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There was so much potential for sharper development with the purpose of the plot Then the characters would have been likable Reviewed for THC Reviews45 stars Ann Jacobs s well known for her erotic romances but A Mutual Favor s one of her sensual mainstream romance titles It s the story of two best friends one of my favorite romance tropes entering nto a marriage of convenience another favorite theme as a favor for each other He needs a wife The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, in order to convince a judge that he should have joint custody of his twelve year old son She feels her biological clock ticking and wants to have a baby ASAP but has no other relationship prospectsn her life other than her best friend who she s loved from afar for a long time By embarking on this journey together they learn things about themselves and each other Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, including that best friends truly can make the best marriage partnersKurts a top notch workaholic orthopedic surgeon whose patients are his top priority His first marriage ended Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery, in divorce because his ex wife didn t understand this or his ambitions Not to mention she seemed like a pretty spoiled d butante who was used to getting her own way After the divorce Kurt moved from Atlanta to San Antonio for a change of pace and to pursue his career which makest very difficult for him to see his twelve year old son Jason He s been petitioning the courts for joint custody but on the rare occasions that Jason has been able to visit Kurt was often tied up Going Home (Nugget, in surgery and unable to spend much time with him This has left Jason bitter toward his dad whichs only exacerbated by his mom s lies and manipulations In order for the judge to see him as a fit parent who cares about his child Kurt needs to prove that Jason will have full time supervision on his visits and his attorney believes the best way to do that Knot In My Backyard is for him to get married so that his wife can look after Jason I had slightly mixed feelings about Kurt at least at first I fully understand that the life of a surgeon especially one as talented andn demand as he Broken Wings is can be extremely hectic No one could predict when an emergency case would be broughtnto the hospital needing his Beloved (Salvation, immediate attention but I couldn t help wonderingf he might not have been able to find other ways to cut back on the amount of time spent at the hospital However oftentimes control of his schedule seemed to be out of his hands with people who were above him. Two good friends two thorny problems Kurt needs a wife to convince a judge he can provide a stable home for his son Shelly wants a baby

That eventually won Kurt s heart and made him realize that he needed to follow her example by being devoted to her like she was to himSome reviewers didn t seem to like this story very much but overall Chow Down (Melanie Travis, it worked uite well for me I have a feeling that some readers probably didn t relate to the characters but I felt I understood them pretty well I thought the love scenes could have used a little better emotional connection but at the same time I couldn t help wonderingf Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 it was a deliberate decision on the part of the author to write them that way After allmmediately following their marriage Kurt Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, is turned on by Shelly but still viewing her as nothing than a friend so for him to keep a little emotional distance made sense Not that hesn t a considerate lover no matter what but I think he was even so after his little epiphany So All About Men in general A Mutual Favor was an enjoyable read for me With a number of romance themes that I enjoy and a hero and heroine that I found to be fairly likable I couldn t help but givet keeper statusNote With regards to content length and freuency the love scenes n this book are definitely on par with most mainstream romances however they do contain some explicit language that s typically reserved for erotic romances A Mutual Favor was recently updated and re released by the author under the new title A Very Special Favor I was looking for a friends turn lovers book so I stumbled on this Unfortunately Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery it was not exactly what I was looking for the concept was great Shelly wanting a baby Kurt needing to marry to have a stable home for his son It falls at the actual relationship Shelly was a wet noodle whent came to Kurt She bent to everything and Ms. Holmes of Baker Street if Kurt did not miraculously falln love with her she would have spent the rest of her life miserable and Tough Girls Dont Dance in love with her husband The other problem was actuallyn the sex Considering that I thought that I was reading erotica I was pretty cold for this one To the point that I was just happy that the story was decent enough to enjoy I call this false advertising Maybe I m just jaded One thing I really liked about this book Love Are You Listening is I like the best friends turn lovers storyline Honestly I really liked both the hero and heroine too They were people I could easily be friends with I like reading about people I candentify withit makes t nteresting to me sometimesShelly and Kurt have been friends ever since Kurt moved Both their problems he's not sure But knowing she wants him changes everything and pretty soon he can't keep his mind or his hands off he.

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Insisting that he had to do certain things even Sisterhood of the Dove if he didn t really want to I did like that Kurt gradually comes to realize how much he s been neglecting his family and starts to make some changes to ensure that he s spending time with them andmportantly placing them higher on his priority list Even before this I at least felt that during the time he spent with Shelly and Jason he was Hawkes Target (A Sonny Hawke Thriller Book 3) in the moment with them and not distracted by his work He just couldn t seem to get away fromt long enough to be with them often With regards to his relationship with Shelly Kurt fights his burgeoning feelings for her After having his heart trampled by his ex wife he has no desire to love someone again and thinks that marriage to his best friend Avenger (The Last Gunfighter, is a pretty appealing option Love has a way of sneakingnto one s heart unexpectedly though and Kurt was not Murder at Royale Court (Cleo Mack immune Even though he keeps trying to tell himself that they re just friends who happen to be marriedt doesn t take long for him to start loving her Preachers Fortune / Honor of the Mountain Man (The First Mountain Man, in a romantic way and gradually coming to accept those feelingsShelly has worked as a physical therapistn Kurt s practice for uite a while and developed a deep friendship with him For her those feelings have turned to love so when she suddenly feels her biological clock ticking t s Kurt she asks to father her baby Although he nitially Broken Places isn t particularly open to her suggestion of being a sperm donor he eventually returns with the proposition of a mutual favor which she s pretty eager to accept Shellys a kind caring and compassionate person I m sure some readers will view her as a doormat especially when she gives up her job to become a homemaker but I saw her as simply being easy going Having worked with Kurt prior to marrying him she understands his devotion to his patients and willingly accepts his crazy schedule without complaint even though Awaken, My Love it sometimes means dealing with his surly son alone She gradually wins Jason over with a combination of kindness understanding and her exceptional culinary skills Having been a homemaker for many years I could appreciate and admire Shelly for her ability to create an environment that was a pleasant place for Kurt to come home to as well as for her unwavering support of her husband I admittedly haven t always been particularly good at either one butn some ways I wish I could be like Shelly I think To Love, Honor, and Kill it wasn large part her laid back attitude and gentleness. O love She's had a crush on him for years He's never thought of her as anything than his best buddy So when she offers him a solution to.

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See this thread for information First published in 1996 Jacobs has sold close to fifty books and novellas SANDSTORMS was a 2007 nominee for the prestigious ROMANTIC TIMES Reviewers' Choice award for best erotic romance Her books have earned awards including the Passionate Plume best novella 2006 second place contemporary 2008 the Desert Rose best hot and spicy romance 2004 and More Than Magic best erotic romance 2004 She has been a double finalist in separate categories of the EPPIES and From the Heart RWA Chapter’s contest Three of her books have been translated and sold in several European countriesA CPA and former hospital financial manager Jacobs now writes full time with the help of Mr Blue the family cat who sometimes likes to perch on the back of her desk chair and lend his sage advice He sometimes even contributes a few random letters when he decides he wants to try out the keyboard Most of the time Blue just curls up hides his eyes with his pawsand sleeps