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45 Stars Dante Perry The guy who rode Harley lways had book on him looked nd strutted like Prolomení hradeb a rock starnd carried Making Muffy (On the Leash: Petgirl Tales Book 5) a pistol knifend cuffs A mystery You have no idea Hawes Madigan But you ren t ny better so don t give me that look Assassinate people for Love, Loneliness, Abuse, and Murder a living no problem Run multimillion dollar company before True Born age thirty can do Ride motorcycle in San Francisco fuck no Yeah well nobody s perfect And no worries I have Denmark Vesey: The Buried Story of America's Largest Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led It a thing for criminals who have vulnerable Love, Power, and Justice: The Dynamics of Authentic Morality and caring side with multiple layers only waiting to be peeled off so youre safe As is your new Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction ally Or enemy Well whatsoever I do love me some rock god hottie who is not uite what he seemss well And guys reading books The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers are sexys hell The former trying to find out what happened The Christian Writer's Coach: How to Get the Most out of a Writers Conference at night three yearsgo the latter determined to bury this secret so deep that it hits the edges of Narnia Of course they re bound to clash t some point If they can fight that sizzling Your Patriarchal Blessing attraction to each other that is A bit OTT here few eye rolls there but there The Rights of Employees and Union Members, Second Edition are books out there where I don t mind eithernd this is definitely one of them Told from Hawes s POV it was entertaining nd gripping with some twists nd turns nd guessing moments nd last uarter that had me on the edge of my seat But what the heck did I get myself into I can t even say I haven t been warned bout the cliffys so note to self listen to your inner voice when it says WAIT UNTIL THIS SERIES IS COMPLETE Gahhh Well Creative Feedback Loops: Practical Tools for Everyday Assessment at least I have book 2t the ready so one cliffy down one to go 45 starsOh this book is mean And I can t even really talk much bout why because of spoilers And that damn cliffhanger I will saythat was such mean cliffhanger Bess Wallace Truman: Harry's White House boss and if youbsolutely hate cliffhangers I m saying right now to wait to read this until ll three books in this trilogy re out I was not expecting that but I should have nd I was surprised by this then I thought I would be I have to say that before the end I was gonna give this four stars because while it was enjoyable nd riveting Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough and interesting I didn t feel there was enough happening between Hawesnd Dante They had chemistry they had heat nd some good scenesbut there wasn t enough not even for first book in Jingling Daddy's Bells BDSM Menage (Holiday Whores) a seriesThis book ends with only week having gone by so we barely scratch the surface of Champion any feelingsnd then the ending happens nd then you re left wondering what the fuck is gonna happen And that s why I ultimately gave this 45 stars while rounding up because of that ending which explained so many things t the same time it opened so many uestions And because of the climax before the ending which was surprising nd interesting nd fun to read view spoilerAnd I know this is The Queens Resistance (The Queen’s Rising, a romance series which is why I m leaning towards there was there than might be thought nowwhich isll I ll hint t But knowing this is romantic suspense series ie romance is s important s the suspense eases my mind little Although ll I ll say isI don t know how they re gonna build trust nowit ll be interesting to see hide spoiler Not For Me I m not sure how I feel bout this book Hawes while being leader didn t feel like leader He didn t have that feeling of power if that makes sense Though I think mainly that it was the writing that didn t work for me Then of course the insta lustlove thing I hate those How can you trust someone so fast day of knowing each other when you re goddamn ssassin Doesn t make sense Then on top of that it s was very predictable And of course I should mention that none of the characters were interesting enough to enjoy the book nor was the sex hot hell I skipped the sex scenes I didn t find Hawes nor Dante hot t ll None felt powerful none felt commanding none felt like Alpha males I like the concept though ssassins so there was potential it just didn t live up to it in my eyes Overall the timeline was couple of days less than Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology a week Itll felt too fast forward same with the pparently connection that I didn t feel between the two main characters There was no build up not development nothing I must say I was uite disappointed However I knew from the first chapter that I wasn t gonna be for me I just hate