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Spirit of the Season Joy Preston ust moved to Colorado a year ago and is now CEO of a successful nail polish company Her life and career are in Denver when in the middle of the night she receives a phone call that her grandmother and owner of a successful BB died and she is needed to come home and help straighten things out for at least 6 months It is the height of the busiest holiday season It The Nordic Varieties of Capitalism just so happens The Heart and Soul BB is in a very small town in North Carolina where there are many BB s that are very competitive with their holiday decorations and their annual parade of homes and best of alludging the gingerbread houses Joy thinks she is in over her head but there are so many great characters and family relationships that can t wait to help her Throw in a great romance too The food they talked about throughout the book was outstanding I think I might have gained a few pounds Thank you Kensington Publishing Company for the chance to read it This cute book follows the story of Joy Preston owner and operator of a very successful fingernail polish business headuartered in Denver Colorado Just before the holiday season Joy finds out that her beloved Nana has died of a heart attack and she was listed as the person to inherit the cozy and uaint BB her Nana ran in her hometown of Spruce City North Carolina Joy returns to her hometown and with the help of her mother and her Nana s loyal friend and employee Izzie the three ladies carry on with the holiday preparations and make sure that the BB visitors have the time they expected and that Spruce City still receives the Christmas decorations it deserves Along the way Joy has to make some huge life choices in regards to both her professional career her familial life and her love life ust in time for Christmas This book is meant to be read and enjoyed in an easy and comfortable setting there aren t many dense subjects or controversial ideas that inhabit this story Love and family are the shining elements of this story that really stand out amongst its plot This is something that I love about holiday reads the ways in which they approach the season and help us remember what is actually important at such special and magical times I loved how this story helps the reader remember or perhaps realize that on so many levels and with some many examples This book focuses heavily on family and how crucial it can be during the holiday season but also how the family born or created are important to have as support systems for whatever may be going on in your life This is mimicked both in the mother and daughter relationships but also those created family relationships between the BB guests and others Bonds with other humans and animals is a big deal in this storyThis book also focuses on ways to turn the negatives aspects of life into positive ones Specifically I loved the plot idea of Joy and her company giving back to shelters and homes for women and children who have been abused This was a brilliant addition to the story and added another reason to enjoy it and the characters within At the end of the book I also enjoyed how the women wanted to make a truce with the other widows and BB owners in the town in order to help support them I love these human touches that are so emotional and inspiring and focus on the power of community and uplifting other women And lots to forget to mention the cute little love story between Will and Joy and how that turns out to be the cutest little love story Of course there is a ring in the end and an already created family with the adoption of Rex the homeless dog trying to sleep on a doormat There was also a fun supernatural element embedded in this story with the ghost of Joy s Nana and her speculation as to why she reuested that Joy take over the BB upon her death Not to mention this story is so cute and atmospheric It is dense with the love and magic of Christmas If you are looking for something light and easy to read but that is also wrapped in Christmas and holiday spirit and cheer give this one a read Heart wrenching beginning with a heart warming ending Everything falls into place ust as it should from the first page to the very last Picture perfect for the holidays 55 stars An average Christmas cozy with a predictable ending which is fine because it was what I was expecting However my rating is actually 15 stars due to the annoying main character Joy Preston I found her to be totally unlikable Although she has some redeeming ualities such as her generosity and love of animals she was basically a tool who was a bit too full of herself and I found myself not caring for her at all I am surprised the author would make her main character in a Christmas book of all things so annoying but in my opinion she did Thank you Goodreads and Fern Michaels for the advanced copy of Spirit Of The Season So ill start with the things I loved about this book I really enjoyed hearing about the Bed And Breakfast house decor and the small parts about spirits Liked reading about the strong relationship between three generations and the woman who those three thought of as family Believable characters and cute romantic storyline Was happy that the romance part didn t immediately end up in the bedroom like so many rom. Christmas is a time for remembering loved ones past and present In this new novel by New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels the holidays are also the time to discover a future that like the perfect gift is as satisfying as it is surprising Joy Preston misses her beloved late grandmother dearly But when she learns the terms of Nana's will she's shocked and than a little irked Joy moved to Colorado years ago and is now CEO of a successful nail polish company Her life an.

