Michael Novak: Unmeltable Ethnics Politics and Culture in American Life

E book first appeared Time said that Novak has attacked the American Dream in order to open up a possible second chapter for it Newsweek called it a tough minded provocative book which could well signal an important change in American politicsThis new edition adds crucial distinctions for those seeking an intelligent path through such current day mystifications as multiculturalism and diversity Twenty five years ago Novak's argument led the way in focusing on families neighborhoods and other mediating institutions of civil society It is an argument critical to a ealistic sense of national communi.

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Sciousness It does not seek division but ather accurate mutual appreciationThis new edition contains six new essays by the author including the acclaimed Pluralism A Humanistic Perspective New too is Novak's comprehensive introduction bringing the argument up to date Novak describes how and why ethnicity has become a prominent issue in American politics He also sharply denounces the current ideology of multiculturalism as a disfiguration of genuine ethnicity Multiculturalism is moved by the eros of Narcissus Novak writes the new ethnicity is driven by the eros of unrestricted understandingWhen th.

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This new enlarged edition of an influential book originally published in 1972 as The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics extends the author's wise and generous view of ethnicity Its aim is to Liar, Liar raise consciousness about a crucial part of the American experience to involve eacheader in self inuiry Who after all are you What history brought you to where you are Why are you different from others But the point of such inuiry is civility The new ethnic consciousness embodied in this book delights in ecognition of subtle differences in the movements of the soul It is not a call to separatism but to self con.

Michael Novak is an American Catholic philosopher journalist novelist and diplomat He is George Frederick Jewett Scholar in Religion Philosophy and Public Policy at the American Enterprise InstituteNovak served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 1981 and 1982 and led the US delegation to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 19