giving up nd kept giving it chance it didn t get better Hell even the ction wasn t ll that it was too fastThe Characters The list is bit long so I ve put it in spoilers tagview spoiler Hawes Big H Prince of Killers Madigan 33 the Fog City s Prince of Killers Dante Mr Hair Perry private investigator view spoilerIn truth Badge 387: The Story of Jim Simone, America's Most Decorated Cop a ATF Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearmsnd Explosives Special Agent Christopher Perri Castle's Fortress and Isabelle Costa was his partner hide spoiler 45 Stars No indiscriminate killing No collateral damage No unvetted targets Thosere the new rules that the new King has put in place nd not ll that re ruling under him re happy with these new terms He learns this by Dating by the Book a man who strolls literally into his lifend lets him know someone is wanting to knock him off his throne Dante Perry is tall dark nd mysterious He gives out this warning nd from there chaos consumes the pages Trust is given nd lost Hearts re broken One Sinful Night and livesre taken That s pretty much ll I can say without spoiling the story But what I will say is the following This is one of those books that re hard to put down once you start them I loved the family dynamic Grandma was strong Dirty Professor and uite scary Helena is someone I would want to have my backnd uite the badass Holt is this big burly man that I just want hug nd cuddle I dored him nd hope he gets book with certain. No indiscriminate killing No collateral damage No unvetted targetsThese re the rules Hawes Madigan lives by Rules that make being Fog City’s Prince of Killers bearable Soon he’ll be king of n organization of ssassins nd the crown has never felt heavier Until the mysterious Dante Perry swaggers into his lifeDante looks like rock god Melville; Shame Evil Eye: A Psychoanalytic Reading and carries himself like one tooll loose limb.

Sheriff I couldn t be the only one who felt that connection Then there is Hawes I loved how fierce he was in the way he took care of his family They were ll pretty fierce in the way they protected each other The story clicked ll my boxes I love Brody a good crime family tale that has mob esue vibe I can not wait to get the next book because that ending was complete torture Happy reading dolls xx IndiGo Marketing Design gave me Brody (Circle Eight, an ARC in exchange forn honest review Warning rant on the way If I don t enjoy His Voice, His Command a book well so be it not big deal move on But when it happens with book from one of my favourite uthorspuff goes my usual composed selfAfter several chapters I really had to check if I did load the correct book because it was so so bad for me not just meh but bad 1 The cliched characters the wards go to the sister never sleep deadly ninja t night nd Kid a talented lawyert day we Wait Till Next Year - A Memoir are spared the custom worn behind the suit there is that the magic keyboard I will leave itt that because no one likes Venus in Sackcloth: The Magdelen's Origins and Metamorphoses a too lengthy reviewnd finally the MC Hawes Madigan powerful Iced Under and envied future king ofn ssassin organization but shush he s now covert vigilante with vulnerabilities code name for how the heck did he made it so far nd still be live nd succesfull 2 The Background did I missed preuel I m ll for good slow unravelling But here I felt like I stumbled in the middle of Within a Captains Hold (Captains of the Scarlet Night, a story that started uite early on with no replayvailable3 The plot has potential but was tarnished by the Butcher amount of suspend belief reuirednd the wrongness of the pace view spoiler In one night super discovery of the treachery of the wife so perfect nd so loved followed by the huge tamper tantrum destroying everything in the part before getting lmost catatonic with grief nd BAM the sun rises nd the husband is well composed And said wife high in the criminal organization is being handed to the police but no fear t ll of her revealing ny incriminating for the rest of the organization I rest my case hide spoiler 45 starsLayla Rayne definitely has talent for creating heart breaking dilemmas nd writing ctionthriller plotsThe sexual One Last Kiss and personal tension between Hawesnd Dante is crackling the pull nd push deliciously provoking nd the problems of gargantuan proportions Considering what Hawes does for his second job trusting someone is case of better safe than sorry And why would Dante trust the guy who runs n organization of ssassinsTrust is n issue on No One Needs To Know all levels here Because lives depend on it Hawes s secret Clearly this is the issue which is going to create the most damage between the two men The cliffhangert the end hints Selections From Great Works of Mawlana Jalal Al-Din Rumi at it Argh The hurt I have no idea how there can be comeback from that the Madigan family fter the events in this book which had my head spinning s the Kisses Don't Lie author throws plot