Kevin Esser: Dance of the Warriors

I assume this was influenced by Wild Boys William S Burroughs although in terms of literary merit it falls It's the middle of the 21st Century Medieval militarism has reduced America to a wasteland of failing crops and decaying cities Gays and boylovers are packed off to.

( BOOK Dance of the Warriors ) ☆ Kevin Esser – chernov–

Ophetic with regards to the resurgence of the christian fundamentalists and the current witch hunt mentality. Two boys 13 yr old Teddy and his friend Cisco who must fight their way through epic battles toward freedom A boy love sci fi novel as immense as Hakim Bey's CROWSTO.

Ar short of this work However its simplistic prose style works with the age roup of the main protagonists Pr. Detention camps in Utah The only rebels are vags young male warriors living in such abandoned reaches as North Chicago Ultimately this is the uplifting odyssey of.

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