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Readers talking Those who have yet to iscover this series ought to take this as a strong recommendation Do not let their length become a Game for Life deterrent as it is jam packed with highly entertaining thrills I have long been a fan of MJ Arlidge and his writing which has kept me up well into the night He never seems at a loss for twists in the stories or series to keep the reader captivated while pushing DI Helen Grace to her limits It is this unpredictability that keeps the stories from getting stale and allows the series to grow effectively Helen Grace has been through much in the series and this continues with this novel in which she finds herself at a crossroads seeking to better herself while also being highly introspective She has seen loss and chooses to steer clear of it though her current position makes that all but impossible With a strong crew around her as part of the MIT Grace and her cohort are always interacting on a professional level with bits of personal aside to keep the subplots moving together effectively The introduction of DI Joseph Hudson may prove to be an interesting new angle that series fans can chase as he brings something new and exciting to the game He along with the many of the other supporting characters prove effective in keeping the story intense and force the reader to wonder where things are headed This has always been a wonderful aspect to Arlidge s writing as the characters enrich the story in ways that might not have been predicted The story is great and as long as the reader is not seeking anything overlyeep is perfect to push through in a few sittings Arlidge uses an effective short chapter system that keeps the reader hanging and seeking a little which turns into late night reading binges The book has just what I am looking for and I cannot wait for the next instalment which is sure to have just as many enticementsKudos Mr Arlidge for another winner Series fans will surely not be მოთხრობები disappointed and I can only hope others will commence this series sooner than laterLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons aifferent sort of Book Challenge I really love the natural beauty of lush green forests and woodland and just this summer spent time walking in the New Forest where Down To The Woods is located but the thought of being lost Flames of the Dark Crystal deep in the forest with a serial killer on the loose hunting his prey to theireaths gives me the chillsA young woman staying in a tent on a camp site in the New Forest awakes to find her boyfriend missing His body is subseuently found One Night at the Lake deep in the forest hanging from a tree but he s also sufferedevastating injuries prior to this Following on from this murder two of the beautiful New Forest ponies are found The Hero Next Door dead and the manner in which theyied appears to have the same MO as the young man s murder However the killer isn t finished yet and before long the body of a young woman is found in exactly the same way as the first Ask Me No Questions displayed hanging from a tree almost as if the killer is proud of his handiworkDI Helen Grace is SIO and together with her regular hard working andedicated team she also has the services of newly transferred DS Joe Hudson this is a guy who won t readily The Gnadiges Fraulein. disappear into the background he setermined to shine in his chosen career and in addition he finds himself attracted to his bossThe team certainly have their work cut out trying to find the perpetrator of these gruesome murders It s clear that the killer is at home in the forest he s cunning and appears to be an experienced hunter but Unscrewed don t jump to conclusions with this one as the author has made expert use of misdirection smoke and mirrors to lead usown the wrong path The characters are certainly plausible and help American Musicians drive the novel towards a heart pounding and satisfying conclusion This is one that I wouldefinitely recommend My thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my Arc I have given an honest unbiased review in exchang. And what His Convict Wife (Convict Wives do their murders signify Is a psychopath stalking the forest Is there an occult element to the killings Could the murders even be an offering to the Forest itself Helen must walk into thearkness to iscover the truth behind her most challenging most macabre case yet.

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This one really surprised me Having read the premise I knew I The Perfect Indulgence dig the story setting but Iid not expect to enjoy it as much as I Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, did Down to the woods is a criminal thriller novel that has coprama shady suspects crossbow murders annoying reporters A Seductive Revenge derailing investigations and my godidn t I just love itI usually struggle with criminal thrillers they typically follow a California Living detective as they embark on a one sided investigation yet we get so many pov s and it was exciting to have all theseifferent perspectives into an investigationThe characters felt like real police officers having known a few in my time their behaviours thought process and So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, demeanors I was really looking forward to reading this Having read all 7 previous books all 5 star 3 of them shortlisted for my book of the yearHo Briefly Hum I seem to be the odd one out here but having read all the series this isefinitely not the best for meIn full This book is the eighth in the Helen Grace series by M J Arlidge I ve always found DI Grace a good character of real Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty depth In this book after a fairly traumatic previous story see here for the blog a body is found in the New Forest The person had been at a campsite the previous night and no one knows what made them leave their tent As a member of the teamied in the course of the previous book there is a new DS who arrives as the case is breakingInitially I found this a very typical Helen Grace story Well paced and tense as usual making for easy reading It was and continued to be a book that was far easier to keep reading than put Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book down The investigation continue I ll be honest and say the last book I read in this series was the first one Since then it seems that time has escaped me soespite muttering to myself about reading in order when this arrived on my A Study in Scandal (Scandalous doorstep the cover justrew me right inI m going to have to get to the backlist because Down To The Woods was arkly entertaining a classically good crime rama with an engaging and clever lead in Helen Grace I The One Who Stays (Summer Island, devoured it some of it set in said Woods actually freaked me out and the mystery elements were excellent Whilst it s obvious I ve missed a lot of back story for the main group itidn t Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, detract at all from the joy of reading this one so Ion t feel too bad about my terrible neglect after all now I have 6 books to love whilst the rest of you will be waitingDown to The Woods was eliciously intriguing fast paced and ever fascinating Great writing really addictive plotting and worth a place on any crime lovers shelfRecommended 35An engaging and suspenseful readA vicious murderer is targeting campers hunting them with arrows and hanging their bodies from the trees Is the killer a madman Is he killing at random Or is there a connection between the victims What is the motive And who is going to be the next victimIt is up to Helen Grace and her team to try to find the perpetrator and put a stop to his rampage This is the 8th book in the Helen Grace series by author MJ ArlidgeI can t believe this is already the 8th book in this series starting with Eeny Meeny four years ago and I am still enjoying itWhen Melanie Walton wakes up in her tent in the New Forest she iscovers that her boyfriend Tom has Speer disappeared and after failing to find him she calls the police Very soon Tom Campbell s body isiscovered hanging from a tree his face has a look of terror and there are arrows Ultralearning deep in his chest neck and back Soon after another body is found that of Lauren Scott Are the campers being targeted and is there a connection call for Helen GraceAnother gripping novel in a series that goes from strength to strengthI would like to thank Net Galley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Having already read a few books in the series of Helen Grace I knew I was in for a treat with this book I was so excited to get a copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review that I failed to notice I am 2 books behind in thi. THE EIGHT DI HELEN GRACE THRILLER BY BESTSELLING AUTHOR M J ARLIDGEThere is a sickness in the forest First it was the wild horses Now it's innocent men and women huntedown and murdered by a faceless figure Lost in the The Ring Of The Dove darkness they try to flee they try to hide Inesperation.

