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T a 4 This had insta love within 24 hours and a very predictable storyline but it was still very enjoyable I believe my advanced experience with MM books is why it idn t grab me like it Lawn Boy Returns did 4 years ago But I canefinitely still recommend it to MM romance fans looking for a low angst love story There was so much blood rushing to and from their cocks that I was starting to worry they Yolandas Genius do some permanent The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty damage I like a good instalove story but this justidn t The Light Beyond the Forest do it for me This book was recommended to me by my mom and was a first for me in threeifferent ways It was the first time I read a book on an electronic The First Mistake device in this case my mom s jet book It was the first romance book Though I ve read many Nicholas Sparks books they would still fall under general fiction It was also the first gay romance I read I thoroughly enjoyed it Reading it on aevice wasn t so badthough I Jewelry Making For Beginners do prefer the physical book I now know I can handle aevice I loved the relationship between the two The story was kind of bonus but the ialogue between them was great Thanks mom 25This story wasn t bad but it wasn t really good eitherI guess I m just OD on constant hard ons when you hear his voice or see a smile sighAnd I had trouble with a man whos job it is to protect a federal Judge from harm and he has been threatened and there is proof his home was broken into and all you can The Penguin Book of English Verse do is try and blow him while he isriving a car Never mind that he is not out and is in the middle of a very important casesometimes I just can t turn my brain offThe love story was nice enough pretty fast but that was ok but the mystery and behaviour of the MC s and the rest just annoyed me. Lse is getting closer too and when the gifts turn into attacks Trey is forced to trade his status of new lover for that of protector He's not about to let anyone come between him and his judge Warning this title contains the following explicit nekkid sometimes robed mm judge on bodyguard sex and graphic languag.

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I liked this until it ended Okay I lied it was just okay Why Because there was too much sex and not enough protecting There were too many chances for the bad guy to take Trey just wasn t smart at all because he was thinking with his Seven Secrets of Happiness dick Jackson on the other hand just wanted to beone with everything It was nice coming from himThe end though and it just ended What about view spoilerDominic His lawyer Caleb Did Daniel really hire those thugs to kidnap him Jackson s The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, dad Did Jackson give up his seat Did he come out hide spoiler Free from Better than many of the free erotica samplesshorts from with an actual frisson of tension between Our Heroes and a wee little mystery to boot but a it felt like the last third of a story not in media res and 2 the unbelievablyodgy legal system stuff made my brain leak out my ears I m sorry I cannot enjoy your sexy bits when you are honestly trying to suggest that a The Force of Destiny district court judge in his early thirties is a viable candidate for the USSC gay or not This book follows a judge who s been getting threats and an FBI agent assigned to protect him Now before the story they ve had there eyes on each other for a while and haven tone much about it until knowNow Jackson was the Judge and we learn a lot about him because its his life we have to go through to iscover who s after him I liked him and just wanted to give him a hug because he seems so lonely in his lifeThen we have Trey who s life seems to be less lonely and had almost the opposite upbringing of Jackson s and has a protective instinct which is of course to be expected Now how everything turned out in the end was a little crazy in ways then one but enjoy. Jackson knows he needs protection from a stalker but the last thing he wants is to want his bodyguardAfter receiving several suspicious gifts His Honor Jackson Benedict is assigned an agent for protection He'd be fine with a bodyguardif he was anyone but the man who enters his courtroom looking hotter than any.

Able all the sameNow of course there is insta love I mean its a short book and its not unexpected in a storyline like this The characters and the stroyline could have been fleshed out a little but overall I really enjoyed it and will Reread it again sometime in the future I m sure I really wanted this story to be a lot longer I feel cheated that it was just too short I loved the main characters and th I enjoyed this story The guys had chemistry and the sex was hot It moved along nicely until what seemed rather suddenly the culprit was apprehended and it was over So while I wished it were a bit longer and rawn out it was very enjoyable I ve liked Court Appointed since the first time I read it though I can t really place on why Maybe because the two main characters have such wonderful and How I Became a Nun dynamic chemistryIt s certainly not because of the actual story and plot Well maybe a bit of the story the build up of suspense starts out well until the first few schmex scenes and then the threats to Jackson practicallyisappear Things get confusing a bit when Trey reviews all of the possible people against Jackson and their reasoning and of course there s Jackson s father the typical public figure who threatens Jackson and tries to scare him straight When the bad guy oes actually come for in the final confron I was left going huh Wtf and trying not to give too much away the reasoning for attacking Jackson was over used though it might not have been so over used at the time the book was published I ll admitStill I like it This was a re read after first reading it in 2010 I remembered liking it much the first time around but I am going to leave my rating Man has a right to look Thank God Jackson's robe hides his interest Trey London is than happy that Jackson has practically been handed to him on a silver platter If his job reuires he stay close to one of the country's youngest federal judges it's no skin off his back The closer the better actuallyBut someone

Annmarie McKenna lives with her husband and five kids in the Midwest Throw in a dog and a cat and she’s well over her limit for the average family Luckily writing fantasies has proven to be an excellent way to de stress from her daily life of being a cleaning woman chauffeur cook and mom Okay cleaning woman—not so much She leaves that to her hubby Now if only she could figure out how to d