he bit off tersely his clasp tightening painfully on her hair You knew this about me yet you married me Why Laurel managed a shrug although her scalp pained sharply where he tugged at her hair You ave me little choice se orMy father Diego uttered a string of oaths in Spanish and sprang. Insisting she marry him so that he might use his influence to have her father released As his son in law I can help himIt was a situation.

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