Henry Green: Surviving The Uncollected Writings of Henry Green

SUMMARY Surviving The Uncollected Writings of Henry Green

Ing selection Unfortunately the owner s efforts to have it maintained after her death did not work out and the story of why this happened never seemed to have been adeuately explained Anyway this book sat on my shelf in Onteora until ate November when I picked it off the shelf and started browsing I was drawn to its style and the author s thoughts about the craft of writing I gave it to Pierre for Christmas Most posthumous collections of this sort are of I Could Pee on This little interest to anyone but keen readers of the author in uestion This is no exception I m a great fan of Henry Green Loving and Living are perhaps two of my favourite books of all time and while this collection contains a few curios and remarkable anecdotes there s not much here that will come as a revelation to a newcomer There s a few stories from his days as a firefighter in WWII some unfinished fragments from his early days as a writer an unperformed play and some rather ponderousiterary essays recorded for BBC radio For me the most interesting piece is Mood an extract from an unfinished novel which Green began around 1926 It s written in an impressionistic vaguely Joycean style describing as it does the meanderings of a young woman about the London streets to some extent it foreshadows Loving but it was particularly interesting to read this alongside an essay from the author in 1959 where he reexamines his reasons for Louis Riel leaving it unfinished He is merciless in his self criticism and though heaments what he considers some terrible Freaky Facts about Spiders lapses in style he also blames his own falling out ofove with the real O Doido e a Morte life counterpart of the protagonist for his ultimate failure to finish the work Green felt that what he was trying to capture at that age was essentially unimaginable impossible for any writeret alone one so inexperienced to effectively communicate to the reader And I found this remarkable because I think he s wrong I really uite The Rude Buay Trilogy like Mood for what it is and I really don tike so much a Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, lot of what the author came to write in hisater years To some extent the story of this collection is one of how Green moved away from a ush early style toward his austere dialogue driven ater works and perhaps my problem is that the Awoken (Viridian Saga, latter don t seem to contain uite so many multitudes as the former I sometimes feelike aspects of his dialogue haven t aged all that well and I don t always feel Taking Flight like it contains the great revealing ambiguities he finds in the imagined words of others I was disappointed to see him dismiss aspects of Living as affected here all fiction is an affectation of some kind and all Green did was to replace one sort with anotherOn a different note I feel I must reproduce this uote from his interview with the Paris Review because it is astonishing I got the idea of Loving from a manservant in the Fire Service during the war He was serving with me in the ranks and he told me he had once asked the elderly butler who was over him what the old boyiked most in the world The reply was Lying in bed on a summer morning with the window open I Am a Teamster listening to the church bells eating buttered toast with cunty fingers I saw the book in a flash Ladies and gentleman Henry Green It was a mixed bag but worth the troubl. First serial rights to Antaeus Conjunctions Grand Street Missouri Review Paris Review and Story Advertising initerary publicatio.