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Ctually learning a blessed thing in regards to running the BB annnnnnnd it s always handwaved away She snaps at the smallest things and I think we re supposed to sympathize with her but she doesn t actually appear to be grieving and I ve gotta say that taking your frustrations out on people who are probably having an even harder time with a death than you are is pretty awful and we re never actually given a reason to feel much of anything for her The dialog is basically people talking at one another and the conversations never feel real they always feel very forced and unnatural There s a LOT of repetition in this book to the point that I seriously wondered if someone forgot what was already written and The Redemption of Holly Dobson just never bothered to re read anything It was painfulWe were told things were funny or witty or all sorts of things but never actually shown proof of any of it Usually if we re meant to fall in love with a small town there s something about it that makes it special Joy didn t seem to care at all for the actual people in her hometown She made no friends and the one person she ran into that she went to school with was mocked andudged and why oh why was this important enough to include Not even the dog had enough personality to earn a pity extra star that s what kind of book this is Throw in the fact that Joy s a gazillionaire due to her nail polish business and she s 29 to boot and I ust lost the ability to even pretend it was possible How How on god s green earth can she make that much that she s giving away 5000 in CASH from a nail polish empire that she s probably had running maaaaaaaaaaybe 4 full years Maybe I could overlook this complete lack of realism if there d been something entertaining going on but no NoJust no 35 5 starsAuthor Fern Michaels is a ueen of spinning good yarns and this one is as delightful as they come It s a perfect holiday read as it focuses on the time of All Saints Day through Christmas Eve and incorporates the frenetic energy as well as the wonder and magic of the season It s a charming and relaxing read as you put your feet up after a long day of holiday preparations Grab a cup of cocoa a soft blanket and settle in for a cozy evening of readingAlthough the book opens with a sorrowful loss it uickly eases into a story of hope Anna Rose Huntley the matriarch of the family and owner of the Heart Soul Bed Breakfast is excited and busily making the holiday preparations for her beloved guests But seeing her way to Christmas was not meant to be In her will she leaves the running of the BB to her granddaughter Joy the strong highly driven business owner of Simply Joy nail polish company How is Joy supposed to run a North Carolina BB while she s operating her international business back in Denver Why didn t Nana leave it to her own daughter who already lives there What was she thinking With the help of Anna s faithful employees and Joy s mother somehow all the holiday preparations fall into place but not without their drama Joy is on a steep learning curve for this BB business But her Nana s attractive and young attorney Will provides Joy with simple diversions which help Joy keep her balance There s a spark between these two which is obvious to others yet which Joy denies Will all the charms of Spruce City NC be enough for Joy to keep Heart Soul BB in the family Only time will tellFern Michaels does a superb ob of world building in her books We feel the charm of small town Spruce City as its residents make evening strolls through its historic district eyeing the Christmas light wonderland We also sense the small town claustrophobia as everyone appears to know everybody else s business The character development is excellent and realistic My only criticism is that the ending felt rather rushed None the less I certainly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading many by this wonderfu Whew I Hate just don t know where to begin with this holiday train wreck Spirit of the SeasonDo I start simply with the spelling errors and glaring editing misses Do I begin with being introduced to the lovely Granny Anna only to see her family laugh inappropriately exhibit no real grief and constantly behave and speak sourly unappreciativeSpirit of the Season is almost schizophrenic in the way moods emotions and conversationsump all over the place One minute there are fond memories the next moment that which evoked the memories are a selfish inconvenienceIt s hard to like a book when I dislike the main character and I took an instant dislike to Joy For a successful business woman she vacillates between the tantrums and babbling of a 3 yr old acting like a 14 yr old and sounding like an immature petulant over entitled brat even when talking to herself And I m getting a dog or cat as soon as possible So there The dialog between most of the characters is forced and unnatural evenespecially between mother and daughter and certainly between the love interests GagI had to laugh because Fern Michaels seems to want to give a nod to Investigating the Supernatural just about every socialustice cause she could think of women s shelters adopted dog one little afterthought mention of faith I m a believer too I know many people are not too hip on faith these days but I ust say a little prayer and hope they ll unders. Ontest and letting her reservations melt awayThere's another special reason for Heart and Soul's popularity Rumor has it that during holiday season guests can be reunited with the spirit of a loved one who's passed on Joy's skeptical yet she feels her beloved Nana's influence all around her perhaps even indulging in a little matchmaking between Joy and handsome estate attorney Will DrakeA special homecoming and the glow of new beginnings will combine to make the holiday magica.

