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Carson McCullers is a literary genius and THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER is a masterpiece I haven t been so deeply moved by a novel in many a moon and I m so glad that I discovered this work in this particular period of life In THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER McCullers ability to get inside each of her characters minds and motives is nothing short of amazing Her characters are flawed et their humanity shines through on every page as does their abiding sense of loneliness A deep troubling stirring piece of literature THE BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFE was very well written but lacked the poignancy and relate ability of THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER whose characters were drawn with detailed realistic strokes not the unsympathetic caricatures of THE BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFEI can t wait to read the other novels in this book He waited for the black terrible anger as though for some beast out of the night But it did not come to him His bowels seemed weighted with lead and he walked slowly and lingered against fences and the cold wet walls of buildings by the way Descent into the depths until at last there was no further chasm below He touched the solid bottom of despair and there took ease The Heart is a Lonely HunterRead The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and if ou also fall in love with these characters the brilliant little imp tomboys and the enraged intelligent black men then sit longer with these lesser known works of McCullers Her stories may be despairing but the characters that she animates are complex and wonderful A joy to find an American book from the 40s with great instincts and ideas on gender race class without being a self consciously political work Well I m a fan so read them all Esp loved the ballad of the sa. When The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter was published in 1940 Carson McCullers was instantly recognized as one of the most promising writers of her generation The novels that followed established her as a master of Southern Gothic McCullers' gift writes Joyce Carol Oates was to evoke through an accumulation of images and musically repeated phrases the singularity of experience not to pass judgment on it McCullers effortlessly conveyed the raw anguish of her characters and the weird beauty of their perceptions Set in sma.

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D caf The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and The Ballad of Sad Caf were 5 stars The other stories were 3 stars Novel read in this collection The Ballad of the Sad Cafe Like The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and surely the other novels in this collection I have not read The Ballad of the Sad Cafe is unhurried tender spare and infinitely lonesome I read The Heart is a Lonely Hunterfor some reason I could only look it up her collection The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is an excellent read so I may read of her stuff After reading this interview with Suzanne Vega totally feel the need to read this book and I m really glad that I did as McCullers attention to detail is amazing She s such a great writer and I m honored to add this book to my permanent collection On the first page this book promises to deliver a murder which by itself would be a good enough reason to keep reading I kept reading though for the characters Using an omniscient narrator McCullers enters the heads of her five main characters a Captain and a Major in the army both of their wives and a Private all of whom are somehow broken McCullers handles them all with stunning sympathy and love This book delivers intrigue sex naked horseback riding a fey little Filipino manservant and es a murder all within the confines of an army barracks and all while making Hai nhà you care about these people as much as the author does Some 68ears have passed since the publication of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter At first I noticed the rather old style writing where for instance in introducing a character every physical detail about that character is set forth directly a style we seldom see in current fiction I soon stopped noticing that though and fell into the rhythm of this. Ll Georgia towns that are at once precisely observed and mythically resonant McCullers' novels explore the strange sometimes grotesue inner lives of characters who are often marginal and misunderstood Above all McCullers possessed an unmatched ability to capture the bewilderment and fragile wonder of adolescence In The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter an enigmatic deaf mute draws out the haunted confessions of an itinerant worker a oung girl a black doctor and the widowed owner of a small town café Two shorter works Ref.

characters Complete Novels The Heart Is a Lonely HunterReflections in a Golden EyeThe Ballad of the Sad CafeThe Member of the WeddingClock Without Hands

Superb writer s attentive prose and her insightful and haunting depiction of the misfits and outcasts of the American South during the depression era These characters John Singer a deaf mute and the central figure in this story Mick Kelly a 14 ear old free spirited girl enthralled with music and the songs in her head Jack Blount a drunken drifter who espouses an unpopular communistic philosophy Dr Copeland a well educated and outspoken black man living with the disappointment of his children s lesser ambitions and Biff Brannon who owns and tends the New York Cafe where all come to eat drink and mingle though seldom communicate could be any of us living and struggling with our modern demons here in the 21st century This is a story the encapsulates the conditions of the Depression Era in American history with all its despair upheaval and uncertainty Yet it transcends that period in its social commentary on civil rights politics religion family relations physical disabilities pending wars spousal abuse co dependency aging loneliness and the need to love and be loved These issues are timeless as are the character traits of self absorption and isolation which these individuals embody in ample uantitiesThis is not a sentimental story nor is it particularly uplifting in its realistic perspective It does not end on a happy note or even a conclusive one I found it a thoroughly satisfying read but I know many might not The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is an insightful revealing and unapologetic look at the innermost workings of disparate characters living as we all do day to day It is a reflection of life as it often is with little adornment and much complexity faulkner is a windbaggive me mccullers any no every day. Lections in a Golden Eye 1941 and The Ballad of the Sad Café 1943 use melodramatic scenarios and freakish characters to explore the disfiguring violence of desire The Member of the Wedding 1946 on which the play and film were based tells of a oung girl's fascination with her brother's wedding and is perhaps McCullers' most moving and accomplished novel In Clock Without Hands 1960 the story of a terminally ill druggist McCullers produces some of her most forceful and indignant social criticism Edited by Carlos De.

Carson McCullers was an American who wrote fiction often described as Southern Gothic that explores the spiritual isolation of misfits and outcasts of the South From 1935 to 1937 she divided her time as her studies and health dictated between Columbus and New York and in September 1937 she married an ex soldier and aspiring writer Reeves McCullers They began their married life in Charlotte