Ndoned novel Mood which shows a 2122 year old Green having a go at describing the sensations of swimmingholidaying on the Mediterranean in 1926 You can t give a book containing the following passages Heartlands less than 5 stars As you came down the beach so when you got into the sea it wasike you had a halo round you where the sun had been and now the warm sea Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj lapped you you felt you could rollike dolphins for that round fat feeling Oh she had gone plunging out her wet rubber cap had shone Literature Circle Role Sheets like any god there were no waves nothing but this blue sea she rolled on it the sun playedike cymbals on her flanks and on one breast and then from a surfeit of all this she d Maines Visible Black History lain on her back and floated She d closed her eyes But then there was a humike thousands cheering miles away and she Jane Does Return looked up and up above in that tremendous blue there was an aeroplane aluminium painted all along its wings winking blindingight highhigh above ever so slowly moving uite straight Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas like a ueen They had gone out to the outmost edge of the garden and theights over that porch which ed to the hotel were caught in a tiny reflection in their glasses on the marble table which gleamed ike skin in the dark They sat on a bench which had been made to encircle a tree when they Beyond the Mist leant back the bark which was not hot or cold pressed in to their backs inong furry tongues The marble table kept a hoard of coolness and their glasses of the dark wine Phemes Regret lookedike huge soft eyes the pair of them marvellously soft There are two things that mark out Green from the other writers around him one was his willingness to experiment Green was as he says in the interview always Pocket Guide to Scottish Words looking to bring his writing alive to make it jump from page to head prose invigorated by new methods For example in Living he famously dispenses with the definite article to wonderful effect see passage I uote in the Living review Lots of writers at the time were experimenting too most notably Woolf and Joyce with the stream of consciousness Green combined this playing with techniue with an empathy and insight into his protagonists that makes the books almost vibrate withove The characters may be tedious and undeserving eg the butler Raunce in Loving but Green gives everyone their full due Towards the end of his writing Chimerica life he believed that novels should consist of mostly dialogue and hisast two books follow this Nothing and Doting A mistake I think because although his dialogue is always accurate and nuanced he was always praised for having a good ear even though he was increasingly deaf Green s power Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story lay in his descriptive passages I notice aot of those I Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 love are aboutight the sunmoon The Probability Pad light reflected or fire and his insight into the motivations and actions of his characters often driven byove and obsession from right across the class spectrum PS he would have made an amazing GRer he read a novel a day after he retired from business and became a recluse I purchased this book at the Gotham Bookstore soon after it came out in 1993 and after reading a review in the WSJ The Gotham was a remarkable bookstore managed by a remarkable woman and freuented by authors known and obscure The books on the first table on entering were always a tempt. On London during the blitz; journalism and book reviews; a short unpublished play; and a hilarious interview with Terry Southern.

John Updike s fawning introduction notwithstanding most of these pieces went uncollected for the excellent reason that they re totally dispensable If you happen to be one of the three or four people outside academia who take an interest in the evolutionary phases of Green s stylistic mannerisms and this is a guy who had distinct periods than Picasso Calendula like that time in the thirties when he arbitrarily decided heyet s stop using the definite article that oughta be wild and experimental then by all means indulge But be advised that this collection was assembled on the principle of editorial non intervention so you Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, ll have to deal with an unholy bolus of material fiction reviews reminiscences and interviews all jumbled together at randomI still can t decide whether Iike Green s novels all that much as opposed to admiring them on a theoretical Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide level His brand of aristocratic machismo however now that I can almost dig when I m in the right mood Here s Green contemplating his future in an autobiographical piece I write at night and weekends I relax with drink and conversation In the war I was a PFC fireman in London the relaxation in fire stations was drink and conversation and so I hope to go on till I die rather sooner now thanater There is no to say And so he did go on giving up writing and becoming a reclusive alcoholic At east he had his priorities in order Reminds me of that Polish director what s his name the one who did the Red White and Blue trilogy Kieslowski saith google who retired from movie making in order he claimed to sit in a room and smoke cigarettes for the rest of his ife Exactly what I told my guidance counsellor I wanted to do had been meaning to give Green a try for a while and maybe this wasn t the best place to start found his experiments with omitting articles not only ineffective but maddening in the journalism he seems educated but also anti intellectual and suburban in his best prose here however there is evidence of why he is revered sensual writing which sometimes feels Soy Sisters like it gets deep insideayers of consciousness where Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems language can t usually go bout time I read this Il be dipping into it one of those sort of books taking my time As some of you know he s my favourite author for Sybil lots of reasons one of them being he s from my home town Tewkesbury GloucestershireIt is ridiculous to give this book five stars made up mostly as it is of abandoned projects ephemera a dedication a couple of book reviews he dislikes the new pretenders Amis kingsley and John Wainoves Terry Southern s first novel Indeed Southern is the interviewer in the Paris Review interview included here and rejected material stories and a play uite rightly rejected as well There are some accepted stories mainly of fire fighting in London during the war and these are wonderful But my ove for him is irrational I think he wrote 4 of the greatest novels of the 20th century Living Loving Back and Concluding Party Going wasn t bad either This book has several dry runs for these experimental books and I was enthralled to see Green working on his material There are passages here you want to read and re read and type out and hang on your wall Especially interesting is the aba. A selection of Henry Green's uncollected writing including a number of remarkable short stories never previously published; pieces.

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