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Aders It s entertaining and re readable so your kidlet is liable to breeze through the whole thing not necessarily paying conscious attention to the meaty stuff in it but then be able to have a discussion about it if asked It definitely combines the best of both worlds or adults and kids What an unexpected treasure I ve had this on my shelf or years picked up at a book sale I absolutely loved this story I had never heard of Joauin Murieta but am now anxious and eager to learn about him Caudill Nominee 2002Based on the real life of bandit Joauin Murieta dubbed the Robin Hood of the California Gold Rush In this ictionalized account Joauin takes Annyrose a twelve year old orphan under his wing all the while he is galloping through the country on his thieving ways Heart warming in many ways we see that criminals sometimes have a heart of gold no pun intended Buzzwords Historical The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful fiction bandits Mexico vs America seeking gold I looked at him and saw thator the great bandit nothing was altered He would continue his proud outlaw life avenging himself on Yankees Like an arrow in Ninth Grade Slays flight he couldn t change directionWhen Joauin the Robin Hood of the Califoria Gold Rush comes to the house where Annyrose has been held by the wicked OO Mary she takes the opportunity to escape to seek her brother But traveling with the bandits she learns a lot and has to uestion things she s always takenor granted This was a plot driven story and the characters were not as well developed as I would have liked nor as carefully shaded However an enjoyable look at a historical bandit that I hadn t known about befor. Can teach Joauin how to read so he will know where danger lies and in turn he can make sure she's safe and Murder of Crows fed But in a time when corruption and greed are running wild will theirriendship be than ool's gold.

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AnnyRose left by her brother with OO Mary until he can earn money enough to support her suddenly inds herself hiding Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, from the dread Joauin a notorious bandit She sound almost immediately but Joauin thinks this boy could help him learn what he really needs to know how to read English So she begins her journey toward her bother with a group of outlaws trying to understand what drives them My sister brought this home The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business from school when she was in elementary school and I was in middle school I picked it up tolip thorugh the pages and didn t put it down until a couple hours later when I had Tiểu phẩm báo chí finished the whole thing I ve given it as a gift and eventually bought a copyor myself and will still occassionally read it in one sitting it s one of those books I haave to be careful of picking up because I m still liable to have a hard time putting it downSid Fleischman had won a Newberry Icon for a book aew decades before this The Whipping Boy which touches on similar issues That book if I remember right had to do with class issues while this one is touching on issues of racism and xenophobia the uestion though is who the Pillow Talk foreigners are since California at this point in time had only recently transferred to the United States and until the Gold Rush was still inhabited mostly by people who identified as MexicanIf you re worried about whether your kid can handle it though don t worry it s not too heavy or pedantic and a kid is liable not to pick up on the messages very strongly it s done in a way that definitely gets the message across but doesn t hit you over the head with it There isn t a clear deline. After a narrow escaperom the nasty O O Mary's clutches Annyrose ventures Rikers High forth toind her long lost brother Lank in gold digging territory But the journey is rough bandits and Buried fiends waitingor the travele.

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Ation of which side we should sympathize with and I liked that Annyrose is afraid of the bandits at irst because they re Mexican and her ather was killed in the recent war against Mexico and the Mexicans are wary of a gringo Annyrose has plenty of moments of realizing that despite the cultural differences the bandits and their Mexican allies are just as human as she is and Joauin shows different sides to himself in how he treats non Mexicans On the one hand he sees the White 49ers as deserving of being vandalized because they re taking the land Wolfsbane (Nightshade from the Mexicans and when Annyrose objects to being called a Yankee because she srom Louisiana he answers You re all Yankees But at the same time he s willing to take a gringo under his wing and eventually comes to trust Annyrose enough to take her to a Leading By Design family party and when she tries to interfere with a heist doesn t treat her as harshly as he might have before Similarly Annyrose explores a camp of 49ersrom South America and discovers that the Chilenos don t like the Argentinians ectthe different groups aren t all just Kanata foreigners lumped under the same category they all have distinctions amongst and between themselves and areactionalizing themselves It s a good book if you want to discuss race xenophobia or immigration with your childThe nicee thing about it though is that it s also a First Impressions fun story A lot of award winning booksor middle readers are what adults want kids to read rather than what kids want to read This is a Quicksand fun combination of both The story is good and moves at a good pace and isn t too long this is a good choiceor reluctant re. R at every bend Soon Annyrose runs into Joauin Murieta legendary bandit of the Gold RushThis complete disaster however soon appears to be no less than a blessing or both They can help each other out Annyrose.

As a children's book author Sid Fleischman felt a special obligation to his readers The books we enjoy as children stay with us forever they have a special impact Paragraph after paragraph and page after page the author must deliver his or her best work With almost 60 books to his credit some of which have been made into motion pictures Sid Fleischman can be assured that his work will m