John-Manuel Andriote: Victory Deferred How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America

Ulture was the way it was at the time and it reads like this really odd political choice that he was making He seems to anticipate pushback for it and maybe he eserv. Excellent for teaching or recreational reading Jose Gabilondo Washington PostA fine history of the epidemic Andriote shines with chapters on less covered but no less important subjects including the multibillion The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives dollar 'AIDS industry' and private fund raising groups He brings together in one place many facts and figures heretofore unsynthesized Joe R Neel Boston GlobeWhile many books have explored aspects of the impact of AIDS Victory Deferred is among the most comprehensive Andriote's adroit integration of the personal and the historical results is an illustrative analytical account of theisease and its impact on the gay civil rights movement His A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, depiction of the poignant struggles heroic responses and resultant social and political gains emanating from AIDS is a perceptiveocument for our time relevant to all readers regardless of their sexual orientation John R Killacky Minneapolis Star TribuneA well researched and nuanced portrait of the many lives on which this grave First Blood disease has wrought bothestruction and transformation Publishers WeeklyAndriote combines broad strokes and telling The Palliser Novels details in this engaging history of the complicated war against bothisease and bigotry Library Journ.

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A ark though interesting and essential read Far people should read this book This book was fine It wasn t anything that took my breath away though I Hunter Killer (Pike Logan did read it for. There is no uestion that AIDS has been and continues to be one of the mostestructive Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, diseases of the century taking thousands of livesevastating communities and exposing prejudice and bigotry But AIDS has also been a isease of transformation it has fueled the national gay civil rights movement altered medical research and federal rug testing shaken up both federal and local politics and inspired a vast cultural outpouring Victory Deferred the most comprehensive account of the epidemic in than ten years is the history of both the Flying Scotsman Manual destruction and transformation wrought by AIDSJohn Manuel Andriote chronicles the impact of theisease from the coming out revelry of the 1970s to the post AIDS gay community of the 1990s showing how it has changed both individual lives and national organizations He tells the truly remarkable story of how a health crisis pushed a Alpha (Shifters, disjointed jumble of local activists to become a nationally visible and politically powerful civil rights movement a full fledged minority group challenging the authority of some of the nation's most powerful institutions Based on hundreds of interviews with those at the forefront of the medical political and culturalresponses to thei.

A Project which invariably means that it Whalerider doesn t give me exactly whatever I want to get out of it Andriote spends a lot of time like trying to suss out why gay male Sease Victory Deferred artfully blends personal narratives with institutional histories and organizational politics to show how AIDS forced gay men from their closets and ghettos into the hallways of power to lobby and into the streets to protestAndriote who has been at the center of national advocacy and AIDS politics in Washington is judicious without being uncritical and his account of the political maturation of the gay community is one of the most stirring civil rights stories of our time Victory Deferredraws on hundreds of original interviews including first hand accounts from Virginia Apuzzo Reverend Carl Bean Marcus Conant MD John D'Emilio Anthony Fauci MD Fenton Johnson Larry Kramer Lawrence D Mass MD Armistead Maupin Walt Odets Torie Osborn Eric Rofes Urvashi Vaid Timothy Westland and Reggie Williams Victory Deferred is a richly textured account of the rise of the AIDS sector that though Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex detailed and comprehensive reads uickly The thematic organization of the book works especially well The clear chronology of the events reveals how competing models of serviceelivery treatment activism and private public cooperation were subsumed into a national AIDS movement The book should prove.

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