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Se It was something that we ot to witness The falling in love part was not the hardest it was staying together Rhett and Ainsley s love story was just that a love story I m happy that I Dmitri got to experience their love their joy and the heartbreak because every single thing made them stronger As I said before their road wasn t easy but when you think about it what love story ever is If you re looking for a different emotional romance then you should reallyive this one a try Just when I thought I couldn t love Prescott Lane any than I already did she went and delivered JUST LOVE a romance at it s best that had me falling in love a thousand times Just Love was the kind of romance I love to read about with unexpected twists a touching plot irreplaceable friendships and words that hit you right in the feels and worm its way into your heart and soul Prescott Lane delivers a story that is both beautiful and heartbreaking and once again proves why she is one of my most favorite authors Because Just Love wasn t just a book but an experience a true love experience A love story that you won t forget passionate emotionally intense and utterly consuming From ugly crying to sweet and sexy this books was EVERYTHING the emotions were so intense that they will stay with you long after the last page Get ready for Ainsley Rhett to break your heart but I uarantee that they will put it back together again Best of 2019 I am a wreck after reading this book Every time I think of these characters I start crying and it s not sad tears it s tears because my heart feels so much it feels so full it s almost bursting These characters became a part of me I pulled so hard for them as I was reading wanted everything to work out and just the thought of Rh JUST LOVE Is a full length stand alone romance novel by Prescott Lane Spoken in Dual Perspectives This does flit from Past to Present and can be a bit confusing to begin wit. Le sisterIt was just supposed to be funShe wasn’t supposed to end up being the love of my lifeAnd I definitely wasn’t supposed to break her heartAinsley is a wedding dress designer That should’ve been a warning tha.

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Falling in love is easy Holding on to that love that s the real bitch There s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apart Just love by Prescott Lane was an emotional life long journey and the discovery of not only finding your one true love but somehow managing to hold on to that love especially when life throws you one hell of a curve ballRhett has been very successful in his career as a veterinarian He has a thriving practice with his best friend he s a entleman and his love for animals knows no end Life couldn t be any better at this moment or at least that what he thinks When his best friend s little sister moves back to their hometown Rhett is about to experience something truly foreign for the first time Forbidden temptation Ainsley has always been a lover of love From watching her parents have a love story that some people only read about she knew what was the right kind of love and she wanted nothing to experience that kind of earth shattering feeling With that in mind she creates beautiful wedding dress for other people hoping to bring something extra special on their day Now back home Ainsley has plans of opening up her own boutiue and making a name for herself But little does she know is that her life is about to change drastically when she sees the one man who has always been there for her for the past ten yearsI m A Beach Party with Alexis going to admit that I was not expecting this kind of story I knew that it wasoing to be a somewhat emotional romance and that the storyline was about a Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin guy falling for his best friend s little sister and I was than okay with that But weot so much than that There were tough struggles that would make anyone waver heartache that was too much at times unbelievable stupidity that had me wanting to shake these characters because we saw the sacrifices they were making and most of all we felt the love There were no uestions about it becau. There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is you don’t mess with your friend’s sisterThat oes double when she’s his litt.

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H but it does make sense the you et into the book From the cover to the synopsis to the author to the pages within this book was utter perfection An Unforgettable Unputdownable Uplifting Uniue book in every way possible This easily went from a 5 star read to becoming one of my most favourite books Get ready to fall in love with Rhett and Ainsley A fabulous forbidden best friends little sister romance with a second chance twist that kick starts the heart to feel everything this book has to offer Rhett is the Havana - Tile Designs. Les carraeux de la Havane. (1Cdrom) guy that helped raise Ainsley along with her brother Brody and his long termirlfriend Skye when their parents tragically died whilst Brody was a senior leaving Brody sole custody of Ainsley who was only fifteen at the time So to say Ainsley was off limits and forbidden was an understatement Rhett and Brody had their own successful veterinary clinic Skye is a nurse in a fertility clinic Ainsley designs her own wedding dresses If Ainsley and Rhett didn t work out it would affect them all But what s the harm in a little fun if no one Operational Culture for the Warfighter gets hurt and they keep it their little secret everything should work out shouldn t it If love should be anythingIt should be honest A lot have asked in the past wanting to know my hard limit when it came to books it s animals throw anything you like at me but if an animalets sick hurt dies I m a mess this book hit me in the heart in the worst way it possibly could Bawling has nothing on me I can now claim that my tear ducts had a major clean out This book utted me the emotional highs and lows brought me to my knees I wasn t prepared for this roller coaster ride Tissues needed But how I loved this book This author ticked all my boxes The feels started hitting me that first chapter and never stopped coming Get ready to have your heart ripped out and stomped on There is absolutely nothing I would change about this book Teaser used is off the authors facebook page. T she’s a hopeless romantic That should’ve clued me in that she believes love conuers allBut there are some things that love can’t fix I’m one of themShe thinks love is the answerBut love is the reason I let her.

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