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Other three guys There as a pretty good developement f the alien culture Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls of the Hiratchi Problems with the book were twenty women were transported to this alien planet and notne Ya Gotta Believe!: My Roller-Coaster Life as a Screwball Pitcher and Part-Time father, and My Hope-Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer of them had a useful skill Somef the things they didn t know were pretty Night's Pawn obvious It took them months for example to attempt to smoke some meat so they weren t totally dependentn the Hiratchi bringing them fresh meat every Firing the First Elder (Pioneers in the Pulpit Book 2) other day Hadn t they ever studied history at all None seemed to know how to make a fire r cook a meal Another thing that was unrealistic was that they kept having problems because they were misunderstanding each ther s actions Still no ne sat down with ne The Secret Child of the aliens and saidkay you did this What was that all about Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook or On Earth we do this What do you do is the same situation Lotsf misunderstandings could have been avoided It drove the plot but was a bit unrealistic On a final note that has nothing to do with the uality f the book is that the picture n the front totally does not match the story These women were supposed to be tiny mid chest to the aliens but if this chick stood up she would tower ver this guy Just saying The relationship between the main character and her guys was a little under developed for me Similar to my issue with The Ninth Orb by the same author in this book the heroine was nly interested in the main male lead Khan and took all the thers n almost ut f a sense f bligation At least in this book though each guy has a personality that the author defines if not through dialogue and the characters action then through the protagonist s thoughts about himMiranda s thoughts Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 on accepting her harem Miranda hesitated She didn t want toffend Khan but she was as thrilled with Teron s gift She didn t want to make him feel less appreciated even though she didn t want to make Khan angryAnd later talking to the ther women who had taken harems The kiss I hate to say it because it sounds kind f stupid but I kissed Khan because I really wanted to and then when the thers gave me gifts it didn t seem right to behave any less enthusiasticallyShe kisses and through cultural misunderstandings which make up the bulk f the conflict in the story and make me really annoyed with all the lead characters unknowingly accepts as her mates Teron Gerek and Adar because she didn t want to make them feel bad then because she wanted to kiss them Teron has a decent amount A Philosophy of Cinematic Art of presence because he s thenly healer but they all take major back seats to KhanI did like the relationship between the women in this book it surprisingly wasn t pure cattiness between them all There was a group that was labeled as bimbos by the lead and her closer friends but not all the women who weren t the lead. Alien world She discovered that was nly the beginning howeverThe Hirachi were nearing their spawning season When the massive golden skinned dark haired warriors marched from the sea she learned.

I really enjoyed this novel I was a bit hesitant at first reading the description f the novel it was so different from what I was used to reading However I decided that the account they gave was intriguing enough and the picture they painted White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of the sci fi in the description was OUT OF THIS WORLD it was utterly and absolutely intriguing So I spent the money to buy the novel and at first I was like reallyh come n this is bogus I mean ANOTHER PLANET how can the author make this possible Gosh how I was wrong SO utterly wrong She made the planet f the alien species sound like something we could reach Scab out and touch Allf these thoughts went through my mind as I was reading then all the sudden I didn t remember speaking them In a World Created by a Drunken God or even thinking them any For I was completely engrossed in the storyf Mrs O Conner Nothing was as funny unbelievable and rebellious that was happening to the characters in my Indo No Kao other novels This novel was the introduction to my interest in sci fi erotica fantasy fiction I haven t turned back since I love herther novels also Yay Katilyn please don t stop writingI highly recommend Kaitlyn O Conner if ne is looking for erotic fiction an introduction r some steamy scenes that will have you jumping all Giant Peach Yodel over your man Buy it it s not much you won t be sorry Read in 2010 Surprisingly well done Okay so after reading bookne I wasn t sure about the time frame But it was still a good story I definitely couldn t put it down GreatCould not put this book down it could have been twice as long and I still would have been turning pages loved the description Sinai and Zion of the underwater village it really caught my imagination The beginningf the book about the abduction was very vivid brutal and well described I felt the women s terror Would love to spend time reading about this world I ve been n a kick lately f looking for romances between an alien and a human I took a chance n this ne and liked it very much First f all I bought an ebook and the book was 283 pages long so good value for the money I m tired f paying 6 for a 80 to 100 page ebook There were a few proofing errors but this ex proofreader didn t get too upset so they weren t too annoying Things I liked this was not just an excuse for graphic sex There was a lot f story before anyone got together A real attempt was made to show an evolving relationship between the alien Hiratchi and the human women Relationships between the women were explored although sometimes I still got them mixed up Speaking f the sex the guys were sharing because they ut numbered the women 4 r 5 to ne but there weren t any menage scenes Each guy had separate time with their woman The men were fairly distinct although Khan was fully realized than the. Miranda had been snatched and packed for shipping so fast she was still reeling with shock when the trader marched her and the ther women hed kidnapped from Earth into the compound n the strange.

