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Erent narrator took over So I kept hearing Stephanie Plum in this Sh There has been some ups and downs with this series for me but overall I look forward to very book I pick up Not all long standing book series are able to hold my interest but this one certainly does Also I convinced my mum to try out the series because I believe she would love itReichs as an author might not be for Flavor and Soul everyone but Injoy her businesslike writing when it comes to the forensic part of the story Always a great contrast to Tempe s personal life The case this time isn t that special but freuents a topic I am interested on The central case is linked arly to a religious ceremony and while I share not all views of the author on the topic of religion Reichs did a good job of introducing them to the uninformed readership view spoilerPart of me wishes that the Ryan situation will be resolved soon as it drags on a little but otherwise I njoyed the read hide spoiler Kathy Reichs joins the ranks of so. Keshift wooden steps What awaits her below is a ritualistic display slain chickens and a goat and a skull ghostly pale rests on a pedestal the lower jaw missing the Forgery, Replica, Fiction empty orbits starring back at her The forehead is darkened by an irregular stain thexact red brown of dried blood and lined with remnants of desiccated tissue Two cauldrons stand nearby beads and antlers suspended overhea.

Always njoy Kathy s novels Lots of twists and mystery in this one Well written as always My only criticism on this one is that so many people died during the investigation it became a bit clich This is my first book by this author and my first book in the Temperance Brennan series So why I started with book 11 I don t know The MC is a forensic scientist and I m not sure how I feel about all the little details that go along with the science part of that job It was a little too much for me I will read a few in this series to get a better feel for the MC and her jobThe author described her characters in good detail I liked the MC and some of the other characters But they felt caught in a still life The author seemed dedicated to painting a pretty picture with her characters front and center I would like to see some growth and tensionI will say that I loved the narrator She s one of my favorites This narrator narrated the first books in the Stephanie Plum series before a diff. An underground chamber is xposed in a seedy dilapidated house with sagging trim and peeling paint When a careless plumber accidentally knocks through a wall he is horrified by what he uncovers Called to the scene is forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Fighting her claustrophobia and the unmistakeable sweet fetid odour of rotting flesh Tempe descends the precariously steep ma.

Many writers who feel compelled to produce a book Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life every year andnd up producing crap I used to so Escape enjoy her books but she has gone downhill fast and this might be the last one that I readDevil Bones only saving grace was that it was uick to read but only because of the of pages not because of the content There were too many peripheral characters that added nothing to the plotxcept to make it confusing I also prefer the books that are set in uebec this one was all in Charlotte not very interesting i feel an obligation to read all of her books because i started with the first one when it came out a million years ago i recall the first ones to be pretty good this is the 11th brennan novel and it annoyed me to no The Empty Chair end primarily the foreshadowing she uses at thend of ach short chapter usually reading And things were going to get worse Much worse EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER ugh mostly her writing just got worse i can t ven recall the plot something to do with bones in a cauldron. D Age race and sex indicators confirm the skull as that of a young black female but how did she die and when Then just as Tempe is working to determine the post mortem interval another body is uncovered The corpse is headless the torso is carved with Satanic symbols Could there be a connectionMust Tempe face the sickening possibility that Devil worshippers are sacrificing human victims.

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