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Sad story THE MOST EPIC SHARK BOOK EVER 1937 Red alert Evacuate It really has come down to this The ancient volcano Matupi is going to erupt any time now The Thompson family aren t waiting ar Such a wonderful book maybe this inspired my fascination with other cultures This is a book about two boys from different places trying to survive on the same ocean good good Honesty best book I have EVER read no exaggeration Kaleku dying at the end I totally didn t see that coming Of course I really didn t want Andy to die. Warming blood ust of the sharks if the other is to survive “The author’s exceptional depiction of a volcanic eruption and its conseuences adds.

Cuz he is my favorite character but I didn t expect Kaleku to die It was a really great ending the way Eric Campbell worded it and foreshadowed It was great I Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada love it when authors foreshadow Well most of the time Unless it s sadike something would be in Doctor Who but anyways back to the point I just can t stop explaining to my friends that it truly is the best book I have ever read I will DEFINITELY be searching in my school ibrary for books by Eric Campbell I hope his other books are as good as The Shark Caller. Curricular value to the book particularly as the town of Rabaul has been destroyed by two volcanoes that began erupting in September 1994” Booklis.

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This is one of those teenage books that are great reads for adults as well Not Campbell s best but a close second And I oved sharks when I was Before You little i di notike the suprising ending I oved this a few years ago Now I find it is written slightly too young for both the subject matter and myself Two stories that alternate chapter by chapter one native boy earning his place in his tribe and one modern boy saving his family They never meet but one saves the ife of the other without knowing it dying in the process. After a volcano erupts two very different young men find themselves struggling for ife in shark infested waters and one must be sacrificed to the

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Erik Campbell lives in Papua Indonesia working as a technical writer for an American mining company His poems and essays have appeared in numerous prestigious literary magazines including The Iowa Review Tin House The Massachusetts Review The Virginia uarterly Review Nimrod New Delta Review and Rattle He has been nominated for a 2005 Pushcart Prize in poetry