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Well as getting past blockages of how you limit yourself creatively Pauline orever This book is just okay It seems Mastering Gephi Network Visualization fairly haphazard Collected materials not really integrated into a whole I probably need to spend the time doing the practices described in the book to really benefitrom it The book is padded out with a bunch of essays and listserv posts by Pauline s students Only bits of that stuff are interesting I m still seeking a definitive Oliveros textThe ebook is. N as well as other's listening skills She teaches this practice worldwide in workshops retreats and in her ground breaking Deep Listening classes at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Mills College Deep Listening practice is accessible to anyone with an interest in listening Undergraduates with no musical training benefit rom the practices and successfully engage in creative sound proje.

Terrible by the way Scanned in without editing or ormatting of any kind I must assume the print version is superior This book has some really insightful content about our relationship to sound The rest of the book which has long descriptions of meditative practices is not very informative The practices aren t significantly different Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space from what you mightind in other approaches to meditation and it s hard to understand how they relate to the author s approach to music. Cts Many report life changing effects rom participating in the Deep Listening classes and retreatsOliveros is recognized as a pioneer in electronic music and a leader in contemporary music as composer performer educator and author Her works are performed internationally and her improvisational performances are documented extensively on recordings in the literature and on the worldwide web.

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She is amazing of course and her ideas are amazing but what a wierd disjointed jumble of a collection of writings this is Lovely Really of a workbook to return to again and again Short simple democratic gorgeous an introduction to what deep listening is as well as exercises this book is inspiring towards any kind of meditation or creativity especially in groups it taught me a lot about how to teach the arts effectively as well as think about listening in new ways as. Deep Listening A Composer's Sound Practice offers an exciting guide to ways of listening and sounding This book provides uniue insights and perspectives or artists students teachers mediators and anyone interested in how consciousness may be effected by profound attention to the sonic environment Deep ListeningR is a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros in order to enhance her ow.