twistfter plot twist t us getting ccepted by that super tight family will be virtually impossible And I can t blame them This book is told from Hawes s POV I wonder if book 2 will be from Dante s nd it s clear he is deeply complex man One who does have Murder at Morningside a moral consciencend who thinks bout what he is doing nd why And one who suffers from guilt when things go wrongBut does that make it right to take the law into your handsI ve Dead Perfect always had problems with the vigilante ideand I m sure one could write essays bout its morality value nd justification Is it wrong to kill people who literally get Bones To Pick away with murder or similar horrific crimes Is it wrong to get innocent people justice when the legal system fails themIf one of your loved ones diednd the responsible person was not sentenced for it wouldn t you Clockworks and Corsets agree with vigilante pproach tooVery difficult uestions nd not something I can nswer or would like to discuss here All I can say is that it makes me feel teeny bit uneasy what Hawes nd his family do The scene with the needle was emotionally painful And it wasn t because I felt sorry for the guy t the receiving end of it but because I found it hard watching Hawes nd his siblings do itMy thoughts on Hawes s personal issues re expressed much easily my heart went out for him big time How can you find love if you have New Girl on the Job a title Prince of Killers to upholdnd Restaurant Weeks Are Murder a family tradition to continue How would you gobout telling THAT to prospective partner Layla Rayne throws ll these issues t us in what is very well written mystery I had no idea who the traitor was until we got there Her Wounded Warrior and the story of heart rending unlikely ttractionI can t even call it love story t this point because we don t really know what Dante has been thinking ll long The ttraction between him nd Hawes is evident s re the want nd the desire And there is the odd tender moment which made my heart beat faster but the end blows ll that up Between You and Me (The Harrisons, and leaves it hanging in theirKudos for the Cinderella and the Ghost (The Cursed Princes, author for getting me so involved I spent half the night thinking through ideas how this could continueSo why notll the starsTo me the scenario family like that doing THAT second job in their spare time feels bit too unlikely I didn t mind suspending my belief though nd s conseuence I really enjoyed thisLooking forward to book 2 Annnnnnndddddd we re offHopefully we don t crash nd burn t the end of this deal because Cuppers is IN ves ted Fair warning though it looks to be marathon not sprint for both the romance nd the ction storylines To be perfectly honest I was locked into the ction storyline than this burgeoning romance like thing between Hawes nd Dante Surprising but Reyn. Ed nd casually confident He lso carries concealed weapon private investigator’s license nd message for the prince Someone inside Hawes’s organization is out to kill the future kingIn the chaos that follows the timely warning Hawes comes to depend on Dante On his skills s Killer Physique (Savannah Reid Mystery, an investigator on the steadiness he offersnd on their moments lone when Hawes lets Dante take control.

E developed the details of the tech elements nd the legal ones nd that worked for me than I would ve thought though it didn t hurt that the narrative is briskly paced nd kept me engaged intellectuallyNor did it hurt that it s told from Hawes perspective nd I really connected with him He was foisted into the role of leader of his family t Amish Homecoming a tenderge Enticing the Earl a family that dabbles in whole host of illegal ctivities to boot I like characters that re morally grey Jewish German Revolution and Hawes fits that bill Though he s loyalnd has put premium on protecting his family in private he often feels overwhelmed with nd saddled by his obligations to them He s lso burdened nd haunted by past mistake which he s endeavoring to rectify nd in so doing brings with it the Money Makin Mamas Collection added bonus of safeguarding his family in the long term To that end he s begun extricating them from certainspects of the business his grandfather put into place which seems to have everyone Bound To Love Her (Zebra Debut) and their cousin in tizzy However that does not mean he s Hard to Handle (Fortis above bit of vigilante justice every once in First Comes Desire (Pirates Prize awhile for the truly worthyOnly his good deeds keep getting preempted by shenanigansnd ballyhoo due to the forementioned tizzyingEveryone is gunning for him nd the only place he finds solace is rockstar doppelg nger man bun having handy in the kitchen Dante Perry who swoops in What Lies Between Lovers and makes himselft home Literally Things moved swiftly between them not so fast that I had to completely suspend disbelief but fast enough to give me pause time or twelve two They certainly seem to have something happening between them I m not sure