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Dren s novel follows Elin a girl from an eighteenth century Swedish emigrant family as she and her community settle into their new homes in America and wait for the next Swedish ship to bring loved ones and needed supplies Elin is the only girl in the area and feels the loneliness eenly Her mother tells her that work is good for loneliness and Elin does her best to hold up her end of the household tasks She also develops a friendship with an American Indian herb woman The warmth with which the author portrays her characters makes it believable and a satisfying read The glimpses of Swedish culture are uite interesting Elin s mother uses the folk belief of a household Tomte to motivate Elin to do her chor. H and British related to one another Elin s search for friendship love of family and anticipation of celebrations seem familiar Her isolation from other children lack of basic things and the daily routine of chores may seem uite unfami.

Es properly and to avoid uarreling Don t uarrel What if the Tomte heard you He would be angry Young readers may need a certain amount of maturity to recognize what s going on here because the author never points out that Elin s firm belief in the Tomte is based on story instead of fact The Swedish vocabulary is also a potential source of initial confusion for instance Elin s parents are sometimes called Fader and Moder and sometimes as Far and Mor but that also helps build the reader s sense of learning about another culture For a vintage book Elin s Amerika portrays the Native Americans very positively One scene states that the Indians and the Swedes worship the same God under different names another th. Liar New Sweden was established in 1638 under the guidance of Peter Minuit when Swedish colonists were sent to the New World to claim lands in the area around the Delaware River in southeastern PA and south NJ For ages 8 12 Illustratio.

Darling read aloud Perfect to prepare for St Lucia day We read this for early American history for our homeschooling first grade What a lovely story The pictures are wonderful too They don t write stories like this any Nowadays a publisher would presumably insist upon a plot which is good in some ways but bad in others Plots are entertaining Yet there should also be room in the world for stories that portray the beauty bravery and significance of ordinary life in different times and places without the modern caveat that this The Love-Child kind of literary tale reuires surrounding the main character with a dysfunctional or otherwise unsatisfactory family By the author of the wellnown The Door in the Wall this chil. Award winning children s author Marguerite de Angeli tells the story of Elin a young girl who has come to live in the New Sweden Colony She helps us envision how these many different peoples Swedes Finns Lenape Minuas Susuehannock Dutc.

Marguerite de Angeli was an American writer and illustrator of children's books including the 1950 Newbery Award winning book The Door in the Wall She wrote and illustrated twenty eight of her own books and illustrated than three dozen books and numerous magazine stories and articles for other authors