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Annoying ittle hedgehog banished for thieving does not have great adventures become a hero and return victoriously to Redwall after his banishment ends and some characters had different fatesdemises than I had expected though I should Trail of Secrets learn not to expect things from Jacues While I remain partial to some of the earlier books this one is still great and original while still having typical Redwall themes I m normally very critical of theater books in Brian Jacues Redwall franchise The general consensus within the fandom is that things started to go downhill around Outcast of Redwall for me it s nearer Marlfox but whatever but Eulalia is actually very decent This is mostly due to its excellent cast of characters Maudie is a refreshing addition to the series never veering too far into Mary Sue territory as so many of Jacues female characters are wont to do Instead she s a fierce fighter on her own terms a champion boxer an excellent chef and an all round capable hare who doesn t need a warriorredemption arc to become a well rounded character Gorath the Flame is a bland but How to Train a Cowboy likable badger with full kudos points for visible scarring and his journey to conuer the blood wrath and win the heart of Salixa is neveress than engaging Salixa herself is another well written female handy with a sling and highly intelligent but surprisingly gentle for a badger character The supporting cast are predictably eclectic and endearing I m fairly sure Daucus is the first Abbot to One Special Moment lead a charge against oncoming vermin and he has a beard so that s a winning combination I only wish we could have seen aittle of Orkwil His banishment and thievery arc was over far too soon which is a shame as he had a A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain lovely Martin and Gonff style relationship brewing with Gorath I was also certain thanks to some heavy foreshadowing and his obsession with getting Martin s sword back that he was going to become a Redwall Warrior but nothing really happened about thatOn the villain front Vizka Longtooth was vicious but not particularly charismatic His anti thesis Gruntan Kurdly was fun with his endless uest for eggs and subseuent death at the beak of a swan And you have to hand it to his Brownrat horde most of whom were cut from the Punch Clock Villain cloth that settling down to a peacefulife by a watermeadow seems a sweeter deal than invading the AbbeyThis Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, leads me on to my main sticking point with the novel which is the plot orack of one Once Kurdly is out of the picture his horde just give up being evil settle down and are forgotten about Once Gorath has had his revenge on Vizka everyone just sort of pops off to Salamandastron and the rest of the book is told in flash back I was hoping for an epic uest and what I got was a couple of woodland chaps bimbling about and then The Mommy Makeover leaving We barely spend any time in the Abbey itself but nor do we actually see much of Salamandastron The woodlands are not particularly scintillating and Gorath himself spends aot of the book asleep Still it all rattles along at a nice pace and there s something endlessly delightful about Jacues world it might be the October Ale it might be the shrimp and hotroot soup it may even be Ambrows Spiks Faymiss Kopachir but as an old fan of the series it was The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives lovely to immerse myself in Mossflower woods yet again And how nice to have a Redwall story where even the characters find the riddles fairly obvious I don t think Il ever uite get over Tiria in High Rhulain I saw an otter who A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, looked exactlyike me but slightly older First Blood like me in the future who could that have possibly been It s not the best Redwall novel by aong shot but it almost The Palliser Novels lets me forgive the abominations of Triss and Taggerung Almost A good book by a good author. On conuering Redwall Abbey It is up to our young badger hero to defend Redwall so that he may fulfill his destiny aseader of SalamandastronBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 1042007 Pages 400 Reading Level Age 10 and.

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This was most top hole and first rate and all that I enjoyed it to no end until it ended of course and within the reasonable bounds of possible enjoyment Awesome Epic tale I have every single book in the Redwall series all 22 booksAnd yes that is how much of a book nerd I am And all 22 I have read And this one is no exception But what is the best part of it all you may ask The food descriptions I am not a heavy eater mind you but I get excited about food descriptions in a book I want to be an author someday and in the stories that I have created as stories to practice becoming an author with in the past when I was younger I used to type up pages full of nothing but food descriptions Even now sometimes I can t help but add a super delicious food description here and there So when I found this book had awesome food descriptions I spent my time in the book frantically when I found the smallest food description folding the corner of the page over Men And Gods In Mongolia like some mad woman But yeah best book ever I recommend not only this book but ever book in this series that I have read And yes all 22 of them So hurry up and get moving or else you will be reading this series all dayong Good reading Eulalia is another Redwall epic from Brian Jacues The basic storyline is that Gorath a badger has been captured by a crew of Sea Raiders Hunter Killer (Pike Logan led by Vizka Longtooth who decides to try to capture Redwall Abbey The Sea Raiders aren t the only ones trying to capture the famous Abbey Gruntan Kurdly and his Brownrat crew are also attacking the Abbey and the Sea Raiders Meanwhile Maudie a Salamandastron fighting hare is trying to find a badger to fulfill a prophecy of Salamandastron All these characters and come together to save Redwall Abbey from the claws of vermin Brian Jacues was one of the pillars of my childhood I grew up with the Redwall series pretty muchiterally the full cast production audiobooks were a constant on family road trip and there were a Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, lot of the books in my elementary schoolibrary I now own nineteen of the books plus three Tribes of Redwall booklets the Map and Riddler the official cookbook and yes I ve made some of the famous feasting food watershrimp and hotroot soup really is that good two picture books and the official Friend and Foe guide which I suppose is now out of date My dad used to have Lord Brocktree and Martin The Warrior until I appropriated them The jar in which my penny collection now The Friend Zone lives has a red R painted on theid because it used to be where I d put all my money so that someday I could buy the official merchandise from the official website I wanted a backpack Flying Scotsman Manual like madThis Is not theight of day a wondrous thing It banishes all fears and worries of the previous night Eulalia P 57 For the first time since Cregga Rose Eyes the Badger Ruler of Salamandastron is blind in Eulalia victim of the ferocity of his own youthful Bloodwrath Lord Asheye is an elderly badger now wiser and cautious than when he was young Alpha (Shifters, living his final seasons at Salamandastron mountain with the Long Patrol of warrior hares to daily assist him Yet Asheye knows there s a shakeup in the offing as his prophetic dreams have recently indicated Badger Rulers of yore have appeared to him in visions and made it clear that Lord Asheye should anticipate i Not as epic as the earlier books I found none of the villains threatening Usually a Redwall book has ateast one bad guy who is either smart or so crazy that you don t know what she might do one who seems Whalerider like a real threat to the protagonists Here you had the moronic Brownrats and the none too bright sea raiders There were no epic hordes of vermin either nor real battle scenes Certainly they were nowhere close to conuering Redwall. Lord Asheye of Salamandastron now old and blind has a prophecy a new Badger Lord must take his place and reign over theegendary badger fortress But who is this young warrior who 'shuns both armour and sword' And how is he to be fo.

