Anna Amelina: Gender and Migration

Gether and illustrated by means of various mpirical Mystery at Kittiwake Bay examplesWith itsxplicit focus on the gendered structures of migration sending and migration receiving countries Gender and Migration builds on the most current conceptual tool of gender studies intersectionality which calls for collective research on gender with analysis of class thnicityrace sexuality age and other axes of ineuality in the context of transnational migration and mobility The book also

From its beginnings in the 1970s and 1980s interest in the topic of gender and migration has grown Gender and Migration seeks to introduce the most relevant sociological theories of gender relations and migration that consider ongoing transnationalization processes at the beginning of the third millennium These include intersectionality ueer studies social ineuality theory and the theory of transnational migration and citizenship; all of which are brought to.

Ncludes descriptions of a number of recommended films that illustrate transnational migrant masculinities and femininities within and outside of EuropeA refreshing attempt to bring in considerations of ueer theory and sexual identity in the area of gender migration studies this insightful volume will appeal to students and researchers interested in fields such as sociology social anthropology political science intersectional studies and transnational migrati.

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