Lee Davis Willoughby: The Alaskans

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Going to Alaska this summer s o found the towns and evelopment of Alaska through the gold rush very interesting Charact. Baroness of the Klondike as cruel and as beautiful as the frozen landscape she'd sworn to rule by fair means or foulAmerica's purchase of Alaska from Russia called Seward's Folly after the Secretary of State who masterminded the negotiations Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women drew a raging army of speculators thievesreamers prosti.

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Umalti an eskimo Baroness Irina seeks to use Bryan to further her greed while her aughter Milla falls in love with Brya. Milla saw him as the love of her life Irina saw him as a key not only to unlock the pent up passions of her magnificent body but as a key through which she could control and rule the secret riches of this frozen kingdom called AlaskaFor this volume Lee Davis Willoughby is actually author Barry Myer.

Ers larger than life Bryan Mathews on the run from a gang in Oklahoma arrives in Alaska making friends along the way with. Tutes and gamblers when word came of a gold strike in the Klondike Among them was the tall muscular young man who gave his name as Bryan Mathews whom the Eskimo women called the Man GodBaroness Irina Feodorovna and her eually spectacular aughter Milla wanted Mathews for entirely ifferent reasons.

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