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Aps for Fluer Beale And I dunno I would call the ending happy Would you Not one of my fave Fleur Beale books but still enjoyable I really enjoyed this book the writer makes you feel as if you are the main character She also makes you feel like you re in the same situation as Minna Hargreaves which is a really great way to entice the reader I would say I enjoyed reading Minna s emotions the most because as a teenager myself you can kind of relate to someone of the things she goes through at her household annoying par. Really present her brother is a stoner Her life is turned pside down when Dad announces that he wants them to live on an off shore island for a year and work to make it into a conservation island Minna is horrified at the idea as is her mother All the so when they discover that the whole venture is to be made into a reality TV seriesTo her tter dismay Minna finds herself on an island

I had to read this book for an english assignmenti thought it was cool as to begin with but then it kinda went downhill from there It was alright i guess The transformation of Minna Hargreaves by Fleur Beale 2007 Ugh I absolutely LOVED this book It was so amazing Ok So the beginning was boring as but the second half of the book was FABULOUS you could see throughout the story how Minna changed how she learned to cook and garden talked to the chooks and willingly wore the bush clothes I just really loved this book cl. When your father moves you to live on an island can you put your broken apart family back together againMinna is a typical fourteen year old She's got lots of friends and her boyfriend is the school hunk She's being encouraged to 'take the relationship to the next stage' by her friend LizzieHome is pretty much a non event Her mother seems distracted her father breezes in and out but isn't.

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Ents and even annoying siblings I also really liked how the book was mixed with emotions ie Minna leaving her boyfriend Seb King and her friends too and how her mum was pregnant but not with her dads child I didn t really dislike anything in the book apart from some of those cringe worthy moments like when one of Minna s best friend Lizzie decides she s not going to dress p like Minna and their other friends Addy and Jax when they re all going shopping but instead decides to dress p because she wants to look the bes. Ith only her family for company There's no phone or email contact with the outside world The helicopter ride to the island has made Mum sick and she doesn't seem to be recovering Minna has to cope with new family dynamics come to terms with the fact that her parents' marriage is doomed and has to learn domestic arts that don't rate very highly on her excitement meterCan you find a new you.

Fleur Beale is the author of many award winning books for children and young adults best known for her novel I am not Esther which has been published worldwideBeale was one of six children of a dairy farmer Cedric Corney and of a teacher and author Estelle Corney née Cook She was born in Inglewood Taranaki New Zealand on the farm where her father was born Beale grew up in the town before