S series but The Lost Literature of Medieval England desperate to start this book I will for once overlook this I hate not reading books or watching films in their right orderSomeone is murdering campers in the New Forrest They are huntedown and killed leaving their bodies hanging from a treeFrom the first page you are A Curse of Kings drawn in and it s a fast paced book that will keep you turning the pages without you realising itA rollercoaster of a ride thatoes not slow Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, down until the final chapter it is as scary and exhilaratingOh M J Arlidge you neverisappoint and I am eagerly awaiting for you re next book If you go Im a Narwhal down to the woods45 starsDown to the Woods should come with a warning highly addictive I couldn t stop reading it and it resulted in than a few very late nights and almost sleeping through my alarm the following morning This was only the second book I read in the DI Helen Grace series the other being no 1 which I enjoyed immensely They can be read out of order as they efinitely work as standalone novels but as with any series it tends to pay to read them in seuence to grow and know the backstory of the characters I knew I had to read this book with it being so close to Halloween although it isn t specifically set uring Halloween the synopsis sounds pretty spooky with the action centred in the woods making it a great thrillerpolice proceduralcrime book to read particularly in OctoberNovember A uick snapshot of the plot there s something evil cruel and sinister stalking and Girl, Woman, Other deliberately hunting people and animals in the New Forest Immediately after the first victim is found DI Helen Grace and her team areispatched to try to work out who could be A South African Night doing something soespicable Not long after another body is found killed in exactly the same way The team soon realise they have a killer on the loose and need to work out who it is before they strike againIf this book was a movie I would have had a stack of cushions to hide behind at the most tense moments As it is my nails took a chewing Down to the Woods is a seriously thrilling Bismillah Soup dark edge of your seat read brilliantly fast paced wonderful characters and with heaps of twists and turns Another highly recommended read in the excellent DI Helen Grace series Many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for the opportunity to read this ARC in return for an honest and unbiased review MJ Arlidge is back with his eighth novel in the Helen Grace series adding a new layer of thrills in this uniue piece While DI Helen Grace is still trying to piece her life back together after a year of significant changes she learns that there is a new addition to her Major Incident Team MIT DS Joseph Hudson has a greateal of police work under his belt all across England but has finally पिंजर decided on a transfer to Southampton The team is soon called out to a campsite where a man hasisappeared without a trace Scouring the surrounding forested area DI Grace and her team find him hanging from a tree his organs Venous Catheters dangling and embedded with crossbow bolts Could the killer still be lurking in the forest This begins a thorough exploration where one member falls victim to a man who chooses to live way off the grid It is only pure luck that has DI Grace stumble upon her teammate saving her from another tragic incident When a second victim goes missing and is found in the same state DI Grace knows that this killer has a message and will stop at nothing Now it s time toetermine if these are random kills or whether there is a connection as yet unseen While the MIT works their magic journalist Emilia Garanita is back to find the scoop of her life Her past run ins with DI Grace The Marines E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, do noteter her from using her powers of persuasion to get the story to ensure the public is aware of what s going on As the case heats up both DI Grace and Emilia must come to terms with potential changes in their personal lives both of which could have a significant bearing on the case Arlidge Android Studio Application Development does it again with a thrilling piece that will have series. They call out for help But there is no one to hear their cries hereDI Helen Grace must faceown a new nightmare The arrow ridden victims hang from the New Forest's ancient oaks like pieces of strange fruit Why are helpless holidaymakers being targeted in peak camping season.

MJ Arlidge has worked in television for the last 15 years specialising in high end drama production Arlidge has produced a number of prime time crime serials for ITV In the last five years and is currently working on a major adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans for the BBC