what yet nd I m Rebel Yell (Savage Texas, absolutely not sold on it but I do like the kinkydjacent thing they have happening I A Matter of Some Scandal also like that theyre eually dangerous nd can hold their own bedroom romps notwithstandingSo I m in it for the long haul cliffs nd ll nd would recommend Prince of Killers if Worth The Trade (More Than A Game, any of thebove tweaks your fancy An ARC was provided in exchange for n honest review 4 solid stars When Justice failed Hawes nd his family righted the balance This is the first book in the Fog City series by Layla ReyneAs I enjoyed both her previous series Agents Irish nd Whiskey nd Trouble Brewing I was really excited bout this new seriesPrince of Killers introduces us to Hawes Madigan Holt his twin nd Helena their sister They The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime are very close but Howes becomes the king ofn organization of ssassins that live by some strong rules No indiscriminate killing No collateral damage No unvetted targetsFrom the beginning of the book Hawes is warned that someone wants him killed I had some theories but I m pretty glad I didn t guess who it was I don t like predictable storiesAt first this story was little slow paced but then we get ction The Closest Possible Union a little suspensend some surprises on the way Dante Perry was mystery I enjoyed his silent presence even if I wondered many times bout his true motives The ttraction between both main characters is undeniable nd we get some hot scenesWish I could share but I will let you discover the surprises on your ownIn the end I must mention the really painful cliffhanger Now I Lost Princess am dying to read Rightfter I finished this one I went searching for the next book s release And I was SO disappointed that we don t have Postcards from Last Summer a release date yetTheuthor does give us Hot Shot a warning in the blurb Prince of Killers is book one of three Fair warning buckle up cliffhangersheadAgain I will mention I The Industrial Revolution am looking forward to reading the next booknd see how the Rock Bottom author will beble to reconnect the main characters Something tells me it s going to be nearly impossible for Hawes to trust gain with ll his heart But we ll see This review is posted on DirtyBooksObsession 475Hawes Madigan is known s the Prince of Killers Two minutes older than his twin Holt And that two minutes makes ll the difference Hawks is the Prince soon to be the King But he has the support of Holt nd his sister Helena Together long with Holts wife Amelia they re strong united frontThe book opens with stranger Dante informing Hawes someone in his organisation is trying to kill him Dante s warning proves correct And Hawes finds himself torn between his ttraction to Dante And the wariness that he knows nothing Peace of Me about himThis is strong well written interesting nd ddictive read This My Soul Then Sings author is new to melthough I have seen her books popping up occasionallyIt ends on cliffhanger Although if you continue on nd read the blurb for the next book King Slayer it takes way the cliffhanger for nowJust waiting for King Slayer nowwhere s that tumbleweed emoji when you need it I knew this was going to end with cliffhanger nd you know what I didn t care because Layla Reyne is rapidly turning into one of my top of the tree romantic suspense uthors nd if I have to wait to get the next instalment then so be itThis is powerfully strong opener to her new San Francisco set trilogy packed with interesting nd intriguing characters twists nd red herrings double crosses Raiding with Morgan and unexpected plot lines strong sense of time nd place nd bove ll else two utterly compelling main characters whose chemistry sparks off the pageI m not sure how things Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, are going to move on from where Layla left the ending but that twist was one I hadn t seen comingnd it will have massive implications for both Hawes Purses and Poison and Dante going forwardArgh there s so much I want to say but the narrative is so intricately intertwined that I can t even leave hints so I ll just say read this book ARC kindly received from theuthor in return for Rogue on the Rollaway an honestnd unbiased review. As lliances re tested nd traitors exposed Hawes needs Dante t his back nd in his bed But if the PI ever learns Hawes’s darkest secret Hawes is sure to get knife to the heart nd bullet to the brain instead There’s no shortage of twists nd turns in this new romantic suspense trilogy from Layla Reyne Prince of Killers is book one of three Fair warning buckle up cliffhangers he.

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Layla Reyne is the author of the Fog City Agents Irish and Whiskey Trouble Brewing and Changing Lanes series A Carolina Tar Heel who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home Layla enjoys weaving her bi coastal experiences into her stories along with adrenaline fueled suspense and heart pounding romance