Antic storylines It was fun hearing about the Holiday contests and the BB s different guests too I m wasn t crazy about the sudden ending I mean it ended nice but what happened to Christmas Day Being a Christmas book I guess I felt like Christmas Day would be included Also it seemed to hit the high point of the storyline and thennothing lol I needed of what happened after the high point maybe Fern Michaels is planning a seuel Would have loved to hear descriptions of the BB house not ust its holiday decorations Otherwise all in all this was an enjoyable read especially for the holiday season Info Dumps and More UnpleasantnessAs an avid romance reader I had heard of this author but I had never read her work When I read the description of the book at a book review site last year yes I am a little behind in my reading the paranormal aspect intrigued me Unfortunately however I ultimately felt disappointed by the paranormal aspect as well as the book in generalAs I write this we are having a delightfully cool and rainy late spring day after a week of hot temperatures so digging into Christmas books that needed reviewing seemed perfect But every one I have read today has had the same major fault Each book has had a prodigious information dump or multiple dumps I hate this in stories in general but literally reading three in a row today as I cozied up under a blanket with a lovely cup of hot tea is frankly a bit much It seems particularly egregious in this book as the entire first 6% is what I would consider an information dump An author of this standing should know how to integrate the backstory into the main plot itself without having to resort to information dumps I thought the first section with the grandmother was bad enough but once we met Joy the same thing happened again UghOther than that this is a relatively straight up romance with a few small town uirks like the cutthroat holiday competitions which got to be a little much Sadly I thought that the paranormal aspect where people come to the inn at Christmas hoping to get in touch with departed loved ones became a relatively minor plot point even though it would seem that it should be well integrated as the title appears to come from and it is described as an integral part of the story in the book s description For what should be a pleasant small town Christmas romance I thought there was too much profanity I am never a fan of that in books All in all I found myself disappointed with this bookI received a free copy of this book but that did not affect my review I haven t read any other books by Fern Michaels and this one was a struggle to finish I don t normally give books poor ratings or bad reviews because I don t finish them if I truly dislike them This book is one that I stuck with because I kept hoping the story would get better or that there would be some kind of big plot twist but that never happened By the time I realized the problem was in the writing style I figured I may as well finish I can appreciate feel good Hallmark movie style novels but I personally didn t feel that Spirit of the Season fit into that category Joy the main character was not likable or relatable which was one of the reasons why I struggled with the story so much There was a lot of focus on the brand names of objects wealth and success although Joy supposedly has a charitable spirit There was a lot of detail about the day to day operations of the bed breakfast along with comparisons to the Bilt Estate that felt unnecessary and didn t add to the story The dialogues between the characters seemed awkward and unnatural The beginning was predictable which would be fine if it was at least written in a satisfying manner Instead it Make Me Yours (Make Me, just contributed to my overall disappointment in the book Look I need something to latch onto with a book Maybe the writing isn t the best but there s a character you can t help but love or maybe the characters are all dicks but the writing is wonderful Or there s a wacky friend or a really interesting set up Something ANYTHINGSpirit of the Season could have worked as the premise is workable Workaholic is called home to a smalltown when a family member dies and now has to put down roots in order to keep something important in the family Been done loads of times I liked Joy having a nail polish business In theory Nothing we ever see from Joy supports the theory later thrown about by the dude with the sexy voice we re supposed to swoon over because Joy does after freaking out about the thought that maybe her mother is interested in this guy and the whiplash I got from that switch never went away that Joy has a hand in naming any of the colors anything even remotely interesting Seriously Joy is terribly named because she sucks theoy from all things She grumbles about ust about everything which is fine at the start of the story but when she blows up at someone she considers to be like an aunt though never actually put that way always her Nana s other daughter or like a sister to Joy s mother for asking a reasonable uestion it s fine because Izzie deserved it Somehow Joy s rude to Izzie a LOT she snaps or okes about being the boss even though Izzie and Elizabeth Joy s mother clearly run the place and Joy has no interest in D career are in Denver How can Nana have expected her to give that up even temporarily to take over a bed and breakfast in North Carolina for six monthsYet there's no denying Heart and Soul's charm especially at holiday time The BB is always elaborately decorated for the season with themed guest rooms and dazzling lawn displays created for the annual Parade of Homes competition The entire town takes part in the festivities and soon Joy too is oining in the gingerbread house

Fern Michaels isn’t a person I’m not sure she’s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels® is what I DO Me Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings Pennsylvania I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day family and friends call me Dink a name my father gave me when I