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Aughter and was traveling to be a bride in an arranged marriage Claire fears the unknown circumstances she must face From its riveting start to the satisfying conclusion and all the compelling scenes in between I was always captivated because of believable events in which Lucien and Claire were constantly in search of the truth Not being able to remember important aspects about oneself would be so difficult et Claire never gives up hope and pushes forward with determination Though she cannot recollect much about the past her compassionate nature still comes through Lucien has not looked for a wife since his life revolves around the sea Yet meeting Claire causes some surprising thoughts How this couple interacted with one another is very convincing where feelings are heartfelt while remarks are sincere SHIPWRECKED WITH THE CAPTAIN is highly entertaining at all times uite a few events have action and some of the dangerous circumstances were unexpected Any details are colorfully described which let me envision each setting to the fullest Conversations are packed with intelligent discussions and also much delightful banter Lucien and Claire find themselves in some life changing situations and I eagerly awaited their final decisions The Governess Swap has an inventive premise and fascinating characters I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion Rating 45 Star. And well thought out novel Goodreads on A Lady Becomes a GovernessThe Regency setting is vividly brought to life during numerous fascinating scenes in the story Diane Gaston interweaves many details from the period into A Lady Becomes a Governess and these facts made the book even believable Goodreads on A Lady Becomes a Governes.

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Stions Diane Gaston draws The Prince with the Silver Hand (Tale of the Eternal Champion, you in with action adventure and the unknown She keepsou by making Haram Lokma you feel a part of the drama How canou resist Lots of intriguing developments occur in the second book of the Governess Swap miniseries where answers to numerous uncertainties are sought when two lives are thrown into chaos A man in the British navy becomes involved with a woman whose memory is erased because of an accident As they seek out the facts about her they become close The Keys To The House, Tree, And Person yet feel too many obstacles will always keep them from ever having a relationship I was immediately concerned for the welfare of these two very likable characters and how each situation would play out kept me reading just one chapter as I had to know what happened next Diane Gaston expertly entwines realistic adventures with moments filled with genuine emotions to create an engrossing historical romance While serving as the governess to threeoung children a situation arose that forced Claire Tilson to flee on a ship leaving Ireland for England Once on board she is stunned to discover a woman who looks enough like her to be a relative When a severe storm results in the passengers and crew abandoning the doomed vessel Claire is kept from drowning by Captain Lucien Roper who was also bound for London Though she is alive and safe no memories of her past can be recalled Upon learning she is thought to be an earl s Nvinced she doesn't belong hereand Lucien is the only man she trusts to uncover her past and claim her futureThe Governess Swap miniseriesBook 1 A Lady Becomes a GovernessBook 2 Shipwrecked with the CaptainMy favourite read of the ear Diane combines romance intrigue deception and villainous characters seamlessly in a well written.

This was so much fun I uite liked this Well written nice development a speedy series of events likeable and really unlikeable characters See my review here 3 I enjoyed this book very much I read the first one where the lady and the governess realize they look alike They were on a ship from Ireland to England and thought it would be fun to exchange clothes The ship was in a storm and broke upon the rocks This book This is the second book in a series of two called The Governess Swap Claire Tilson awakens to find herself adrift on a make shift raft in the arms of Lucien Roper She remembers nothing and has to depend on Lucien to help her and guide her Lucien believes she is a member of the aristocracy and he is not fond of them at all Yet he finds himself determined to see her home and safe She learns she is betrothed to a stranger and once they meet she is sure she does not belong with him Lucien is the only one she trustsDiane Gaston is uite the talented writer She takes us deep into the the past where we can feel the wonder at what is no longer It is not long until we can feel Claire s frustration with her amnesia She does not feel as if she belongs but is that the amnesia or the truth Lucien finds himself drawn to Claire but despises the aristocracy How can he be drawn to someone who is a member of that class Pick up Shipwrecked with the Captain and find the answers to those ue. All she remembersis feeling safe in his armsPart of The Governess Swap Shipwrecked governess Claire Tilson wakes in Captain Lucien Roper's arms with amnesia Her handsome rescuer believes she's a member of the aristocracy he detests et he risks all to see her home where she learns she's betrothed to a wealthy stranger Claire is co.

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Diane Gaston’s dream job had always been to write romance novels One day she decided to pursue that dream and has never looked back; she is now writing full time Her books have won Romance’s highest honour—the RITA Award the National Readers Choice Award and the Golden Heart She lives in Virginia with her husband and three very ordinary house cats Diane loves to hear from readers and friends