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As well view spoilerThe dog dies Cute plot device as he was hide spoiler I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads ite often novels concerning the Second World War are assumed to be about Great Britain Germany or life in concentration camps However first in series Special Operations Dogfight by Craig Simpson is set in Norway in 1940 where Nazi s have invadedThe story is about fifteen year old Finn Gunnersen and his best friend Loki whose families are deeply involved with the resistance Although they are still young boys Finn and Loki end p playing an enormous role Finn survives imprisonment and goes on to help a British Agent who has parachuted into Norway As well as being a brilliant piece of historical fiction this novel turns out to be an exciting thriller for teenagersAlthough suitable for both male and female readers boys of ages ten and p would particularly like this book especially if they have a fascination for aircraft There is a lot of detail about differ. Risk arrest torture and execution They also don't know who to trustWhen vital secrets fall into their hands and the enemy is in hot pursuit they must escap.

I extremely liked this book even though I am a girl the story line was extremely good and I really got to My Mother, a Serial Killer understand and like the characters I couldn t really get on with it I sort of got immune to the action because it was on the go all of the time and why is it always the animals that die World War II is raging as Finn s father flies off to join the resistance Six months later Finn s dad is dead and the Nazis have invaded Norway It is a confusing time when nobody knows who is on whose side and it is never safe Finn treats the whole thing as a bit of a larkntil he Some might dismiss Dogfight as just a kids book but for that it was very very good I don t normally read this genre adventurewar type which possibly made it even interesting to read Full of adventure and excitement there s not a dull moment that lets the book put itself down There s a fair bit of grit and realism which is refreshing boys especially I think would enjoy this book because of it with the token deaths added. NORWAY OCTOBER 1940Norway a country invaded by the Nazis Finn Gunnersen and best friend Loki Larson are determined to fight back Joining the Resistance they.

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Ent types of planes and the author has even included a few diagrams and details at the beginning of the book Finn is a great hero with admirable strength and bravery Simpson does not The Italians Stolen Bride undermine women however and includes a couple of amazing female characters with just as much courage as the men Special Operations Dogfight is a work of fiction but it was inspired by real events It s Norwegian setting makes it educational in that it teaches the reader about the effect of the war on innocent people in countries less spoken about in history textbooks Despite some of the areas being madep to suit the story Simpson has done a magnificent job at keeping it historically accurate and must have spent a great deal of time on research Special Operations Dogfight is a brilliant book for young readers For some the historical setting may be off putting but the characters feel as modern as teenagers today The story is exciting and has a fantastic ending including a few plot twists you do not see comin. E But to succeed they face their greatest deadly challenge how to steal an enemy plane and fly it to freedom Can two boys take on the might of the Nazi powe.

A writer of action thrillers and adventures mostly WWII inspired by secret agents of the SOE My first book Resistance 2007 was short listed for the Branford Boase Award and my highly acclaimed award winning Special Operations Series 4 titles has been followed by various short format illustrated EDGE titles for Franklin Watts Hachette I am currently working on a swashbuckling novel set