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This is a great seuel We continue to follow Felicity Cain Ben Allie and Sindy Most of this book is Cain s telling of his ersonal history We also get to see a relationship between Cain and Sindy Lost Reflections is the second book in the first Almost Human trilogy by Melanie Nowak Yes it s a vampirehuman romance but don t be expecting a Twilight clone These characters are grown up and the vampires can truly be scary Having read the first book in this trilogy I was looking forward to reading this book I was not disappointed If anything this series is getting even better as it goes along Lost Reflections continues the love story between Felicity and Cain and their relationships with Felicity s human friends I love Ally and Ben Even better we get Cain s back story This reads almost like a book within a book and Cain s story is just so fascinating I was spellboundThis book is well written and the characters are wonderful I really find myself missing them when I move on to another book I highly recommend it Lost Reflections is book two in the Almost Human series by Melanie Nowak and it is a direct continuation from the first book Fatal Infatuation This trilogy is not made to be read independently and this book Alfie Outdoors picks up just after the first one leaves offIn this book the relations that started to develop in the first volume evolve and we learn about the main characters Both they and their lives are changing and I find that This second installment in the series is just as good as the firstIt was nice toick up where we left off and the characters were still interesting Cain is a character that most The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition people would really like What girl doesn t like a good bad boy He is just the right amount of that element in aaranormal world Lost Reflections is the second story in the first Almost Human trilogy It takes up literally where Fatal Infatuation left off In this story we learn of Cain s Her Mothers Daughter past see of Sindy and learn a little of herast Cain and Felicity s relationship evolves we catch up with Ben and Allyson In this book we learn that Cain may not be all that we think he is or Howard Stern Comes Again possibly than we think he is according to how you look at it and Felicity matures a bit The characters are fleshed out and we get a little involved with the rest. ALMOST HUMAN The First TrilogyIn thisaranormal fantasy chapters alternate erspective between a vampire and a young woman as they join an ensemble cast of characters to navigate difficulties of addiction and desire; erils of zombies and vampires; and struggles with abuse morality and collegeVolume 2 Lost ReflectionsFelicity has helped her friends to escape the venomous vixen Sindy but cannot divine the motives of Cain the vampi.

Of them then in Fatal Infatuation You will find yourself getting invested in these characters the dialogue between them is well written and you feel like you are actually in the story and not just observing it I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest in the series Lost Reflections Cant Fake This picks up right where Fatal Infatuation left off Ben is trying to deal with what Sindy has done to him Felicity and Alyson try to help Ben deal with the aftermath of Sindy s bite I liked this book because I got to learn about Cain sast It was interesting to find out what his life was like before he became a vampire and the circumstances that led to his becoming a creature of the night There is so much information he has to share with Felicity good and bad Melanie Nowak also gives us a glimpse into Sindy s Writing Myths past as well Cain and Felicity s relationship gets tested a lot in this book Several elements conspire against them such as Cain s inner beast and the vampire vixen Sindy In the first book I didn t really like Sindy very much but she has grown on me uite a bit Sindy get s into some actionacked trouble in this book Some of that trouble includes zombies I am happy to report that these zombies did not give me nightmares I am really enjoying this series I can t wait to see where Melanie Nowak takes it He could love me He can t love meHe loves me He loves me notover and over again BreakInteresting back story of how Cain became a vampireShe loves me She loves me not She shouldn t love me She can t love meover and over againBreakCain has sex with Sindy female vampireCain decides to not mention Sindy and have sex and take her virginity with Felicity It doesn t hurt that she throws herself at himBreakFight with some vampires ending with broken windows and lots of vamp dust Second in a seriesIt wouldn t make any sense at all if you hadn t read the first in the series and even then that would be iffyI realize that I should be nicer because Ms Nowak has managed to get these books ublished and I have never ublished any booksBut she needs a copy editor She needs to cut out 34 of the adjectives She needs to cut to the chaseI don t even care how this series ends She s used entirely too many words to not get to the Paying Daddys Debt point This isretty much Twi. Re who captured first her gratitude and then her heartShe finds the historical account of Cain’s ast enthralling and frightening Now she must determine whether the addictive venom in Cain’s kiss is clouding her judgment and if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too strong for their love to conuer It’s difficult to contemplate such uestions while under the attack of a vengeful vampire and his zombie slaves Felicity?.

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Light with sex and teenage angst which is not a happy combinationIf someone else reads the third one let me know how it goes Lost Reflections Volume II icks up right at the Cheerleader For Hire point that Fatal Infatuation Volume I ends The relationship between Felicity and Cain continues and gets a little hotter As Cain begins to feel comfortable with Felicity he opens up about hisast no matter how unflattering it is Ben and Alyson still struggle with the their friend Mattie having been turned into a vampire but each in their own way Sindy continues with her games but does show a softer side to CainI really enjoyed Lost Reflections I found Cain s history facinating I love the details Nowak went into here Felicity is coming into her own in this volume and I like the Time Slips person she is becoming Sindy is also growing as a character and I have to say that I do not dislike her as much in this volume It was nice to see Felicity interact with her family a little Her good girl character is much believable with her family in theicture I feel like I know the characters and am looking forward to reading the next volume Lost Reflections is the second book in the Almost Human Series the first trilogy Due to Felicity and Cain s relationship becoming ever closer Ben keeps getting nastier and nastier about it Cain decides that he should tell her about his very long The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook past and for two nights he explains in detail about his former life when he was a human and then after he turned into a vampire It is enough to give Felicity uite a shock and she has to really digest what he has done and wonder to herself whethereople really change or not After all Cain is over 300 years old And then there is the addictive uality of the venom in his kiss and bite Felicity no doubt likes it and that is what it s supposed to do But Cain doesn t really wanting the venom clouding their relationship But in his mind he can already see where things were headed because he has been there before Felicity is his beloved but he can t seem to let her go And she doesn t want to But certain events begin to change things Vampires get angry and vengeful while others change for the better We start seeing some subtle changes in the vampire Sindy that are for the better But this sparks issues of its ow. ??s heart has already been lost to Cain; will she lose her life as well ALMOST HUMAN is a series of successive trilogies not stand alone books Each trilogy is self contained enough to be read alone as a 3 book set but the story unfolds chronologically and the characters do continue from one trilogy to the next Main storyline closure is in each 3rd book but there are also story ties leading from one trilogy to the next in the serie.

Melanie Nowak is author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN and a happily married mom of two boys She holds a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and lives with her family on a peaceful mountaintop in the forest of upstate New York She has always had a vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal Acting and singing are loves of hers as well However upon conc