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S business and after getting Ricky and Jack together the previous ear Bret turns his attention to the club s owner Mr Tomlinson and the bartender Dan There is only one problem both men are Doms Not that this stops Bret s efforts and he has the perfect idea about how to break the stalemate between two men he figures belong togetherPlease find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews Loved this new installment in the Kinky Cupid series Bret once again did his own thing and brought together the 2 MCs that were perfect for each other Dan was beautiful in his submission to Mr Tomlinson whom throughout the story didn t ever learn his name and Mr Tomlinson was thoughtful and attentive to Dan s needs and wants even though he was losing his shit whenever McCormack s name was mentionedHot scenes and great chemistry I just wished the books left us with a HEA and not a HFN at least that s what it looks to me A cute Valentines storyThis is another Valentine s based story in the series Mr Tomlinson whose name I don t remember seeing has thought about one of his bar staff Dan ever since he employed him but thought them incompatible When an opportunity to get together does along he takes it but they each have to be honest with one another before the relationship has a real chance Kinky Cupid 3Dan is one of the bar tenders at the leather club and finally finds the one man is comfortable switching with his boss. Tomlinson has to act uickly But was everything Bret told Mr Tomlinson the truth And if Dan really is a switch why has he been lying about that ever since he came to work at The Spread Eagle Please Note This story is best read in seuence as part of the Kinky Cupid serie.

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Ned his character hide spoiler I did not really connect to the characters and also did not feel any chemistry Just Meh for me unfortunately I loved this new addition story to the series Leave it to the brat Bret to play matchmaker around Valentine s day again A dom and switch are put together to work alone in a confined space with toys all around them It does not take long for the heat to turn up and scene to unfold between them The challenge is pushing for than just fun between them The chemistry and the scene were hot with this new couple 35stars Very enjoyable little story about Mr Tomlinson owner of the Spread Eagle finding out that his bartender Dan is a switch Great fun 35 stars I m a bit of a broken record with this series same rating for each They re hella fun I didn t feel the couple s chemistry uite as uickly or strongly as I did in the first two but this one was wittier I had several LOLs and I don t recall that from the others Still hot and still a great portrayal of the leather scene and the affection that can exist between Ds partners Recommend In the first two installments of this series set at the Spread Eagle leather club two couples have already found happiness thanks to the matchmaking efforts of Bret the brattiest brat who ever existed Despite or maybe because of the fact that he is extremely happy with his Master Marcus Bret can t seem to stop interfering in other people. Confirmed doms Finding out from the club's resident brat Bret that Dan has switched in the past opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Mr Tomlinson And discovering that Bret is trying to set Dan up with a dom who is completely unsuitable for him means that Mr.

35 stars I couldn t stand Bret in his own book but I have to admit that the brat has a good eye for matchmakingLike Jack and Ricky in Base Over Apex Mr Tomlinson and Dan are perfect for each other and this time the resident brat at The Spread Eagle doesn t even need to trick his targets to make them see what he already knows Not much at least all it takes is letting Mr Tomlinson know that Dan is not simply a dom but a switchWhile I didn t love and connect with the characters and the story as much as I did with the second book in the Kinky Cupid series I really liked the unusual for me at least theme and pairing Dan is the only character I can remember ever reading about who s a dom AND a sub and Kim Dare explored this aspect beautifullyMr Tomlinson is only a dom and as always with Kim s couples exclusivity is a given after the dom and the sub connect in any meaningful way so I wasn t sure how Dan s dom side would be handled in the future after he and Mr Tomlinson got together for the long termFor a minute I was afraid that everything would be left with view spoilerDan being only Tomlinson s sub which would have been only partially perfect Dan spent many ears unable to submit to anyone because he always chose the wrong kind of doms for himself and it was great seeing that part taken care of but making him forget about his dom side only because he d found his perfect match would have really cheape. As the owner of The Spread Eagle Mr Tomlinson has told himself that the only reason he keeps a watchful eye on his bartender Dan is because he doesn't like his employees slacking off when they're on the clock What other interest could he have in Dan when they are both.

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Kim is a thirty three year old bisexual submissive from Wales UK First published in 2008 she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels Having worked with a host of fantastic e publishers she has just moved into self publishingWhile she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings Kim's first love is still and probably alw