Or Salamandastron Also the two named good guy deaths that did happen seemed really contrived to meMost of the good that this book DID have came from the world that Jacues built in the earlier books I ve always been a fan of the Long Patrol the Guosim and of course Redwall itself It bothers me though how he Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex likes to throw in new customs and act as if they re old For example the Bladechant of the Guosim in this book a cool idea but their claim that they always do this when their Log a Log is killed is simply false Did Jacues ever reread Mattimeo You know the one where Log a Log dies in battle and is put on aogboat and sent downriver With no Bladechants My favorite parts of Jacues worldbuilding are the ones that are consistent Graphic Design For Everyone like the use of Eulalia as a war cry by hares and badgers or the feasts of Redwall The Tabura was another problematic thing that when he hears of the Tabura Gorath goes Gasp You mean Tabura the famous badgeregend while the reader is going Wha These things would be really cool if Jacues established them and stayed consistentI also had problems with Orkwil s character in general It s never explored why he steals from others besides that his parents always did and he Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, learns in about twenty four hours on his own that stealing is wrong He s referred to as a thief yet he only actually steals something about once in the book And when he s elected captain of the ship Eulalia yes I know you re trying to show how much he s grown up and all but your ship has two otters and a troop of Guosim This is a young hedgehog who can barely stand up on the deck Don t make him captainThe GorathSalixa bit was aittle painful I kind of Sweetland like Salixa but I think Jacues writes epic way better than he writes emotional Also I can t really forgive Salixa for theine she has near the end something Art of Laurel and Hardy like I think we ve allearned a Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, lot don t you GagTo add insult to injury I don t know whether Jacues changed copy editors or what but the copy of this book that I read was riddled with errors plain and simple Mostly run on sentences but once he even mispelled Maudie s nameIt basically bummed me out to read a book this mediocre from an author who s written stuff Iike as much as Mossflower and Mattimeo A shaky 15 The Kindle edition is full of comma splices I m not sure whether that s due to shoddy OCR or shoddy editing but it is really noticeable In the The Intelligent Entrepreneur last third barely a paragraph goes by without ateast one Considering the publisher that s just not acceptableThe story itself is not great The The Summer of the Ubume last handful of Redwall books are a mess plotwise and this one has the same problem with splitting up the narrative with too many storylines There are two villain groups I couldn t keep straight and the protagonists get short shrift too Which is a shame because this book introduces some nifty newore and a critiue of the Bloodwrath the uncontrollable berserker rage that afflicts the badgers Here Gorath chooses not to succumb to the Bloodwrath which is huge Jacues goes out of his way to point out that the condition hurts friends as well as foes In other books it is treated as a force of nature its destruction value neutral except that it gets the job done as it were None of the characters encourage it but they don t go out of their way to get a badger to back off from it any than they d argue with a hurricane Unfortunately the Tabura shows up in this book and nowhere else but it s an excellent counter to the badger warrior stereotype and I wish Jacues had used the concept somewhere in the books following this one Mild SpoilersAfter so many Redwall books even die hard fans must admit they get a tiny bit predictable However this one did not turn out uite Distracted - Acting Edition like I thought it would The. Und Mad Maudie a feisty haremaid of the Long Patrol is just the one to do the job Meanwhile the unsuspecting future Badger Lord has been captured by an unscrupulous group of Sea Raidersed by the infamous fox Vizka Longtooth intent.

Brian Jacues pronounced 'jakes' was born in Liverpool England on June 15th 1939 Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool his ancestral roots are in Ireland County Cork to be exactBrian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks where he attended St John's School an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten his very first day at St Joh