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Everal of the other recipes Education and Equality exhausted me just reading them I have no intention of tackling something so ambitious The book is ostensibly aimed at cooking novices but it seems to come across with the assumption that we all want to suddenly be gourmet chefs In myxperience those of us with limited kitchen Deceptive Beauties experience are that way because we don t want to spend hours in the kitchen or are intimidated by complicated recipes We are looking for simple basics and tricks to make our time in the kitchenasier Recipes for boiling chicken carcasses down into soup Not something I m going to be doingThis might be a good book for youngsters just moving out on their own or someone who is now cooking for a large famil. Nto what it was meant to be the place where great meals beginLeanne Ely is considered the xpert on family cooking and healthy ating She is a syndicated newspaper columnist The Dinner Diva a certified nutritionist and the host of SavingDinnercom Leanne has a weekly “Food for Thought” column on the Flavor and Soul ever popular FlyLadynet website as well as her own zine Healthy Foods She is the author of Saving Dinner Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way and Saving Dinner for the Holidays She lives in North Carolina with her two teenage children“Anyone who finds cooking a mystery needs Saving Dinner Basics”–Marla Cilley The FlyLady author of Sink Reflections.

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This book is great if you are just learning to cook or brushing up on basics I borrowed a copy from our local library but I m still tempted to buy a copy It did not live up to my xpectations my very own idiots guide to cooking The recipes are asy and yummy Great asy to understand instructions The recipes are amazing and healthy This cookbook makes cooking seem like the asy task it really is I never felt overwelmed or thought I can t cook that recipe All the recipes have normal asy to find ingredients LOVED IT This book is SOOOO practical for a kitchen dunce like me I actually made a really tasty diner out of it last night too My one complaint is that she tries overly hard to make very phrase. Cooking 101If you think that folding an Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life egg has something to do with laundry or that a wok is goodxercise you’ve come to the right place Nutritionist and family meal planner Escape extraordinaire Leanne Ely knows her way around a stove and a pantry–and she providesverything you need to know from mincing garlic and barbecuing beef to pulling off your first dinner party Select chapters feature tasty recipes that can be prepared with the greatest of The Empty Chair ease You’ll find practical and trustworthy advice on•uipping your kitchen what you must have what you don’t need• stocking your cupboards fridge and freezer with the ssentials• selecting fre.

As pun ny as possible Still didn t detract from the 5 stars for the usefulness and hope it provides in setting up regular family dinner time This is a good book for very beginning cooks She gives a lot of basic instruction and kitchen guidance I thought she could have included recipes and a little less general guidance or tips within the recipesShe does include nutritional information which is great And th Two stars seems harsh but the description it was ok is far fitting than the 3 star description of liked itMy uibble with the book is that it didn t live up down to the title For instance the author gives a recipe for Hollandaise sauce without ver mentioning what I would want Hollandaise sauce for Sh produce and high uality meats poultry and fish• slicing dicing sautéing simmering and other prep techniues• whipping up uick scrumptious dishes with ingredients on hand• Lit ensuring that your main course and side dishes are ready at the same time• preparing mouthwatering one pot meals from Lemon Tarragon Chicken to Easily the Best Casserole in the World• baking fast andasy cookies pies cakes and cobblersSaving Dinner Basics also includes a handy glossary of common food terminology a spice primer it’s about time you discovered thyme and a troubleshooting guide for various cooking challenges Let Leanne Ely help you turn your kitchen