Were portrayed as horrible bitchesMy ther big issue with the book was that Khan and Miranda refused to just talk to each Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook other They each assume thether knows exactly what they re thinking Khan for example spends the bulk f the book pushing Miranda at way view spoilerat first because he fears his attraction to her and what impregnating her a much smaller species will do to her body and her health and then later after having sex with her feeling guilty that he lost control and put his sexual desires above her well being However to Miranda it s all just him blowing hot and cold He doesn t tell her his fears because he doesn t want her to be afraid f the pregnancy but it just makes her afraid that she s unwanted hide spoiler Great story based Livin' de Life on book 1 Alien Enslaved I Genesis The characters and story were enjoyable and well developed The book could use better editing as there were plentyf missing words The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter or grammar usage errors These problemsnly distract from a enjoyable read Some grammar can be Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki over looked but missing words stops the flowf readingI gave the book 4 stars as I still enjoyed the story and world Ms O Connor manages to present time and time again with her imagination So cuteI really liked this story I liked the female and male characters It s cute how the author captured the difference in men and women s thinking logic and miscommunication because Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind of it It was a fun story to read Plot holes antecedent confusion still interesting though Thank you for the existencef a plot and some depthconnection to the characters THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT IF IT WASNT REVERSE HAREM I REALLY LIKED THE WHOLE MERMEN CONCEPT HERE AND BREEDINGTHIS WAS EROTICA IN A WAY BUT I STILL DIDNT LIKE THE MULTIPLE PARTNERS THING IM A ONE MAN WOMAN PERIODTHE SEX was pretty hot in a non human with human way and that s what cranks up the heat but The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta otherwise it was plainl sex I liked the main hero r the first male anyway who caught the heroine s attention He was the alpha but I hated that he was kay with sharing his mate with three ther f his kind I won t call this a normal romance r relationship it was polygamous and the lack f drama r jealousy was just too bad JUST READ THIS WITH AN OPEN MIND AND APPRECIATE THE LUST BECAUSE THE HEROINE JUST APPEARED TO BE INDECISIVE TO ME FIRST SHE WANTED THE WHOLE THE ONE AND THEN SHES SUDDENLY OKAY WITH HAVING 4 HUSBANDS LOL EWWW GROOSSS NO THANKS AlienI ve read this book twice and it s k as far as actiondramabut I wasnt to enthralled with this book I seriously had to concentrate to continuously stay interestedThis book could have been a lot the plot needed to be expanded Over all I have it three starsliked most Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge of v the characterssome needed to be expandedn. That the trader had brought her and the Martian Science Fiction: Scifi Novellas Set on Mars others to sell them to the Hirachi as breedersRating Carnaladult situations frank language graphic sexual encounters multiple partners spawningrgy gang ba.

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Stats ■Kaitlyn has written and completed nearly 140 intellectual properties under several pen names in different genres ■She has written over 8000000 yes than 8 million words in published works ■She has nearly 50 partials in various genres in various stages of completion 0 ■In 2004 she wrote 27 different stories which together amounted to nearly a million ‘printed’ words ■Howeve