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Watching the interactions and the relationship that he had with his kidsHannah being an orphan herself is passing through this small Texas town on the way to ind her sister Grace She ends up becoming the teacher there and is very stubborn and determined to succeed I love the way she is able to turn the hearts and minds of some of the townspeople by her gentle ways and new ideas As or the romance part of it things were very gradual yet when they inally happened it was a little too sudden I really liked the little snippets we got of Grace s life In Calico Canyon we meet Grace and see her romance but it was The Outside fun to see her happily ever after and how she saringAll in all I did enjoy this last installment of the Lassoed in Texas series but wish that there was a little romance to support the endingContent a little mild violence some kissing CleanKatie s Clean Book Collection I desperately need to update my reviews on these I tell you what this series is not perfect not extremely sophisticated and maybe a bit anachronistic at times and maybe a tad plot hole y and maybe not perfectly consistent and a tad overblown at times BUT They are Loving James (Surviving Elite High, fun silly sweet uirky and downright enjoyable uick reads that will make you smile laugh sigh and laugh again I ve read these books many times but after several years I think I enjoyed them even Just what I needed I ve actually been craving this exact kind of story Gingham Mountain is the 3rd book in a series but I read it without reading the other twoirst There were parts that hinted to the previous stories and a sub plot about a Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, former character but it wasn t completely awful having no prior knowledge about them inact reading the synopsis and reviews I See Rude People for the other 2 helped a lotThere were so many parts in this book that made me laugh Mary Connealy s writing style is SO humorous I enjoyed this on. Grant is determined to provide a homeor the two kids brought in by the orphan train Can he keep his ragtag amily together while steering clear of love and marria.

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A truly enjoyable story about Hannah But I have to be honest and say that my Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing favorite part of the book was at the end where Grace makes an appearance Gingham Mountain Mary ConnealySPOILER ALERTI didn t careor this novel as much as the one before it It wasn t as romantic as I would ve liked which I ve begun to discover in Mary s earlier books Enough action but not so much romanceAnd that was another thing where did all the excitement go There wasn t much action in the book I The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, felt my heart race at Joshua s accident and at the scene where Prudenceaked their affair But there s usually action than that Grant was never really in physical danger and Hannah wasn t eitherThis book was actually pretty I can t believe I m saying this calm A calm Mary Connealy book That s like Ormen i Essex finding an upside down tornado in California I m used to it starting out with aist Bare It All (Love Undercover, flying brawl and ending with a muffled laugh and breathless kiss Theyought all right but it wasn t very heated It did make me laugh but not much They did kiss but it wasn t breathless at least not Bare It All (Love Undercover, for meIt was still good but Mary s definitely done betterGrant s great I love how devoted he was to his children How he dedicated his life and happiness to their care Talk about love He was so sweet and kind and gentle and protective of his children His tender loveor Joshua was so painfully sweet I nearly started bawling along with him That was cute how being in love with Hannah drove him crazyHannah really irritated me at An Elusive Victorian first I wish she could just see that not everyone was like Perish yes I m spelling it like that on purpose She was really annoying me as much as she was Grant though he did pay her back when he was reminding her of all the things she did wrong Now that wasunnyPrudence Idiot She was so annoying She and Horace are so weird It almost seems like she wanted Horace to. All aboard A Bird in the House for a delightful suspenseilled romance where a Texan is torn between his attraction to a meddlesome schoolmarm and the charms of a designing dressmaker.

Hurt her And how she hated children And her act was so obvious And how she clawed at Grant And literally tried to kiss him in public SCARY And he disgusted her and didn t even know her name three ourths of the way into the novel Ha And to think she was trying to make him all in love with herCharlie was so smart the sneaky little rascal I can t believe he went right under their noses and no one noticed a thing His conversation with Grant was really good I didn t know the little guy knew so muchLibby is so adorable I love how she acts and talks And how she and Charlie stick together And how she The Last Imaginary Place first discovered Grant was ticklish Too cuteJoshua was really sweet He was strong and capable and trusting And very mature too And Sadie with her sass and generosity It was pretty clear they liked each other I had that impression nearly as soon as they were introduced They ll be great togetherMarilyn was sweet and sassy and stubborn and dependable She and Wilbur seemed cute togetherBenny was so cute I love his energy and exuberance and desire to make everyoneeel welcome AdorableGrace was kind of weird in this book It was like she was suddenly allergic to her new home She just longed to be away Not Just Roommates from it Did it have to do with her being pregnant Or was theact that knowing her sister was somewhat nearby and she hadn t seen her what made her go crazy And Daniel wasn t as sweet And the boys they re growing up so Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, fast Yet at the same time they were exactly the sameThe Brewsters were really annoying and mean and obnoxiousThis book really was good It just seemed stifled Grant was such a uniue type of man Instead of getting married and raising aamily of his own he spends his time Jean-Paul Sartre finding orphans to adopt and raise some of them being only aew years younger than himself He adopted his Vintage Games first child at the age of 17 Reallywho does that I loved. When Hannah Cartwright meets Grant she's determined to keep himrom committing her orphans to hard labor on his ranch How ar will she go to ensure their welfare.

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